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To the electors of the State of New York. I trust, fellow citizens, I may with reason congratulate you on the prospects of the ensuing election for Governor [Advocating electing John Jay] [Signed] A Republican [New York? 1795].

To the electors of the City of New York. Fellow-citizens. The aristocratic prints have teemed with abuse and misrepresentation of the conduct and views of the Republican members of Assembly from this city: To refute these calumnies; to evince th

New York, 9th April, 1799. Sir. We are appointed a committee by the Republican electors of New York, to inform the electors of the Southern district, that Ezekiel Robins, of New York, and Pierre Van Courtlandt, Jun. of West-Chester, have been no

Constitution ... We the subscribers, hereby authorize the Secretary of "The Republican Club of Hartford," to enter our names upon the book of the club, as members; we subscribing to the above constitution.

Federalists, 1801, Table of Republican Department Heads and Office Holders

To the independent electors of the State of New-York. At a meeting of a very respectable number of Republican freeholders, from the different parts of this State, held according to adjournment, at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, the 4th

At a meeting of the Republican members of the Legislature and other citizens of the Western district, held at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, on the 11th day of March, 1801. [Positive Photostat].

To the independent electors of the state of New-York. At a meeting of very respectable number of Republican freeholders, from the different parts of this State, held according to adjournment, at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, the 4th da

To the Independent Republican Citizens of the County of Philadelphia. Friends and fellow citizens!. You are this day presented with a strange and novel spectacle, two distinct tickets by two separate parties both styling themselves Democratic Re

At a numerous and respectable meeting of Republican Citizens held at the White Horse Tavern, the committee appointed to prepare an address to the electors of the first congressional district, reported the following, which after having been read

Georgia Republican extra, Savannah, 25th April, 1804. Judge Bowen having ordered the Charge given to the Grand Jury on Monday last, to be published in the Georgia Republican, the editor felt himself bound by his duty to refuse the publication an

Supplement to the Republican crisis.-- April 13, 1807. The faction unveiled. To the independent republican electors of the State of New-York, Fellow-Citizens. The enemies of Governor Lewis have with unceasing malignity and unblushing impudence,

At a very numerous and respectable meeting of the Democratic Republican citizens of New-Castle County in the State of Delaware, on the 3d of September, 1808 ... Convened pursuant to a resolution of a former meeting, dated the 19th of August last

The constitution. Fellow-citizens of New-Hampshire. At an awful crisis, at a momentous period of our political existence we address you ... The Anti-Madison and anti-embargo list for electors ... [Signed] A Republican. [n. p. 1808].

This plate is respectfully dedicated to all the butchers in the United States by their obt. Sert. Chrr. Wispart. in honour of our Republican Governor Simon Snyder

Thomas Jefferson to Washington County, Maryland, Republican Citizens, March 31, 1809

A tid rei, for tories. Free men attend to what your friend a Republican advises, O. all act like me, keep liberty, which every free man prizes, O, The Tories say they'll bring us down, and make us slaves forever, O. Because we did this glorious

United Whig Club, New-York, Tuesday, March 28, 1809. Whereas sundry persons have endeavoured to impress on the minds of our Fellow Republican citizens, to the prejudice of this association, that we are disaffected to the present administration o

National Intelligencer, March, 1812. Criticism, clip of an article from the Baltimore Federal Republican, extracted in the National Intelligencer.

Donald Fraser, August 31, 1813, Republican Certification

Voice of Maine! Office of the Independent statesman and Maine Republican ... At a meeting composed of most of the members of both branches of the Legislature of the State of Maine, holden at the Representatives' Chamber, in Portland, on the even

Republican anti-caucus ticket. For President John Quincy Adams for Vice-President, some tried and approved patriot ...

Republican meeting. At a primary meeting of the Republicans of the town of Providence, on the evening of the 13th of August, A. D. 1825 to consult on the propriety of holding another meeting, and devosing measures to be pursued in the approachin

Address of the General Committee of Republican young men of the City of New York, friendly to the election of Andrew Jackson ... [New York 1828].

Proceedings of the Jackson Republican convention with an address to the Jackson Republican electors of New Jersey. Trenton, New Jersey, December 8, 1830.

Toasts for the National Republican Clay celebration of the Fourth of July, 1831 at the City of Washington.

