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[Surface and substrata layers of Roman road construction]

Plan of the attack on Fort William Henry and Ticonderoga; showing the road from Fort Edward, Montcalm's camp and wharf of landing, &c.

Prospect of Saratogha [i.e. Saratoga], 1757, taken from the saw mill 1. Hudsons River; 2. Road to Fort Miller; 3. Retrenchment; 4. Camp.

A view of the harbour & city of the Havana, taken from the hill near the road, between La Regla & Guanavacoa Vue du Port et de la ville de la Havane, prise de la Montagne près du Chemin entree la Regla et Guanavacoa = Vista del Puerto y Ciudad de la Havaná, desde el Monet inmediato al Camino entre la Regla y Guanavacoa / / W. Elliottt sculpt.

A view of the city of the Havana, taken from the road near Colonel Howe's battery Vue de la ville de la Havane prise du chemin pres de la batterie du Colonel Howe = Vista de la Ciudad de la Havana desde el camino de la bateria del Coronel Howe / / drawn by Elias Durnford Engineer ; etch'd by Paul Sandby ; engraved by Edw'd Rooker.

A view of the city of the Havana, taken from the road near Colonel Howe's battery Vue de la ville de la Havane prise du chemin pres de la batterie du Colonel Howe = Vista de la ciudad de la Havana desde el camino de la bateria del Coronel Howe / / drawn by Elias Durnford engineer ; etch'd by Paul Sandby ; & engraved by Edwd. Rooker.

A plan of a survey made to explore the country for a road between Connecticut River & St. Francis.

A plan of the town and harbour of Boston and the country adjacent with the road from Boston to Concord, shewing the place of the late engagement between the King's troops & the provincials, together with the several encampments of both armies in & about Boston. Taken from an actual survey.

Sketch of Haddonfield. Sketch of the road from Penny Hill to Black Horse through Mount Holly, 1778.

Skecth [sic] of the road from Kings Bridge to White Plains.

Sketch of the road from Black Horse to Crosswick. Sketch of Allen's Town.

Sketch of the road from Paulus Hook and Hobocken to New Bridge.

Sketch of part of the road from Freehold to Middle Town shewing the skirmish between the rear of the British Army under the command of His Excellency Genl. Sir Henry Clinton and the advanced corps of the rebel army, June 28th. 1778. Sketch of Middle Town.

Sketch of the road from Black Horse to Crosswick,

Sketch of part of the road from Freehold to Middle Town shewing the skirmish between the rear of the British Army under the command of His Excellency Genl. Sir Henry Clinton and the advanc'd corps of the rebel army, June 28th. 1778. Sketch of Middle Town.

Sketch of part of the road from Freehold to Middle Town shewing the skirmish between the rear of the British Army under the command of His Excellency Genl: Sir Henry Clinton and the advance corps of the rebel army, June 28, 1778,

Plan of the road from Elizabeth Town Point to Elizabeth Town : shewing the rebel works raised for its defence /

A plan of Paulus Hook with the road to Bergen and parts adjacent in the province of New Jersey /

Sketch of the road from Fredericksburg to Norfolk in Virginia.

A Draught of ten lots of ground in the northern liberties of the city of Philadelphia, surveyed the 28th August 1787, beginning at a bridge on the old York Road, N. 2⁰. W. 36 3/4 perches up said road to a corner of Beech Street, thence up said street N. 85⁰. W. 27 perches to a corner of land formerly Edward Roberts'; thence by said land S. 1⁰. E. 45 perches to Peggs Run, thence down said run, N. 78⁰. E. 28 perches to the place of beginning.

View from Bushongo Tavern 5 miles from York Town on the Baltimore Road

View upon the road from New-Windsor, towards, Morris Town, Jersey

[One-point perspective sketches of structure, road, and trees, with shifting vanishing point]

Geographical history of the rail road regiment, 89th regiment of Illinois vols. infantry. [1862-1865]

Plat of land lying between road to Benning's Bridge & Cool Spring Road.

Lane from Road Street, Georgetown, to Barnards house and lands binding thereon : [Washington D.C.].

Affair of the Wmsbg Road or Fair Oaks No. 2, Oct. 26-27-28/64 /

Valuable lots of ground for sale, contiguous to the town of Alexandria. On Tuesday the fifteenth day of June next, will be offered for sale at public auction, on the premises, forty half-acre lots of ground, lying between the George-Town road an

For sale, an agreeable, convenient, and valuable country seat, situated on the main road, in the pleasant, healthy and growing village of Jamaica, distant only twelve miles from New-York ... Brooklyn, Printed by Thomas Kirk [1802].

