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Member of Congress. William Loughton Smith The importance of this city in the federal scale and the immense revence it pours into the federal coffers, would seem to entitle it to some share in the Federal Councils; yet strange to tell, it is rep

By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation. Whereas the Congress of the United States, by virtue of the constitutional authority vested in them, have declared by their act, bearing date this day, that "by the act of the Rep

A letter to the committee on ways and means, House of Rep. New York, Feb. 3, 1859. ... William Oland Bourne. Cor. Sec. Workingmen's Iron Platform Association. [New York 1859.].

Davis, Hon. Rep. Joseph J. of N.C. Capt. of Co. G. 47th N.C. Regt. C.S.A.

Cason, Hon. Thos. Jefferson, Rep of Ind.

Berry, Hon. Campbell P. Rep of CAL.

Hon. Richard Lee T. Beale, Rep of VA Gen in C.S.A.

Baker, Hon. Rep. W. H. of N.Y.

Caswell, Rep. Lucien B. of Wisc.

Cox, Hon. Rep. Samuel S. of N.Y.

Rep. Hon. Charles B. Benedict of N.Y.?

Beebe, Hon. Rep. G.M. of N.Y.

Negley, Hon. James S. of Pa Rep. General in Union Army

White, Hon. Joseph Worthington, Rep of Ohio, Delegate to Democratic National Convention at Baltimore in 1860

Ashe, Hon. Thos Samuel, Rep of N.C.

Riley, Hon. Jas. B. of Pa. Rep. James B. Reilly from Pa.

Wells, Hon. Rep. Guilford Wiley of Miss. Private in 27th N.Y. Inf. Capt. in 19th N.Y. Cav.

Young, Rep. Hon. John D. of Ky.

Stenger, Hon. Rep. Wm. Shearer of Pa.

Stevenson, Hon. Adlai Ewing, Rep of Ill. Vice Pres of USA

Small, Hon. Wm. Bradbury, Rep of N.H.

Segar, Hon. Joseph Eggleston Rep of VA

Willard, Hon. George, Rep of Mich

Begole, Hon. J.W. Rep of Mich.

Wright, Hon. Hendrick Bradley of Pa, Rep

Dibrell, Hon. Rep. George Gibbs of Tenn.Lt. Col. of Infantry C.S.A. Col. of Cavalry Discharged as Brig. Gen. (Opposed Sherman's March)

Slemons, Hon. Wm. Ferguson, Rep of Ark. Colonel in Price's Cavalry

Phelps, Hon. Wm Walter of N.J. Rep

Bagby, Hon. Rep. John C. of Ill.

Loomis, Hon. Dwight, Rep of Conn.

Wilshire, Hon. Wm. Wallace, Rep of Arkansas, Major in 126 Ill. Inf USA

Crounse, Hon. Lorenzo of Neb. Rep. Raised a battery of light artillery in 1861 and entered the army as captain

MacDougall, Hon. Clinton Dugald, Rep of N.Y. Capt in 75th N.Y. Vol Inf. Col of 111th N.Y. Regt

Claiborne, Hon. Nathanial Herbert, Rep of VA

Morey, Hon. Rep. Frank of La. Captain in 33rd Ill. Vol. U.S.A.

Scales, Hon. Alfred Moore, Rep of N.C. Presidential elector on Democratic ticket of Breckinridge and Lane, 1860 (General in CSA)

Starin, Hon. John H. Rep of N.Y.

Mutchler, Hon. Rep. Wm. of Pa.

Joyce, Hon. Rep. Charles Herbert of Vermont Lt. Col. of 2nd Vermont Vols. U.S.A.

Clymer Hon. Hiester of PA. Rep.

Hyde, hon. Ira B. Rep of Mo. Pvt. Co. F. 1st Minn. Mounted Rangers against Sioux Indians

Gause, Hon. Lucien C. Rep of Ark. Col. In Confederate Army

Washburne Hon. E.B. Rep. Minister to France.

Wright, Hon. Rep. Edwin R.V. of N.J.

Lapham, Hon. Rep. Elbridge Gerry of N.Y.

Luttrell, Hon. John King, Rep of California

Crittenden, Hon. Thomas Theodore (Rep of Missouri)

Bagby, Hon. Rep. John C. of Ill.

