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By the Honourable Col. Francis Nicholson, and Col. Samuel Vetch. A proclamation. Whereas Her Majesty hath been pleased to instruct us with Her Royal commands and instructions to the governours of Her several provinces upon the Continent of Ameri

Africa : corrected from the observations of the Royal Society at London and Paris. /

A general plan of Annapolis Royal

An exact-plan of George-Town so named by Patrick Graham, Esqr., President of the Province of Georgia, in honr. to His Royal Highness George, Prince of Wales, &ca.

Plan of the river of Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia.

A map of Fort Royal Bay in the island of Martinico.

Plan of the town and citadel of Fort Royal, the capital of Martinico with the Bay of Cul de Sac Royal /

A plan of the town and citadel of Fort Royal in Martinico : the last landing place of our army and the country through which it marched to the attack /

An east view of Fort Royal in the Island of Guadaloupe Vue du Fort Royal, dans l'Isle de Guadaloupe, du Cote de l'Est / / drawn on the spot by Lieut. Arch. Campbell Engineer ; engraved by Peter Mazell.

A south east view of the city of New York, in North America Vue de sud est de la ville de New York, dans l'Amerique Septentrionale / / drawn on the spot by Thomas Howdell, of the Royal Artillery ; engraved by P. Canot.

To His Royal Highness. George Augustus Frederick. Prince of Wales &c. &c. &c. This chart of the West Indies,

To His Royal Highness. George Ausgustus Frederick. Prince of Wales &c. &c. &c. This chart of the West Indies,

A new map of the Province of Quebec, according to the Royal Proclamation, of the 7th of October 1763.

The birth-day ode* - as it was preformed before his M--, on the 4th of June, by the Royal Band

A view of the entrance of the gut of Annapolis Royal

Seconds voyageurs aëriens, ou expérience de MM. Charles et Robert faite a Paris dans le parterre du Jardin royal des Thuilleries le I. decembre 1783. Vue prise du Pont Royal / / Prevost fecit.

Seconds voyageurs aëriens, ou expérience de MM. Charles et Robert faite a Paris dans le parterre du Jardin royal des Thuilleries le I. decembre 1783. Vue prise du Pont Royal.

Dédiée a Monsieur Coustard de Massi, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de St. Louis, Lieutenant de Nosseigneurs les Maréchaux de France. Vue perspective du nouveau batiment de l'hopital des enfants trouvés de cette ville avec la demonstration de l'aerostat élevé dans le jardin de cette maison le 14 juin 1784.

The Royal Society

The Royal Joke - or - Black Jacks Delight

The Royal Sailor

A plan of the city of Dublin : as surveyed for the use of the division[a]l justices to which have been added plans of the canal harbour and its junction with the Grand Canal, the Royal Canal, and every projection and alteration to the present time, 1797 /

Hunterian Museum. Royal College of Surgeons / T.H. Shepherd ; E. Radclyffe.

General Washington / painted by Gabriel Stuart 1797 ; engraved by James Heath Historical engraver to his Majesty, and to his Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, from the original picture in the collection of the Marquis of Lansdown.

Drawing from Life at the Royal Academy, Somerset House

Royal address of Cadwallader ap-Tudor ap-Edwards ap-Vaughan, Water-King of Southwark

The Royal family of Lancaster ... Down with treason, tyranny, and corruption! Your hopes rest upon the brave defender of your country, General Joseph Heister.- To the polls- To the polls! Let your watch-word be Hiester and liberty!!! [n. p. 181-

The troops disembarking to attack Fort Oswego, under the command of Genl. Drummond and Sir T. Yeo, Lake Ontario, May the 6th 1814 / / By Capt. Steele. 2d. Battn. Royal Marines

Royal Methodists in Kent & Sussex---or the dissenters too powerful for the established church / [G. Cruikshank].

Ghent Royal Society of Agriculture and Botany, January 26, 1817, Notice, in French

Characters in the new piece now poforming [sic] at the Theatre Royal Cotten Garden 1820

Theatrical reflection, or a peep at the looking glass curtain at the Royal Coburg Theatre

L'intérieur et l'extérieur d'un bayair "Couronne de Charles X" / Pav Braun, professeur de langue allemande à l'école Royal polytechnique, a Paris, rue neuve des petits champa, VCo. 17.

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Next Tuesday, 24th July, grand day and evening fete, will be given in honor of the foreign ambassadors ...

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Grand day and evening fete, next Tuesday, August 7, 1838. Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, combined with the evening entertainments

Night ascent. Royal Standard Tavern, pleasure grounds & tea gardens ... H. Brading, Proprietor ... has, at the solicitation of several scientific gentlemen, prevailed on Mr. Gypson, who will ... make an experimental trip, in the Royal Standard balloon, on Monday next, June 3, at ten o'clock at night! ...

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Juvenile fete, next Wednesday, 21st ...

Circus Royal, Colchester. To Mr. Batty, after visiting his olympic pavilion, now at Colchester ... C. C. Great Totham, September 1842.

