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[The return of the prodigal son]

Notice is hereby given to such persons as have received beating orders from His Excellency Governour Shirley, to raise men for the defence of His Majesty’s colonies in North America, and have not made return of the inlistments of the men they ha

April 1, 1762. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esquire, His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council ... to which his Honour was pleased to return the fo

October 31, 1764. To the Honble Francis Fauquier, Esq: His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour and commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council ... To which his Honour was pleased to return the followin

November 2, 1764. To the Honble Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses ... To which his Honour was pleased to return t

November 7, 1766. To the Honble Francis Fauquier. Esq; his Majesty's Lieutenant Governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominions of Virginia; the humble address of the Council ... To which his Honour was pleased to return the follow

By the Upper House of Assembly, October 28, 1773. Gentlemen. We return the bill, entitled "An act for the regulation of the staple of Tobacco, and for preventing frauds in his Majesty's customs." ... Signed by order, U. Scott, Cl. Up. Ho. [Willi

Copy of a survey return'd by Mr. Sam Lewis, surveyor of Botetourt Coun[t]y. Surveyed for George Washington 2950 acres of land (by virtue of a warrant for 5,000 acres granted by His Excellency the Governor to said Washington agreeable to His Majesty proclamatiom issued in the year 1763) lying in the county of Botetourt on the n.e. side of the Great Kanhaway about a mile and half above the mouth of Cole River, joining the upper end of the Poketillico survey ... Novemr. 6th, 1774.

In Provincial Congress, Watertown, June 8, 1775. Whereas it is necessary to have as soon as may be, a return of the number and equipment of the forces raised by this colony; and whereas it is of the utmost importance that such returns should be

By order of His Excellency Sir William Howe, K. B. General and Commander in Chief, &c. &c. &c. All merchants and others having blankets and rugs of any kind whatever, are hereby ordered to bring in a true return of the same to the Barrack-Master

The old sow in Distress, or the country parsons return from tithing

Notification. In obedience to the order of the Town, the Committee for inlisting men, hereby inform you, that they are to return to the Town at the adjournment of the meeting (which will be on Monday the 7th day of May next, at 3 o'clock P. M.)

A return of the number of inhabitants in the State of Connecticut, February 1, 1782; and also of the Indians and negroes. [s. l.]

Philadelphia, ss. Whereas Collector of the taxes in agreeably to an Act of Assembly, passed the 16th day of March, 1785, has made return to me, that a taxable in the said has been delinquent in paying the sum of his asseeement in the funding tax

The return of poor Sam Stern and his supporter to the T--y

... Resolved by the Senate and House of representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be the duty of the respective clerks of the several district courts in the United States, to return true copies of the t

To the electors of the state of New-York. Friends and fellow-citizens. The impropriety of electing any man, however exalted he may stand in the public opinion, to the office of Governor who is absent in Europe, and whose return may depend upon u

To the electors of the State of New York. Friends and fellow citizens we are informed that a report has been circulated in the state, that Mr. Jay cannot return to America, this spring, because he must wait in England, till the ratification of t

A return from a march or a false alarm in a country village!! / Woodward del ; Cruikshanks sp.

A return from an invasion, or, Napoleon at a nonplus / JN.

Farmer Giles & his wife shewing off their daughter Betty to their neighbours, on her return from school / Drawn by an amateur - etch'd by Js. Gillray.

Return of the troop of cavalry, commanded by [blank] in the [blank] battalion, and [blank] regiment in the county of [blank] 18 [blank].

Worcester, March 13, 1815. Gentlemen. In congratulating you upon the return of peace with a people whom our government indiscreetly chose to make an enemy, we should most fervently rejoice, could we announce, that the government, and its partiza

Triumphant return of the American squadron, under Com. Bainbridge from the Mediterranean, 1815

Return Jonathan Meigs to Andrew Jackson, August 30, 1816

Return Jonathan Meigs to Andrew Jackson, August 21, 1816

Oliver Wolcott to Return Jonathan Meigs, April 2, 1820

Letter from Mrs. Barney to Gen. Jackson. Baltimore. June 13th, 1829. Sir Your note of the 22d April, addressed to me through your private secretary, accompanying the return of my papers ... [Signed] Mary Barney. Curtis, Pa. [1829].

Old Iron Sides on a lee shore The U.S. Frigate Constitution Captn. Elliott, weathering Scilly, on her return from France, with the Hon. Edward Livingston on board on the night of the [Eleventh] of May 1835 / / drawn on stone by A. Hoffy, from a painting by J. Evans ; P.S. Duval, Lith. Philad.

Idol mio = Oh return love, aria

[The return home] / Lalanne ; Maxime Lalanne inv. & sc.

Dog lost! A Cuba lap dog, with long white curling hair,-- feet trimmed close,-- answers to the name of "Fancy." Whoever will return the same, or leave information with Mrs. Story, Broadway, Cambridgeport, or T. L. Turner, No. 63 Cambridge St. Bo

Expansion joints for return piping

Anti-slavery festival in Faneuil Hall. A welcome to Parker Pillsbury, on his safe return to America. Wednesday evening, May 28, 1856 ... Prentiss & Sawyer, Printers, No. 19 Water Street.

[Bas-relief from tomb of Maximilian I, depicting the return of Margaret, Maximilian's daughter, from France]

$200 reward! The sum of two hundred dollars will be paid for the arrest and return of William Wells, who escaped from the U. S. Penitentiary December 26, 1860 ... C. P. Sengstack, warden. [Washington, D. C. 1860].