National Republican Young men's meeting. The National Republican young men of the City of Washington, are requested to meet at the City Hall, (Aldermen's room) on Saturday evening next, the 24th inst ... March 22, 1832.

To the public. A publication of Col. Robert Armstrong in the Nashville Republican of this day, seems to demand a brief notice from me ... Felix Grundy. Nashville, July 24, 1833.

Old Nick's new patent plan to make Nova Scotia Tories, Federals coodies, Hartford conventioners, Nullifiers, National Republican bankites & c

At a numerous meeting of the Democratic Republican electors of the 15th ward, friendly to regular nominations and opposed to the principles and practises of the Loco Foco Party and their pledge candidates, and to the sub-treasury system held at

To the Freemen of Rhode-Island! You are invited as Friends of peace to come out on Wednesday, the 20th of April, and cast your votes for the Freemens' Republican ticket of state officers which will be submitted to you ... Come out, therefore, on

Sir: On behalf of the Republican committee of seventy-six, appointed by the citizens of the District of Columbia friendly to the election of General William Henry Harrison to the Presidency of the United States, we respectfully and cordially add

The Secretary of War presenting a stand of colours to the 1st Regiment of Republican bloodhounds

Harrison song. Written by J. A. Andrew, Esq., and sung at the opening of the Whig Republican Association of Cambridge. [1841].

The American Republican. To the American republicans of New England [Prospectus] Boston, Oct. 23, 1844.

Republican & Democrat -- Extra. West Chester, October 11, 1844. Chester County election returns for 1844--- Official.

Patent Democratic Republican steam shaving shop

This certifies that [blank] is a member of the Native American Republican Association of Philadelphia / engraved & published by W.L. Germon, no. 80 1/2 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

The political and military reformer. Devoted to the support of truly Republican principles -- of a well disciplined militia -- of an American system of education, and of sound literature and science. [Prospectus] January 30, 1846. [s. l.]

Republican extra--- St. Louis, March 5, 5. P. M. President Taylor's inaugural address. Washington, Monday, March 5, 1839 [i. e. 1849] [St. Louis, 1849].

Ichabod Codding to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, November 13, 1854 (Republican organization)

Declaration, platform, and constitution of the Republican association of Washington, D. C. [Washington, 1854].

Republican state convention. The outrage perpetrated by the last Congress in repealing the Missouri compromise, has resulted in the election of an almost unanimous representation in the next Congress from the free states, hostile to the extensio

To the friends of freedom. Sir: Herewith you will receive a copy of The Free State Advocate, a campaign paper, published by direction of a committee of the Republican party ... Orders should be addressed. James B. Swain, 138 Nassau Street, New Y

Astounding developments! Let all Americans judge for themselves! The American party sold to Buchanan! Address of the Republican state executive committee. To the people of Pennsylvania ... Philadelphia, Oct. 20, 1856.

Plan of organization, recommended by the Republican convention held at Hartford, March 12, 1856 ....

To tax-payers and voters! The delegates from the various wards in this city to the Republican Convention, believing that the best interests of this city demand a change in the administration of our municipal affairs, present for the endorsement

Clinton County Illinois Republican Party, Monday, May 03, 1858 (Poster for Republican meeting)

Republican ticket. For President Abraham Lincoln of Illinois. For Vice President Hannibal Hamlin of Maine. Electors of President and Vice President [11 names] For Governor Richard Yates ... 1860. [s. l.]

Republican and democratic tickets. [Illinois campaign ticket]

The Ship of State. A Republican song.

Virginia Republican Party, Monday, October 01, 1860 (Printed Circular Letter)

Ohio Republican Central Committee to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, October 17, 1860 (Congratulations)

B. W. Mudge to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 16, 1860 (Elected honorary member of San Francisco Republican Club)

"The irrespressible conflict" Or the Republican barge in danger

Lincoln & Hamlin. Ward 5. Republican ticket. [Massachusetts campaign ticket]

Hon. Hannibal Hamln: Republican candidate for vice president of the United States

Republican ticket. For President, Abraham Lincoln, For Vice-President, Hannibal Hamlin. [Ohio campaign ticket]

Howard. Hon. Jacob Merritt of Mich. Drew up platform of the first convention ever held by the Republican Party and christened that party in 1854

Hon. Abraham Lincoln: Republican candidate for sixteenth president of the United States

National republican platform. Adopted by the National Republican Convention, held in Chicago, May 17, 1860.

