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Battle of Hermannstadt / sketched by Capt. Ed. Scheifele ; drawn on stone & lith by Schaerff & Bro. 71 Market Str. St. Louis.

The angel of peace / J. Keppler.

[Sarindar Fountain, Bukharest, Roumania]

[Pelesch (i.e., Peles) Castle, Sinaia, Roumania]

[Pelesch (i.e., Peles) Castle, Kloster Sinaia, hotels, Kaserne, Ungarth and villas, Sinaia, Roumania]

[General view, Bukharest, Roumania]

[Michaiwoda Memorial, Bukharest, Roumania]

[Upper Prahova, Sinaia, Roumania]

[Theaterplatz, Bukharest, Roumania]

[Kurplatz with hydrotherapic baths and Hotel Karaimann, Sinaia, Roumania]

The "enfant ter[ri]ble" of Europe / J. Keppler.

[Cernavoda Bridge (Podul Regele Carol I), looking west, over the Danube] / Stelian phot. ; Reproducerea opritǎ.

The quarrelsome European nursery / Dalrymple.

King Rumania

Prince Ferdinand

Carol of Rumania and wife

Ileana of Rumania

Princess Ileaka & Prince Mircia of Rumania

King Ferd. of Rumania

Queen Elizabeth of Roumania as Princess

King Roumania

Blindmen carrying chairs, Bucharest

Ileana of Rumania

Queen of Rumania

Queen Rumania

Princess Marie (Rumania) and Prince Carol (Rumania)

Queen of Roumania and children with Crown Prince of Germany

Prince Carol, Rumania

Prince Carol and King and Queen of Rumania

Queen of Rumania

Queen of Rumania

Elizabeth of Roumania, Queen of Greece

Queen of Rumania

King Charles I of Roumania

King of Rumania

King of Rumania

Queen of Rumania & Nicolai

Queen of Rumania

Queen of Rumania

Ileana of Rumania

Crn. Princess Helen of Rumania

Prince Carol of Rumania

U.S. legation, Bucharest

Marie of Roumania as a nun

King of Rumania and King of Yugoslavia

Decorating Crown Prince, Rumania in Japan

Queen of Roumania, Prince Elizabeth, Crown Princess. Prince Carol, and Crown Prince of Germany

Queen Rumania

Queen Roumania

Queen of Rumania

King and Queen of Roumania lying on lawn, Brand Photo. / Brand Photo.

Queen of Rumania

At present he works Bulgaria / Kep.

New York City "ghetto" fish market /




Prince William of Sweden and H. Wilson. Minister to Roumania, in carriage

The Athenium, Bucharest

Romania. Church of Doma Belascha, Bucharest

Romania. National bank, Bucharest

Queen of Rumania

Queen Rumania

Rumania - King Ferdinand

Queen of Rumania

Princess Marie, Rumania

Crown Princess of Roumania seated with her daughter

King of Rumania

Eliz. of Rumania

Crown Princess Rumania

Queen of Rumania

King of Rumania

TR's return from Africa, 1910 [2] /

Prince Ferd. of Rumania

Princess Ileana of Romania

Prince Nicolas of Roumania

Queen of Rumania

Queen of Roumania

Gypsy mother and babe by the wayside near Orsova, Hungary [i.e., Rumania]

Crown princess of Rumania

Princess Elisabeth, Roumania

Queen of Rumania

King of Roumania in uniform

Braila, Rumania

Crown Prince of Rumania

Siegeszug durch Ruman̈ien / Blank.

[Woman and child standing by fence of farmyard, Romania]

Rumania's day

Queen Marie of Romania Standard Eng. Co.

[Queen Marie of Romania, in traditional Romanian dress, visiting peasants in the region of Pitesti]

Major Teiusanu

Major Teiusanu

Major Teiusanu

Prince and Princess Rebesco leaving the White House after being received by the President and Mrs. Harding today

The oil fields of Roumania Homes for American workmen in the oil fields. One American company has investments amounting to [blank].

Even the nursemaids of Romania are attractive. Here is a group in Sinaia Nothing to do all day but watch a cow. That is the job of this Roumanian peasant boy. It is during the long hours that he plays his flute and learns the songs of the birds ; Beautiful parks surround the hotels of Sinaia where fountains play and the setting sun makes rainbow colors in the spray.

The park and Casino in Sinaia with the Carpathians in the background The University of Bucharest showing the Byzantine architecture.

Palaces in Bucharest are elaborate. This is the old home of the beloved Carmen Sylva or first Queen of Roumania A Roumanian peasant.

In Romania youthful grace and beauty often becomes matronly stoutness because of the indolent life of the rich and the lack of exercise even when young Everything but bananas. At the stations in Roumania one is tempted by pretty peasant girls with delicious fruits in twig bound baskets of their own making.

Standard Oil tanks in Roumania Roumania has a fleet of Black Sea boats operating from Constanza to Constantinople. This is the Emperor Trajan medallion on the bow of the bot [i.e., boat] which carried me to the Orient.