$1,1000 reward. A reward of eleven hundred dollars is hereby offered for the apprehension and return to the United States penitentiary in the District of Columbia of the convicts, James Wilson, Major S. McDonald, George W. Johnson, and Jo

William H. Seward to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, October 28, 1861 (Requests return of a dispatch)

John Covode to John G. Nicolay, 1861-65 (Requests notification upon return of president)

Reception of Col Wood--by the 14th Brooklyn Regt.--(after his return from Richmond) at Uptons Hill, Va.--Tuesday, p.m.

War scenes - return of national foraging parties into camp near Annandale Chapel, Virginia

James G. Blunt to Pas-Co-Pa [Indian] and James G. Singleton, Tuesday, September 23, 1862 (Return of refugees to their homes)

James Dixon to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, August 12, 1862 (Requests return of letter)

Sketch of routes of the 2nd Corps A.N. Virginia from Fredericksburg, Va. to Gettysburg, Pa. and return to Orange C.H. Va., June 4th to August 1st 1863 /

Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, Friday, January 23, 1863 (Return of Gen. Butler to New Orleans)

James Dixon to John G. Nicolay, Monday, April 27, 1863 (Return of papers)

Route of the Tenth New York Cavalry from Culpeper to Gettysburg and return. Summer and fall campaigns of 1863.

Charles O'Neill to John G. Nicolay, Friday, May 22, 1863 (Return of papers)

Andrew G. Curtin to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 25, 1864 (Telegram concerning rumor that three rebel states have offered to return to the Union)

Address of welcome to Rear Admiral David D. Porter, on his temporary return to his home, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, July 27th, 1864.

James W. Singleton to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, September 21, 1864 (Requests return of papers)

General Grant's campaign - return of Kautz's cavalry expedition from its raid in Virginia / sketched by William Waud.

Francis P. Blair Sr. to Jefferson Davis, Friday, December 30, 1864 (Requests return of papers)

Orville H. Browning to Abraham Lincoln, January 30, 1864 (Return of James W. Singleton)

[Return envelope of the Bureau of the American Freedmen's Aid Union, No. 130 Nassau-Street, New York]

The return home

Mr. Lincoln. Residence and horse. In Springfield, Illinois, as they appeared on his return at the close of the campaign with Senator Douglas

Presentation of a champion bat to the "Red Stocking" base-ball club, Cincinnati, Ohio, on its return home / sketched by J.A. Gervis.

Napoleon's return from the Island of Elba, March 7th 1815 / painted by Steuben ; engraved by Geo. Sanders.

They borrow, but never return!

Indian trading [6 illustrations: 1. trader's store; 2. 2 en route; 3. preparing for trade; 4. the trading post and fort; 5. return from trading; 6. dissatisfaction - (Indian beating his wife)]

South Carolina--the new Southern policy of the administration--demonstration of the citizens of Columbia upon the return of Governor Hampton, April 6th

[Page of text with no illus. in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1879 Oct. 4, p. 71, containing articles: Fifth Contest for the Astley Belt; General Grant's Tour of the World; Closing Scenes in the Zulu War; The New Dry Dock at Ferrol, Spain; Lord Chelmsford's Return to England; Notes Along the Rail; At Home and Abroad]

The prodigal's return - a cold reception / F. Opper.

Rip Van Winkle's return / Gillam.

Map illustrative of the march of the Indian section of the Boundary Commission from Quetta to Olerat and Badkis; of the frontier as proposed and actually demarcated, and of the author's return journey from Herat to the Caspian.

Return, O wanderer!

On their return

Uncle Sam presents his return quota of "assisted" immigrants

Gov. Wigglesworth waiting for Rountree's return

[Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Stonework. Attic. South return and courses]

[Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Stonework. Attic. Return and course]

U.S.S. New York, return of landing party

The return from exile / Dalrymple.

Arrival of the first train at Cripple Creek over the Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad, July 1, 1894. Accident to the train on its return trip. The Great railway strikes--the first meat train leaving the Chicago [stoc]k-yards under escort of United States Cavalry, July 10, 1894 / / drawn by G.W. Peters from a sketch by G.A. Coffin

The prodigal's return

Return of lifeboat /

Return of Moslem [i.e., Muslim] delegations? 192?

U.S.S. Brooklyn being saluted by Fort Washington on return from Santiago, 1898

Return of Santiago fleet, New York Harbor, Aug. 20, 1898

Boys of the 71st N.Y. at Montauk Point after return from Cuba

After the campaigns - return of the conquering heros / Ehrhart.

Return of Santiago fleet, New York Harbor, Aug. 20, 1898

Famous religious paintings. The Return from Calvary, by Schmalz

Boys of the 71st N.Y. at Montauk Point after return from Cuba

Return of Santiago fleet, New York Harbor, Aug. 20, 1898

Abraham Lincoln's return home after his successful campaign for the Presidency of the United States, in October, 1860

Col. Theodore Roosevelt of the "Rough Riders" - after his return from Cuba.

Return of Santiago fleet, New York Harbor, Aug. 20, 1898

Return of Santiago fleet, New York Harbor, Aug. 20, 1898

Return of Santiago Fleet, New York Harbor, Aug. 20, 1898

The hunters return - result of the chase

The crowd's return after the morning shoot

Return with the bear, Alaska

Return to the fold

Return of Naval aviators

13th Minn. Volunteer regiment being reviewed by Pres. McKinley on their return from the Philippines

Return engagement of Hardeen, king of handcuffs the biggest vaudeville attraction in America.

U.S. troops return from hike in France

Return of scout plane

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