[Man on horseback on road]

On the Rockfort Road

Take notice. The trustees of Point Pleasant Market, take this method to inform the butchers and others that they have completed the Market-House, (situate at the inter-section of Frankford Road and Maiden Street, in the Northern Liberties,) and

Home industry, the most direct road to national prosperity. [183-?].

Plan and profile of the Danville and Pottsville Rail Road.

Map of the country embracing the various routes surveyed for the Balt. & Ohio Rail Road by order of the Board of Engineers.

Map of the location of part of the North-Western Turnpike Road /

Map of the routes examined and surveyed for the Winchester and Potomac Rail Road, State of Virginia, under the direction of Capt. J. D. Graham, U.S. Top. Eng., 1831 and 1832; surveyed by Lts. A. D. Mackay and E. French, 1st Arty., assistants in 1831, and Lts. E. French and J. F. Izard, assistants in 1832; drawn from the original plot by Lt. Humphreys, 2d Artillery.

Map and profile of the proposed road from opposite Memphis, Tenn. to the St. Francis River, Arkansas T. : exhibiting also, the adjacent country /

Cleveland, Ohio. From the Buffalo Road, east of the court house

A map, of the principal canal and rail road improvments [sic], which will connect with the Balt. & Susqa. Rail Road at York; drawn by G. F. de la Roche. C. Engr.

A map exhibiting the position of two lines located with a view to the extension of the Baltimore & Washington Rail Road within the city of Washington /

Rail road celebration, November 18th 1835. [Norwich, 1835].

The road to the holy cross: le chemin de la tres Ste. Croix

A map of part of Alabama & Florida, showing the route of the proposed Columbus & Pensacola Rail Road, accompanying the report of Major J. D. Graham, U.S. Topographical Engr. Feb. 6th, 1836; drawn chiefly from the original surveys in the Gen. Land Office at Washington by Wm. R. Palmer, U.S. Asst. Civil Engr.

Sir. You are hereby requested to attend a special meeting of the stockholders of the Western rail road corporation, at the Old Court House in Court Square, in the City of Boston, on Thursday the 23d day of November A. D. 1837 ... [Boston, 1837].

Pocket book lost!! The subscriber lost in the City of Alton, or on the road from thence by way of the River to Chippewa, on Saturday last, a dark blue morocco pocket book ... J. W. Call. Dec. 16, 1839. [Alton, 1839].

A map of the Georgia Rail Road and the several lines of railroad connecting with it, Febr. 1839.

Map and profile of the Gettysburg Rail Road as surveyed by order of the legislature of Pennsylvania, 1839.

Lost money!! Lost, on Monday last either in the City of Alton, or on the road leading to Springfield, via Carlinville, a sum of money, consisting principally of bills of the State Bank of Illinois, of the denominations of $20 and $

$10 reward! lost, either in Alton City, or on the road between this place and Upper Alton, yesterday, a calf skin pocket book ... Lewis J. Clawson. Alton, Aug. 4, 1840.

A hard road to hoe! Or, the White House Turnpike, macadamized by the north benders

[Farmer with scythe walking down road after livestock]

Map exhibiting that portion of the State of Pennsylvania traversed by the surveys for a continuous rail road from Harrisburg to Pittsburg made under the direction of Charles L. Schlatter, c.e. in the year 1839 and 1840.

Plan showing the proposed entrance into Boston of the Fitchburg Rail Road.

Map of the county west of Cumberland towards the Ohio river, showing the various lines surveyed or reconnoitred [sic] for the extension of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road to its western terminus referred to in the report of the chief engineer of September 20th, 1843.

Child lost. Samuel Bender left his home on Thursday, the 13th inst., and crossed the Long Bridge, in company with another boy, to pick blackberries, and was seen the day following on the Leesbury road; since when no correct tiding have been obta

Colored individuals along the road side

The road to the holy cross: le chemis de la tres ste. croix

Map of rail road surveys from Worcester to Baldwinville & N.H. line.

Sketch of the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, and parts of New Hampshire & New York exhibiting the several rail road routes completed, constructing, chartered & contemplated; published by order of the Legislature of Massachusetts, 1846.

Map of the proposed Great Western and Lake Erie Rail Road of Pennsylvania projected for the Sunbury Erie and Pittsburg [sic] Rail Road Convention by James Herron Civil Engineer.

Map and profile of the proposed Paterson and Dover Rail Road and Paterson and Ramapo Rail Road.

Map of the Boston & Woonsocket rail road routes compiled from the state map, and the plans of the different surveys returned to the joint standing committee on railroads & canals.

Map of the United States of America to accompany Doggett's Rail Road Guide.

Map of rail road routes from Rouse's Point to Portsmouth and Boston; compiled for the Cocheco Railroad Co. November, 1848.

Map exhibiting the rail road, canal, lake, and river routes from New York and Boston to the west : via Ocdensburgh [sic] and Sacket's [sic] Harbor, N.Y.

