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Arrival of the delegates to the Republican convention in Chicago / sketched by W.B. Baird.

Stranger things have happened. Hold on, and you may walk over the sluggish animal up there yet / Th. Nast.

Interior view of the great exposition building, in Chicago, decorated for the Republican Convention, June 2nd, 1880

Interior view of the great exposition building, in Chicago, decorated for the Republican Convention, June 2nd, 1880

Republican National convention at Chicago, June 2, 1880 Independent America -- the home of the freeman, where the humblest citizen can attain the highest honors in the gift of her people.

John Kelly galvanizes the corpse of Tammany / F. Graetz.

Uncle Sam's neglected farm / J. Keppler.

"With thee to support me, I defy the whole world!" / J. Keppler.

The political Sodom and Gomorrah are doomed to destruction / F. Grätz.

Democracy's opportunity / J. Keppler.

A new bull in the ring / F. Graetz.

Getting hot enough for him / F. Graetz.

"Evacuation day" March 4th, 1885 - a Democratic dream / Gillam.

Overtraining young horses / Gillam.

What 's in it? / Gillam.

Rip Van Winkle's return / Gillam.

The greatest show on earth - "who can ride the mule?" / J. Keppler.

The whitwash is too thin / Gillam.

The allies under the new flag - the Republicans and the monopolists train their guns on the workingmen / Gillam.

A trio that must go / F. Graetz.

The death-watch - the execution postponed / F. Opper.

The original political dude out-duded / F. Opper.

The true meaning of Republican harmony / Gillam.

The receiving-vault of the Republican politicians who defied public morality / Gillam.

He can't beat his own record / J. Keppler.

Nothing but wind! / F. Opper.

Raising the funds to buy the presidency / J. Keppler.

Building the ark / Gillam.

The end of the republican party After "The Destruction of Jerusalem" by Kaulbach.

Out of a job once more! / F. Graetz.

Voluntary assessments

"A sail! A sail!!" / J. Keppler.

More than she can carry / J. Keppler.

"The sleeping party" / Gillam.

Gulliver-Cleveland takes possession of the enemy's fleet and deprives them of their strength / Gillam.

The rehabilitation of the Democratic party / Gillam.

Veterans Tippecanoe Club and their cabin, Kansas City, Mo.

An experienced performer : Ring-master Platt--Now Chauncey, have you ever had any experience with an elephant before, sir? Clown-- No, sir, but I had a great deal of experience with a mule once

This is the "pull" that civil service reform has with this administration / Dalrymple.

[A federal bayonette and saber Lodge porcupine]

An old fable brought up to date / Keppler, Jr.

The fake operator and his dupe / Keppler, Jr.

Coroner Harrison is a little too previous / Dalrymple.

The return from exile / Dalrymple.

"The country 's safe!" / Dalrymple.

The Republican Ponce de Leon and his followers / Keppler, Jr.

The dear creatures / F.M.H.

It looks that way now / J.S. Pughe.

A dead failure so far / Dalrymple.

New York's Republican "standard-bearer" / F. Opper.

The extermination of Tammany with a straight Republican ticket / F. Opper.

A happy family / D.

The two old parties have no use for her / Dalrymple.

Puck's presidential possibilities. No. II, Old-man-ready-to-be-struck / F. Opper.

Don't jump! / F.M. Hutchins.

The latest suitor / Dalrymple.

America's partisan "patriots" / C.J. Taylor.

The rival May parties / Dalrymple.

Among the silent ones / C.J. Taylor.

The hares and the tortoise (from Aesop, altered to suit) / J.S. Pughe.

Both satisfied / F.M. Hutchins.

The Republican schoolma'am and her pupils / Dalrymple.

Pride and humility / C.J. Taylor.

The Republican Christmas tree / Dalrymple.

The good boy / J.S. Pughe.

Uncle Sam's summer girl for '95 / Dalrymple.

The boss of the bosses / C.J. Taylor.

A painful position for nurse McKinley / F. Opper.

Coronation of the autocrat of protection, June 16, 1896 / Dalrymple.

[National Republican Convention, June 18, 1896, St. Louis, Mo.]

[National Republican Convention, June 17, 1896, St. Louis, Mo.]

[National Republican Convention, June 18, 1896, St. Louis, Mo.]

[National Republican Convention, June 17, 1896, St. Louis, Mo.]

Pioneer Cleveland / Dalrymple.

The skeleton at the feast / J.S. Pughe.

Three happy old friends - hurrah for the thousandth number! / Keppler.

It's no use kicking, he must obey his boss / C.J. Taylor.

Firing up the wrong boiler / J.S. Pughe.

Lohengrin Reed is wanted in New York / C.J. Taylor.

A promising chicken / Dalrymple.

A puzzling phenomenon / Keppler.

He is learning better / Keppler.

The cunning Republican scheme / Dalrymple.

The distracted hen / J.S. Pughe.

Jack ashore / Keppler.

A two-edged record / Keppler.

Horrible nightmare of a worthy old gentleman / Kep.

The return of the prodigal party / Dalrymple.

Branded but not "broken" / Keppler.

A much-needed comedy element in the campaign of 1900 / Dalrymple.

A political game / K.

Trying to drag him from his altar and his idol / Dalrymple.

Congress - 14th Amendment 2nd section Kemble

Twenty years after / J.S. Pughe.

Theodore: I think I'll walk / Wm. H. Walker 1902.

The Republican elephant and his growing burden / J.S. Pughe.

A volunteer crew wanted / J.S. Pughe.

Who will get the credit? / Kep.

Bigger than - his party / Keppler.

Solitaire / J.S. Pughe.