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In the year 1766 the settlers upon the New Hampshire Grants on the west side of the Green Mountains, appointed Samuel Robinson, Esq. of Bennington their agent to state to the King and Council of Great Britain the illegal and unjust proceedings o

Benjamin Watkins and Jonathan Robinson to Capt. Hadley, March 25, 1785

Thomas Jefferson to Moses Robinson, March 1, 1801

Thomas Jefferson to David Robinson, August 26, 1805

Jeoffrey Robinson to E. F. Hall, July 6, 1814

William Robinson, February 13, 1819. Virginia General Assembly regarding the establishment of a Virginia College in Charlottesville Virginia.

Andrew Jackson to William Robinson, June 12, 1830

James Madison to W. R. Robinson, March 10, 1831.

Execution. The life, trial, and behaviour of that unfortunate young woman, Mary Johnson, 22 years of age, who was executed at Gloucester on Saturday last, 1831 for the murder of her master and mistress, John and Anna Robinson ... Leeds, Printed

McCombs & Robinson to Andrew Jackson, Jr., August 19, 1836

Beverly Robinson, 1722-1792

Whiskey, or fight Fourth ward. Collector, Bull Robinson. Register Ben. Beveridge, Sr. Alderman. Ham. Hughes ... [Washington, D. C.? June 1853].

Gen. J.S. Robinson, U.S.A.

Capt. J. M. Robinson, U.S.A.

Gen. John C. Robinson

Gen. J.S. Robinson, U.S.A.

Gen. J.S. Robinson, U.S.A.

Capt. J.M. Robinson, U.S.A.

Gen. J.S. Robinson, U.S.A.

Robinson's political map of the United States. [Circular] Care of Free State Advocate [about 1856].

Brig. Gen. James S. Robinson

Gen. H.C. [?] Robinson

Brig. Gen. James S. Robinson

Brig. Gen. James S. Robinson

Gen. H.C. Robinson, U.S.A.

J.S. Robinson

Lt. Adj. Heman F. Robinson, 76th N.Y.

Gen. J.S. Robinson, U.S.A.

Henry L. Robinson, Brit Brig Gen

Surg. J.W. Robinson 141st N.Y. & 179 th N.Y.

John C. Robinson

James S. Robinson, Col. 82nd Ohio Inf.

J.S. Robinson

J.W. Robinson

Abraham Lincoln, June 8, 1861 (Memorandum on appointment of Christopher Robinson)

Abraham Lincoln, [April 1861] (Memorandum on Philadelphia Patronage (Robinson))

Bull Run, Virginia. Robinson's house near center of battlefield

John R. Robinson to Abraham Lincoln, January 1861 (Seeks diplomatic post in China)

Thanksgiving proclamation ... I appoint, Thursday the 27th day of November next, as a day of thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God ... given under my hand and seal of the State at Topeka, this 29th day of October, 1862. ... C. Robinson. [Topek

C. L. Robinson, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 30, 1862 (Recommendation)

James F. Robinson to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, April 17, 1863 (Introduces Susan Grigsby)

James M. Robinson to Edwin Stanton, Sunday, May 03, 1863 (Capture of Fredericksburg)

Scène d'octobre: la jeune pointrinaire / d'après R. Robinson.

Voters of Charlestown. The recurrence of the Municipal election of this city is at hand ... Vote for Hon. Charles Robinson. [1865?].

Robinson, Hon. Milton S. of Ind.

Robinson, Hon. Milton S. of Ind.

Robinson, Hon. James Wallace, Rep of Ohio

Robinson, Ex. M.C. Ind.

Robinson Crusoe making a man of his Friday / Th. Nast.

Scene of the story of Robinson Crusoe. Tablet erected by the English Navy in memory of Alexander Selkirk

Scene of the story of Robinson Crusoe. Selkirk's Cave. Side view looking up the valley. "Crusoe's Quibedrada"

The Cheyennes' death struggle - last desperate resistance of the remnant of the frenzied Red Men to the United States troops under Captain Wessells in a deep ravine, near Fort Robinson, Neb., ...

[Robinson Crusoe sitting on stool in front of native companion Friday]

[Robinson Crusoe and Friday talking to men offering gifts]

[Robinson Crusoe in canoe rowing towards shipwreck]

[Robinson Crusoe planting seeds in garden]

[Robinson Crusoe hunting birds with dog tied to post]

[Robinson Crusoe hunting bird with Friday standing behind]

[Robinson Crusoe looking out to sea with dog]

[Robinson Crusoe sitting under shelter]

[Robinson Crusoe and dog looking at skeleton in sand]

[Robinson Crusoe with torch approaching goat in dark cave]

[Robinson Crusoe looking at Friday and girl in canoe]

[Robinson Crusoe and Friday aboard ship]

[Portrait of Theodore Robinson] / J. Alden Weir.

[Robinson Crusoe with canoe]

[Robinson Crusoe pushing barrel up hill]

[Robinson Crusoe and Friday with rifles walking toward camp site]

A Nimrod (Mr. W.S. Robinson) in the woods of Maine

[Thomas Bailey Aldrich, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front] / Maria Maude Robinson (?).

[Yank Robinson, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Yank Robinson, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

Chile - Robinson Crusoe's Island--Once occupied by the castaway, Alexander Selkirk, and now the site of a penal colony and the fishing ground of lobstermen

Miss Margaret Robinson

The Borden murder trial--A scene in the court-room before the acquittal - Lizzie Borden, the accused, and her counsel, Ex-Governor Robinson / drawn on the spot by B. West Clinedinst.

Hon. J.M. Robinson

[Hetty Howland Robinson Green, 1835-1916, half-length portrait, seated]

[Restoration of Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem]

Robinson family

Goldberg, [Eric] Matson, [John D.] Whiting & Robinson dining

Matson [i.e., Eric Matson], Dr. Robinson (of Chicago Univ.), Goldberg, & 2 monks at St. Catherine's, Sinai

Robinson family

Fort Robinson, Neb.

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Robinson's Arch


[Robinson Hall reading room, Brown University Library, Providence, R.I.]

Eltmore Robinson. Jumping a fence on horseback.

M.D. Robinson, Pach Bros., NY / Pach Bros.

Henry M. Robinson

Gertrude B. Robinson

Edw. Robinson

Sen. Robinson, LaFollette, McKinley, McKellar and Swanson

Bishop J.E. Robinson, portrait bust

Col. G.F. Buckingham, Sen: McKinley, Swanson, and Robinson

Mrs. Leonard Wood & Mrs. D. Robinson

J.T. Robinson & Tom Taggart

O.D., Young, G.G. Dawes and H.M. Robinson

Robert P. Robinson

Henry M. Robinson

Various views inside the city [Jerusalem]. Spring of Robinson's Arch.