Road map of the island of Rhode Island or Aquidneck /

The star of the road

Map of the emigrant road from Independence Mo. to St. Francisco, California /

Map of Terre Haute and Richmond Rail Road and connecting lines.

Map & profile of the location of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road from Cumberland to Wheeling showing also the various routes surveyed from the 1836 to the final establishment in 1850 of the line upon which the road is being constructed; Benj. H. Latrobe, Chief Engineer; drawn by Albert Fink, Baltimore 1850.

Skeleton map, showing the position and connections of the Michigan Southern Rail Road (from Toledo to Chicago) with the several great rail road routes to the Atlantic seaboard and New York City via the south shore of Lake Erie.

Emigrant party on the road to California

Map of the Portland and Ogdensburg Rail Road line, and connections.

Map of the Reading & Columbia Rail Road connecting New York via the Jersey Central, Reading and Columbia, with Baltimore and Washington, together with Western R.R. connections to Wheeling and Pittsburg [sic]; compiled by S. P. Kase.

Map of the Evansville and Crawfordsville Rail Road with its connections.

Map of the Sunbury and Erie Rail Road and its connections.

Map of the Old Colony Rail Road with its branches & connecting roads, prepared under the direction of the Committee of Investigation, Jany. 1850, S. Dwight Eaton, Engr.

Map showing the coal & timber lands of the Allegheny Rail Road & Coal Company with the avenues to market.

Map of the Rabun Gap Rail Road route showing its connection with other roads finished, in progress & contemplated.

Map of Peru and Indianapolis Rail Road with connections.

General map of the Orange & Alexandria Rail Road and its connections north, south, and west.

Map of the Western Vermont Rail Road and connecting lines, Wm. B. Gilbert, Chief Engineer.

Map of the rail road surveys between Hillsborough & Chillicothe. Executed in February, March & April 1851 under the direction of B. H. Latrobe, civil engineer,

Route of the Pacific and Atlantic Rail Road between San Francisco, & San Jose, as located by Wm. J. Lewis, Chief Engineer, in Sept. Oct. & Nov. 1851.

Map and profile of the Sunbury route Susqua. Rail Road from the terminus of York & Cumberland Railway to Williamsport Pennsa. showing its connection with the great southern anthracite coal fields; 1st by the Dauphin & Susqa. Rail Road, 2d by the Lykins Valley Rail Road, 3d by the Treverton Rail Road, 4th by the Shamokin Rail Road, surveyed by Geo. P. Worcester, Civ. Engr. and the Williamsport and Elmira Route surveyed under the directions of Maj. Hartman Bache Topog. Engr. U.S.A., by Geo. P. Worcester Civ. Engr. for Balto. & Susqua. R.R.

A map showing the rail road connection between Pottsville & Sunbury through the Schuylkill Mahanoy and Shamokin coal fields, July 9th 1852.

Map representing the route of the Philada. & Erie Rail Road its connections and the mineral lands in its vicinity.

Map of the proposed line of Rail Road connection between tide water Virginia and the Ohio River at Guyandotte, Parkersburg and Wheeling /

Map of the Philadelphia, Easton & Water Gap Rail Road.

Map of the Virginia Central Rail Road showing the connection between tide water Virginia, and the Ohio River at Big Sandy, Guyandotte and Point Pleasant; made by W. Vaisz Top. Eng.

Map of the Cairo & Fulton Railroad exhibiting the principal tributary lines as projected and its connections with other railroads west of the Mississippi River, which unite with the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and south projected Pacific Railroad via Elpaso [sic] to the Pacific Ocean, showing also the connection by rail road of the cities of New Orleans & St. Louis. Little Rock, Ark. Sep. 1853.

Map of a part of the State of Louisiana exhibiting the route of the New-Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Rail Road.

Experimental survey for the Eastern Shore Rail Road, Maryland, drawn by W. H. Emory & J. McClelland Asst. Civ. Engs., made under the direction of James Kearney.

Proposed route for a rail road from Copper Harbor, to Fond Du Lac, Winnebego.

Map of the Cleveland and Mahoning Rail Road and its connections, Edward Warner Chief Engineer, 1853.

Map of the Philadelphia & Baltimore Rail Road as located by W. Strickland & B. H. Latrobe, Esqrs., civ. engineers. Showing also the present route by steamboat & the N. Castle R. Road, & that proposed to be constructed by way of Oxford & Port-Deposit.

Sketch showing the route of the New Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Rail Road, J. G. Gibbes, Chief Engr., lithographie [sic] agent D. Theuret, Exange Alley, Nr. 130.

The North Pennsylvania Rail Road and its connections, Octr. 1853.

The road,--summer

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