Republican nominations. Lincoln & Hamlin ticket. [Massachusetts campaign ticket]

Republican ticket. Liberty and Union. [New Hampshire Campaign ticket].

Republican ticket. For President, Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois. For Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine. [Ohio Campaign ticket]

The Republican Standard.

Anonymous. “A Conservative Republican.” to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, December 12, 1860 (Cabinet rumor)

Concord New Hampshire Republican Wide-Awakes, Thursday, October 18, 1860 (Printed Circular Letter)

Ohio Republican State Central Committee, March 1860 (Printed Circular regarding publication of Lincoln-Douglas Debates)

Hurrah for the Union flag. By Hon. Thomas Williams. [Greensburg, Pa.] Westmoreland Republican print. [186-].

The City of Chicago, Illinois, where the Republican Nominating Convention will meet on May 16, 1860

The Republican banner for 1860

Hon. Abraham Lincoln: of Illinois, national Republican candidate for sixteenth president of the United States

Republican ticket. Lincoln & Hamlin. [Connecticut campaign ticket]

Chicago Republican Invitation Committee to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, September 14, 1860 (Printed Invitation)

Chicago Wide-Awake Republican Club to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, June 01, 1860 (Certificate of membership)

Republican National Convention, May 1860 (Lincoln's name proposed at convention)

Address of the Republican state central committee to the electors of Rhode Island ... Providence, Aug. 10th, 1860.

Hon. Hannibal Hamlin: Republican candidate for vice president of the United States

Maryland Republican Party Executive Committee, Thursday, July 19, 1860 (Printed; Circular Letter)

Lincoln & Hamlin. Ward No. 6. Republican ticket ... Boston. Wright & Potter printers. [1860].

The Young Men's Republican Union, organized in 1856 as the Young Men's Fremont and Dayton Central Union, have leased the old head quarters.

Ohio Republican Central Committee to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, October 15, 1860 (Printed Circular Letter)

Danville Illinois Republican Party, Friday, August 24, 1860 (Circular Letter)

Grand procession of Wide-Awakes at New York on the evening of October 3, 1860. Republican Wide Awakes in N.Y. - Lincoln-Hamlin Campaign [Printing-House Square (Park Row and Nassau St.)]

St. Louis Republican (newspaper), Saturday, October 26, 1861 (Clipping)

Notice! We the undersigned Republican patrons of the Post Office at Cardington, Morrow Co., O. believing that there is a dissatisfaction in regard to the manner of holding the late election for Postmaster, at said place; would respectfully invit

A cure for Republican lockjaw

New York City Democratic Republican Committee, Friday, April 26, 1861 (Printed Resolution)

New York Republican Central Committee, November 1862 (Printed Circular)

... List of killed, wounded and missing in Battle of July 1, 1862 ... Headquarters 10th Mass. Volunteers. July 3d, 1862. The Republican Springfield, July 8, 1862.

Dear Sir: You are cordially invited to attend the Republican Union festival, in commemoration of Washington's birthday, to be given under the auspices of the Republican Central committees, at Irving Hall, on Saturday Evening, the 22d instant, at

The attention of every voter is called to the subjoined extract from a circular of the Republican State Executive committee. "We trust that it is unnecessary that we should impress upon our friends everywhere the importance of bring out the enti

William A. Darling, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 02, 1863 (Send resolution of Republican Central Committee in New York)

Brooklyn New York Young Mens Republican Club, 1863 (Printed application form)

Regular ticket. Ward 11. Union Republican ticket. 1863 ... [Boston] Wright & Potter, printers. 1863.

Call at the book store and get a solution of our national difficulties, and the science of Republican government. By a citizen of the United States. A pamphlet of sixty pages. Published by M. Warren [A review of the book by John F. Wright] Octob

Union Republican ticket. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, for President. Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, for Vice-President. [Campaign ticket]

Republican invincibles

The Republican court in the days of Lincoln

Simon Cameron to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, April 28, 1864 (Telegram concerning Pennsylvania delegation to the Republican National Convention)