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Ruins of City Hall, [1906 earthquake, San Francisco, Calif.]

16th century mechanized warfare

[The visitation]

[The dances at their great feasts]

[Map of the coast of Virginia in 1585] / autore Ioanne With ; sculptore Theodore de Brÿ qui et excud.

[The tomb of the weroans]

[How the chief ladies of the town of Dasamonquepeio dress and carry their children] / T.B.

[How they cook their fish] / T.B.

[An old man in his winter clothes] / T.B.

[A noblewoman of Pomeiock] / T.B.

[A weroans, or chieftain, of Virginia]

[How they build boats] / T.B.

[The town of Pomeiock] / T.B.

[How they catch fish]

[The Englishmen's arrival in Virginia]

[The queen-elect is brought to the king]

[Killing alligators]

[Exercises of the youths]

[The French arrive in Florida]

[How the Natives collect gold in the streams]

[Trophies and ceremonies after a victory]

Galli locum condendae arci aptum deligunt

Gallorum ad Maij flumen navigatio

[A fortified village]

The Natives of Florida worship the column erected by the commander on his first voyage

[The widows approach the chief]

Entwerffung der Festung Carlsburg genannt

Entwerffung der Festung Carlsburg genannt

[Florida Indians, disguised under deerskins, hunting deer]

Wie die Franzosen ein gelegen Ort eine Festung zu bauwen erwehlet

Perillvstri et reverendissimo domino, D. Antonio Triest, episcopo gandavensi, dominii s. bavonis toparch æ, comiti evergemiensi catholic æ maiestati a consiliis statvs, etc. / Pet. Paul Rubenius pinxit ; Paulus Pontius sculpsit cum priuilegio anno 1643.

[Moon as solid body with irregular surface features in first telescopic drawings of moon to be published]

[Paracelsus, half-length portrait painted from life by Tintoretto] / I. Tintoret ad vivum pinxit ; F. Chaveau, sculpsit.

Philippus de Champaigne Bruxellensis pictor regius, ... / Se ipse pinxit ; G. Edelink sculpsit 1676.

[Lovers in an autumn meadow]

[Two lovers embracing in front of a painted screen]

[A betrothal ceremony]

[Resurrection of Lazarus]


[A popular beauty]

[The spear dance]

[Two lovers under an umbrella]

Iwai sagenta [to] katsuyama matagorō

Algernoon Piercy [i.e. Algernon Percy], Earl of Northumberland & c. / Sr. Ant. Vandyck pinx. ; Vertue sc.

Nami ni goshoguruma moyō no tachi bijin

[Reading a love letter]


Takenuki gorō

Taka no ha moyō no tachi bijin

[Preparing for the first battle]

[A popular hero, Shibaraku]

[A beauty with an umbrella]

Yūjo chōkarō

Louis Quinze--Roy de France et de Navarre

Kaya no uchisoto

General view of Covent Garden looking north, circa 1720, from an engraving by Sutton Nicholls

[Soga Goro making puns]

[A lover's quarrel]

Ogawa zengorō, ichikawa danjūrō, yamashita kinsaku

Ueno ikenohata sakura no hanami no kei

[Moon viewing at Shinagawa]

[Rivals contending for a beauty]

[A willing letter writer]


[Oman the seller of cosmetics]

[The beauty Osome]

Ichikawa danjūrō [to] sakata hangorō

Ichikawa monnosuke

[Beauties of the three capitals triptych]

[Hanging poems on a cherry tree]

[Playing with a puppet]

[Beauty holding a book]

[Two lovers in a boat]

[The black knight]

Marie Therese Reine de Hongrie..

[Two girls whispering]

[Passing a love letter]

La vieillesse


[Two musicians seated on a bench, wearing geta]


Engawa no wakai danjo

Onoe kikugorō [to] nakamura kiyosaburō

[The harmonic couple]

[Beauties from Fukagawa]

Fumi yomu yūjo

[Musume Dojoji, a popular kabuki dancer]

Jakuren Hōshi

Nakamura nakazō

Kotsuzumi o utsu wakashū


[Two women gathering lotus blossoms]

[The interior of a kabuki theater]

Yatsushi kikujidō

Ryōgokubashi no sekisho

Yatsushi kusazuribiki

Segawa kikunojō



Mitate rajōmon