Jones, Hon. Jas. Taylor, Rep. From Ala. Capt. Co. D. 4th Ala. In 1862, Judge advocate in Confederate War Dept 1864

Robinson, Hon. James Wallace, Rep of Ohio

Wright, Hon. Hendrich Bradley of Pa, Rep

Packer, Hon. Rep. John Black of Pa.

Bland, Hon. R.P. Rep of MO.

Wike, Hon. Rep. Scott of Ill.

Schleicher, Hon. Rep. Gustave of Texas

Harris, Hon. Henry Richard, Rep of GA. Colonel in Confederate Army, Member of State Constitutional Convention in 1861

Rice, Hon. Rep. Americus V., of Ohio

Robbins, Rep. Wm. McKendree of N.C. Maj. in 4th Ala. Inf. C.S.A.

Morton, Hon. Levi Parsons of N.Y. Rep., Vice Pres of U.S.

Adams, Hon. George M. Rep of Ky, Capt of Co H, 7th Ky Vols (USA)

Terry, Hon. Wm. Rep of Va. Lt. In 4th Va. Inf. CSA, Colonel in 1864, Brig Gen May 20, 1864, was last Commander of the famous "Stonewall Jackson" Brigade of the Confederate Army

Harris, Hon. Rep. John Thomas of Va.

Rice, Hon. W.W. Rep of Mass

Starr, Hon. (John Farson) Rep of N.J.

Harris, Rep. Hon. Henry Richard of GA. Colonel in CSA

Chalmers, Hon. James R. of Miss. Rep from Miss. Col of 9th Miss Inf.

Meade, Hon. Edwin R. Rep of N.Y.

Douglas, Hon. B.B. Rep of VA, Major in 5th Va Cavalry

Merriam, Hon. Clinton Levi, Rep of N.Y.

Cate, Hon. Rep. George W. of Wisc.

Wood, Rep. Hon. Fernando of N.Y.

Haymond, Hon. Wm. Summerville, Rep of Ind. Surgeon in Union Army 1862

Hon. Horace Maynard, Rep from Tenn.

Tyner, Hon. Rep. James Noble of Ind.

Reid, Hon. Rep. John of Mo.

McFarland, Hon. Rep. Wm. of Tenn.

O'Neill, Hon. Rep (Charles) M.C. from PA

Luttrell, Hon. John King, Rep of California

Southard, Hon. Rep. M.I. of Ohio

Goodin, Hon. Rep. John Randolph of Kansas

Thomas T. Crittenden, Rep from Mo. Lt. Col 7th Mo. Cav. Militia Regt. USA

Lamport, Hon. Wm Henry, Rep of N.Y.

Vance, Hon. Rep. John Luther of Ohio Lt. Col. of the 4th West Va. Vol. Inf.

Harris, Hon. Rep. Henry R. of Ga. Col. in C.S.A.

Morrell, Hon. Daniel Johnson, Rep of PA

Rea, hon. David, Rep of MO, Lt. Col in Federal Army

Colfax, Schuyler, M.C. IND. Rep. (Vice-Pres under Grant)

Robbins, Hon. Rep. John of Pa.

Sayler, Hon. Milton, Rep of Ohio

Joyce, Hon. Rep. Charles Herbert of Vermont Lt. Col. of 2nd Vermont Vols. U.S.A.

Vallandigham, Rep. Clement L. and group

Loring, Hon. George Bailey, Rep of Mass. Surgeon of 7th Regt., Mass V. Militia, 1842-1844

Powell, Hon. Rep. Joseph of Pa.

Dawes, Hon. Henry L. of Mass. Rep & Senator

Tyner, Rep. Hon. James Noble of Ind. Postmaster General Grant Admin.

Kimmel, Hon. Wm. Rep of MD

Rep. Ezekiel John Ellis from La. Capt. In 16th La Inf. CSA

Goode, Hon. John, Rep. Of VA. Vol. In Confederate Army, Member of Confederate Congress

Candler, Hon. Rep. Milton A. from Ga. M.C.

Scales, Hon. Alfred Moore, Rep of N.C. Presidential elector on Democratic ticket of Breckinridge and Lane, 1860 (General in CSA)

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