Royal amphitheatre, Dock-Green, Hull

Micheal Kernan, Late 66 Royal street, Begs to inform [blank] that he has removed to No. 30 Chartres street, corner of Customhouse, where he is now opening the most extensive and elegant Stock of rich French Fancy Dry Goods… New Orleans, 1845.

Royal mail steam ship, Europe

[Sherard Osborn, lieut., Royal Navy, three-quarter length wood-engraved portrait, seated, facing front]

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall ... this day, Monday, May 5th, a balloon ascent will positively take place by the veteran Green, in the Royal Nassau balloon ...

Trust sale at Front Royal, on Saturday the 27th of December 1851, of house and lots, slaves and household and kitchen furniture. By virtue of a deed of trust from William Cook bearing date November 19, 1851 ... Winchester, Va. Harvey Brown Cheap

Washington, January, 1853. To Sir: I have the pleasure to inform you that a jury of the Royal Commissioners connected with the exhibition of the works of all nations, at London, in the year 1851, in consideration of has awared you a medal, certi

Major Pipon, Royal Artillery

Lieutenant Strangeways [i.e., Strangways], Royal Horse Artillery

His Royal Highness Prince Napoleon

Lieutenant-Colonel Chapman, C.B., Royal Engineers

Major Morris, C.B., Royal Artillery

Captain Staunton [i.e., Stanton], Royal Engineers

Royal Exchange / by the London Stereoscopic Company.

[French naval expedition to the Indo-Chinese archipelago: Gate of the Royal Palace at Choui]

Special notice. Royal Mail Through Line

1857. New and important arrangement. Royal Mail through line for Kingston, Cobourg, Port Hope,...

Dresden. Royal Palace

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, with Mayor Howard of Portland on his left; photographed just prior to departure on board his fleet, at Portland, Maine, October 20, 1860 / by George Stacy, 143 Madison Street, New-York.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales at the tomb of Washington, October 1860

[Sketch of parts of Warren, Rappahannock, and Culpeper counties, Virginia, including the area between the Rappahannock River the Blue Ridge, from Front Royal to Culpeper].

[Map of the Shenandoah Valley, from Front Royal and Middletown to Staunton, etc.].

North Dome, Royal Arches, and Washington Column, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

[Composite of scenes of] Our cotton campaign in South Carolina - gathering, ginning, packing and shipping the cotton crops of the Sea Island Royal, by the Federal Army, under General Sherman

Royal Hiram Waller and Frederick Billings to Solomon Foot, Saturday, July 11, 1863 (Telegram concerning New Almanden mine)

The North Dome, 3,725 Feet High, Royal Arch, and Washington Tower, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

Map of Royal Land Company's railroad (narrow gauge) from their anthracite coal fields to deep water /

Royal Arches and North Dome, from head of valley

Grand Canyon. Royal Gorge, looking west

Grand Canyon of the Arkansas. Royal Gorge, walls 1500 feet in height

Reflection of Washington Tower, Royal Arches and North Dome in the Merced

Reflection of Washington Tower, Royal Arches and North Dome in the Merced

International Exhibition, Phila., Pa.: Royal Baking Powder Exhibit

P.T. Barnum's greatest show on earth, and great London circus, Sanger's Royal British menagerie & grand international allied shows

Profile, Royal Land Co. R.R. /

Chapel at Hotel Royal Palm [i.e. Royal Palm Hotel], Miami, Fla.

[The Royal Gorge, Colo.]

Royal Exchange, London / G.W.W.

Hotel Royal Palm from the bay, Miami, Fla.

Hotel Royal Poinciana, Palm Beach, Fla.

["Konig Albert," dining room, second class, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers

["Grosser Kurfurst," dining room, first class, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers

The incline, Mt. Royal Park, Montreal

[The Royal Castle, Erdmannsdorf, Riesengebirge, Germany]

[From Roches Royal Hotel, Glengariff Harbor. County Cork, Ireland]

[The sands from Royal Hotel, Lowestoft, England]

[From Royal Hotel, Dawlish, England]

Royal St., New Orleans, Louisiana

[University and Royal Garden, Konigsberg, East Prussia, Germany (i.e., Kaliningrad, Kaliningradskai︠a︡ oblastʹ, Russia)]

["Konig Albert," Promenade Deck, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers"

["Grosser Kurfurst," forward passage, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers

Soldier of the Royal Guard. Ancient dress not yet entirely obsolete - Coat & helmet are lined with a mail of hard leather - & studded with iron buttons

[The Royal Palace, Brussels, Belgium]

[Place Royal, Spa, Belgium]

["Maria Theresia," smoking cabin, first class, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers

["Grosser Kurfurst," Promenade Deck, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers

["Konig Albert," smoking cabin, second class, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers

"The unrivalled nigger of the Royal Standard"

Mt. Royal Road, Montreal

Montreal from Mount Royal

[The Late Royal Castle, Warsaw, Russia (i.e. Warsaw, Poland)]

[Castle Place with Royal and Madama Palaces, Turin, Italy]