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[Aeneas' ship landing on an island]

Triplicus visus, directi, reflexi & refracti, de quo optica disputat, argumenta

[Bacon's ship embarking on a voyage, flanked by mythical pillars of Hercules in Strait of Gibraltar] / Sim. Pafs, Sculpr.

[Three ships sailing with birds or flying fish in the background]

[Three ships sailing in a storm]

[Ships in close combat in harbor]

A view of the north entrance of the harbour of St. Catherines J. Wood sculp

An exact prospect of Charlestown, the metropolis of the province of South Carolina

Veduta del porto de Malamocco ai lidi di Venezia / F. Tironi pinxit ; A. Sandi scul.

[Marine -- shows a ship lying on its side] / Bernard direxit.

Veduta del porto di ancona L. De Vegni inc

The narrows near New York 1798 / JFP.

The narrows near New York 1798 / JFP.

Navio de primera linea con bandera de vice almirante



Packet boat grounded for tarring beside wharf--Men and wagon in foreground

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, perhaps looking southwest, showing ships, sailboats, and five men in a rowboat]

A view taken from the S.W. end of Charleston, S.C. Jany 17th 1812

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, perhaps coming down the Cooper River, showing ships, rowboats, and canoes on the water]

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, possibly looking north toward Sullivan's Island]

A representation of the great storm at Providence, Sept. 23d 1815 / painted and engraved by J. Kidder.

Ships at sea, one during a storm C.K

Ships at sea, some undersail, one shipwreck C. Köpper

Water proof

[Title page with sailing ship, starboard view]

U.S. Reports: Janney v. Columbian Ins. Co., 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 411 (1825)

The phantom ship from legendary ballads by Thomas Moore, arranged for one or three voices by Henry R. Bishop / lith. of Endicott, N.Y.

Kazusa no kairo

Takanawa ōkido no zu


The United States ship of the line Delaware

U.S. Reports: United States v. Robeson, 34 U.S. (9 Pet.) 319 (1835)


Takanawa no zu

Eitai bashi Fukagawa shinchi

Two views, one of a shipwrecked vessel on the shore, the other of a lighthouse and outbuildings seen from a distance

Man playing fetch with a dog near a cluster of trees, ship rigging under full sail visible on the right

Study sketches of two ships - a sailing ship and a steamship, possibly a ferry

Topographical view of buildings along the far shore of a river, with sailing ships and steamboats

Ship at a wharf along the waterfront in Philadelphia, the cityscape visible on the left, a church on the right, and horse-drawn wagons on the far right

United States almanac, for the year 1841

Columbus / painted by J.M.W. Turner R.A. ; engraved for the Eclectic Museum by John Sartain.

Approaching Boston U.S. July 17th 1846

Approaching Boston U.S. July 17th 1846

The Hudson River at Albany, U.S. Saturday July 18th 1846

From the Cambria steamer, starting from Boston, U.S. Bunker's Hill Monument

Vista de la playa de Mayagues L. Luthy fecit

Bankoku keihin denbun mosha shu harimaze

U.S. Reports: St. John v. Paine et al., 51 U.S. (10 How.) 557 (1851)

At river's edge

U.S. Reports: Newton v. Stebbins, 51 U.S. (10 How.) 586 (1851)

The match by the Club of All Nations at Cowes [England]. The AMERICA yacht making a start ahead

U.S. Reports: The Propeller Genesee Chief et al. v. Fitzhugh et al., 53 U.S. (12 How.) 443 (1852)


Kaighn Avenue ferry terminal, Camden, New Jersey, of the South Camden Ferry Company, seen from the road looking toward the river, ferry partially visible at left side of the building; also shows masts of a ship docked nearby

Brooklyn, L.I., as seen from Trinity Church, New York / painted by J.W. Hill ; Smith, Brors. del.


U.S. Reports: Propeller Monticello v. Mollison, 58 U.S. (17 How.) 152 (1855)

Minute representation of an American line-of-battleship, with full explanation of its parts / Wade del.

U.S. Reports: Schooner Catharine et al. v. Dickinson et al., 58 U.S. (17 How.) 170 (1855)

The deck of an American line-of-battle ship The hull of an American man-of-war cut open amidships, from stem to stern / / Wade del.

U.S. Reports: Peck et al. v. Sanderson, 58 U.S. (17 How.) 178 (1855)



U.S. Reports: New York and Virginia Steamship Company v. Calderwood et al, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 241 (1857)

[French naval expedition to the Indo-Chinese archipelago: Entrance to the port of Toumhai]

Lazaretto, Philada. quarantine station May 11th 56

Napha from the sea / from nature by W. Heine ; shipping by Lieut. H. Walke ; J. Queen, delt. ; P.S. Duval & Co., Phila.

East view of Philadelphia, Pennsylva. and part of Camden, New Jersey drawn from nature by A. Kollner ; lithy. of A. Kollner, Dock St. Phila

Pilots Station / H. Lewis pinx. ; Lith. Jnst. Arnz & Co. Düsseldorf.

New-Orleans (Louisiana) / H. Lewis pinx. ; Lith. Jnst. Arnz & Co. Düsseldorf.

Yabase no kihan

U.S. Reports: New York and Liverpool U.S. Mail Steamship Co. v. Rumball, 62 U.S. (21 How.) 372 (1858)

Kazusa kuroto no ura

Banshū murotsu shunkei

U.S. Reports: Haney et al. v. Baltimore Steam Packet Company, 64 U.S. (23 How.) 287 (1860)

Sketches of boats, sailing ships, and a horse O. Earle


[Page from Harper's Weekly, June 29, 1861, including four prints and text]

Submarine Infernal machine intended to destroy the "Minnesota"

Sailors on Russian frigate "Osliaba," harbor of Alexandria, Va.

Civil War envelope folded from printed form to Mrs. Daniel N. Speer

Civil War envelope showing Columbia standing atop cannon and holding American flag with sailing ship in the distance

The blockade of Charleston

[Three U.S. Navy ships, from left, the Macedonian, the Dale, and the Savannah anchored at the south wharf of West Point, Hudson River, New York]

The Rebel privateer Florida chasing the schooner Laura Ann, about 400 miles west of Bermuda / from a sketch by Capt. Wasn.

[The Benjamin S. Wright, a schooner, held in the ice at Square Island Harbor, 1864]

[A small sailboat or schooner, possibly the Benjamin S. Wright, at sea]

[The Benjamin S. Wright, a schooner, held in the ice at Square Island Harbor, 1864]

U.S. Reports: Ann Caroline, The, 69 U.S. (2 Wall.) 538 (1865)

[Drift ice consolidating on the coast of Labrador, with a schooner at dock, possibly the Benjamin S. Wright]

The captured Rebel privateer "Florida" and the United States steamer "Wachusett"

Hampton Roads, Virginia. Ammunition schooners

[The Benjamin S. Wright, a schooner, navigating through ice at Square Island Harbor, 1864, another ship in the background and one entering at right]

U.S. Reports: Bentley v. Coyne, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 509 (1867)

Flag ship, LANCASTER, U.S. Navy

U.S. Reports: The Hypodame, 73 U.S. (6 Wall.) 216 (1868)

Shipping on the Giudecca, Venice

U.S. Reports: Fairbanks, The, 76 U.S. (9 Wall.) 420 (1869)

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