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Prospect of Saratogha [i.e. Saratoga], 1757, taken from the saw mill 1. Hudsons River; 2. Road to Fort Miller; 3. Retrenchment; 4. Camp.

Plan of the position which the army under Lt. Genl. Burgoyne took at Saratoga, on the 10th of September 1777, and in which it remained till the convention was signed.

Sarratoga [sic] / dessiné par Fauvel ; gravé par F. Godefroy de l'Academie Impériale et Royale de Vienne &c.

Die Americaner machen das Corps des General Bourgoyne zu Gefangnen, bey Saratoga, am 16ten Octobr 1777 / D. Chodowiecki inv. et del. ; D. Berger sculpsit 1784.

[Surrender at Saratoga]

Chalbeate Spring near Saratoga / J.T. sculp.

[Cut] Another glorious victory. Newport Oct. 18, 1813. This afternoon arrived in this habour the British Packer Morgiana, Capt. Cunningham, of 18 guns, and 50 men, prize to the privateer Saratoga, Capt. Addington of New Yok ... [ 7 stanzas of ve

The cut direct. Or a scene in high life at Saratoga Springs

Pavilion fountain at Saratoga. This celebrated medicinal spring rises in a valley near the Pavilion Hotel ... Rules for drinking ... D. McLaren. Saratoga Springs, May 20, 1842.

[Circular regarding rates] Saratoga, July 1, 1843].

Saratoga, Monday, July 20th, 1846 - Congress Hall Hotel

Saratoga. Highrock-Iodine and Empire Springs / drawn from nature by Aug. Köllner ; lith. by Deroy ; printed by Cattier.

Saratoga part of Saratoga

Jack Rossiter: Saratoga course, 2:28. 1849

Map of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Ct., New York.

To southerners, drinkers of Congress water ... Clarke & White. Congress Spring, Saratoga Spring and No. 13 Thames Street, New York City [c. 1851].

Fontaine du Congrès. source de Congress etat de New-York, Etats-Unis ... Saratoga Springs. N. Y, [c. 1855].

To southerners, drinkers of Congress water ... Clarke & White, Congress Springs, Saratoga Springs, No. 13 Thames street, New York City. [c. 1855].

Saratoga Springs

Map of Saratoga Co., New York : from actual surveys /

1857 Summer arrangement. 1857. Fare $ 1 less than by any other route. Morning line from Whitehall, Lake George and Saratoga, to New York! via Renss. & Saratoga, Albany, Vt. & Canada, and Harlem railroad ... W. J. Campbell, Supt.

Childrens play ground, Congress Park

Naval action between the U.S. Sloop SARATOGA and two Mexican steamers

The meteor. The meteor of July 20, as seen by J. A. Adams, Esq., at Saratoga Springs. The meteor as seen by S. P. Avery, Esq., at Brooklyn. The meteor as seen by J. M'Nevin, Esq., near Bedford, Long Island / J. M'Nevin.

The old Sweeper Saratoga Springs, N.Y

Circular. Fellow-citizens of the fifteenth Congressional district. Traitors in arms seek to overthrow our constitution and to seize our Capital. Let us go and help to defend them .... Jas. B. McKean. Saratoga Springs, Aug. 21, 1861.

Tourists' tickets to Niagara Falls, Rapids of the St. Lawrence, Thousand Islands, Saratoga, Hudson River, and other popular resorts; or Round trips including all the above, at prices to suit the times ... Vt. Central R, R. Line. [Boston] Fred Ro

On the road to Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Grand ball at the opening of Leland's Opera House, Saratoga, July 4, 1865 / sketched by Davis.

Grand dinner given to the Army of the Tennessee at the Union Hotel, Saratoga, July 4, 1865 / sketched by Theodore R. Davis.

For the North and West! Day boats for Albany & Troy connecting with Rensselaer & Saratoga and N. Y. Central R. R. ... A. J. Darling, agent on the wharf. [1869].

Rear piazza, Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga, N. Y.

At Saratoga - drinking at Congress Springs

[Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga, N. Y.]

Saratoga Springs and vicinity : scene of the inter-collegiate regatta : [see page 626].

Saratoga - the afternoon promenade on Broadway in front of the Grand Union Hotel

Map of the town of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co., N.Y.

Clarendon Hotel Parlor

Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 1888.

[Boy serving spring water to two men standing at bar, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

Saratoga Springs [N.Y.]. Broadway, North from Grand Union

[Two stage coaches loaded with people in front of hotels, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

Saratoga Lake, N.Y.

[Saratoga, N.Y., veranda of United States Hotel]

[Broadway and Congress Hall, Saratoga, N.Y.]

[D. and H. (Delaware & Hudson) Depot, Saratoga, N.Y.]

[Windsor Hotel, Saratoga, N.Y.]

Race track, Saratoga

[United States Hotel and Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

[Entrance to grand stand, race track, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

United States Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Clarendon Hotel, Saratoga, N.Y.

Nelson Ave. [Avenue] entrance to Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

[Lake Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

American-Adelphi Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

[Congress Hall and Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

Entrance to Hilton Park, Saratoga, N.Y.

Union Ave., looking east, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Broadway and American-Adelphi, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

North Broadway, Saratoga, N.Y.

[North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

Saratoga skating Club, Brooklyn, E. Crabb, Phil. Kearney, H. Earl, W. Sutphen, New York

[Broadway looking east, Saratoga, N.Y.]

[Club house at the race track, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

[Interior, High Rock Spring, Saratoga, N.Y.]

[Convention Hall, Saratoga, N.Y.]

[Grand Union Hotel and Broadway at Monument Square, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

[Lake Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

[Saratoga Monument, Schuylerville, N.Y.]

City Hall and post office, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The Mansion at Yaddo, home of Spencer Trask, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Main entrance, Saratoga race track, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Delaware and Hudson [Railroad] station, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

[Theodore] Roosevelt at Saratoga

Lake Saratoga from White Sulphur Springs Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

White Sulphur Spring, Saratoga Lake, N.Y.

[Saratoga Monument, Schuylerville, N.Y.]

Old English gun, Saratoga Battle Monument, Schuylerville, N.Y.

The Pavilion, Saratoga Lake, Saratoga, N.Y.

Saratoga Skating Club at Verona Lake, start of one mile championship (Sutphen won)

The House of Pansa, Saratoga, N.Y.

The Trolley station, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Convention Hall Saratoga

Congress Spring Park entrance, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

In front of the Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga, N.Y.

Convention Hall Saratoga

[Congress Spring Park, Saratoga, N.Y.]

Convention Hall, Saratoga, N.Y.

Broadway and the Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs,N.Y.

White Sulphur Springs Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

[Union Avenue, Saratoga, N.Y.]

Race course, Saratoga, N.Y.

[White Sulphur Springs Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.]

[Saratoga Springs, N.Y., grand stand, Race Track]

Yaddo, home of Spencer Trask, lower lake and drive, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Kensington Hotel, Saratoga, N.Y.

Windsor Hotel, Saratoga, N.Y.

Phil Kearney of Saratoga Skating Club, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga, N.Y.

High Rock Spring, Saratoga, N.Y.