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[Title page for The complete gentleman, by Henry Peacham, with elaborate border showing figures of "Nobilitas" and "Scientia"] / Fr. Delaram sculp. anno. 1522 [i.e., 1622]

Matoaka als Rebecka daughter to the mighty Prince Powhatan ... / Passe, sculp; Compton Holland, exeud.

Theodorus Vanlonius / Paul. duPont, sculp. ; Ant. van Dyck, pinxit.

[Crowd in square in Haarlem, Netherlands] / P. Zaenredam invent. ; J.V. Velde, sculp.

The Virgin and Child / G. Rhenus Bon. In., B. Coriol. Eq. Sculp.

Study of a giant / Guido Rhenus, bonon. inuen., Bart. Coriolano, eq., sculp.

Claude Perrault de l'Accademie Royalle des Siences / Vercelin, pinxit ; G. Edelinck, sculp.

Le Duc d. Albe / Henri. Causé, sculp.

[Portraits of Don Quixote de la Mancha and other main characters from the story] / M. Vander Gucht sculp.

Assis, au près du toy ... à ton Art divin! / A. Watteau pinxit. ; Tardieu sculp. ; a Paris avec privillege du roy.

King Henry the Vth / E. Lutterell delin. ; P. Vanderbanck sculp.

[Various surgical instruments and apparatuses] / Jones sculp.

Claude Fleury / Roussel pinx. ; D. Sornique sculp.

[Benjamin Johnson, English actor, head-and-shoulders portrait facing slightly left, in ornamental oval frame] / Gerard Honthorst pinxt ; Geo. Vertue, Londini sculp.

Bras artificiel / Dheulland sculp.

Standing / B. Dandridge pinx ; L.P. Boitard, sculp.

View of such parts as are seen from the building at the head of the lake = Veüe de ce qui se voit ... / Rigaud & Baron del. & sculp.

Quoi! pas même la Main? / Wateau inv. ; Fessard Sculp.

Franciscus Hals pictor / W. Baillie sculp. ; Seipse, pinxit.

Decoration du Bal Masqué donné par le roy ... / C.N. Cochin filius delineavit. ; C.N. Cochin Pater sculp.

The Highland visitors / Van Guzzel delin. ; Van Duivel Kind, sculp.

[Slave factories, or compounds, maintained by traders from four European nations on the Gulf of Guinea in what is now Nigeria] / N. Parr, sculp.

[Hercules Farnese, sculpture] / L.P. Boitard, sculp.

[Apollo Belvedere, sculpture] / L.P. Boitard, sculp.

Prospettiva della seconda macchina de fuochi d'artificio, rappresentante il rinomato Monte Vesuvio, alquale portato si Plinio seniore il filosofo, e celebre scrittore per of servarne troppo da vicino la natura, ... / Francesco Perziado Spagnolo inv., e dis. ; Michele Sorelló sculp.

Philip Earl of Chesterfield / Chambars sculp.

Prince Ferdinand / Sherlock, sculp.

Celeberrimus fir Inigo Iones ... / ant. van Dÿck pinxit ; R.V. Vorst sculp.

A prospect of the Moro [i.e. Morro] Castle and city of Havana from sea / drawn upon the spot by an officer ; P.C. Canot, sculp.

A sceene of sceenes. Elizabeth Cannings dream for ye good of her native country, which she dreamt soon after her arrival in America / J. June, sculp.

British resentment, or The French fairly coopt at Louisbourg / L. Boitard, invt. et delin. ; J. June, sculp.

The comparison French Folly opposed to British wisdom / June, sc. ; J. June, sculp.

[The ruins of Balbec] / [Bo]rra Arch del. ; T. [Major sculp].

The Cato: of 1757. (No. 1) / L da Vinci, invt. et sculp.

[The ruins of Balbec] / Borra Arch delin. ; T. Major sculp.

[The ruins of Balbec] / Borra Arch delin. ; T. Major sculp.

[The ruins of Balbec] / Borra Arch delin. ; T. Major sculp.

Mort de Montcalm / Desfontaines, del; Moret, sculp.

Her most excellent majesty Charlotte Queen of Great Britain / Frye ad vivum delineavit et sculp.

Perspective view of entring the breach of the Moro Castle, by storm the 30th of July 1762, ... / Serres pinx ; Canot sculp.

Lucifer Nascere praeque diem veniens age Lucifer almum Virg. eglog. 8 / / Franciscus Barbieri vulgo Guercino pinxit Romae in Aed. Ludovisüs ; Stephanus Tofanelli delin. ; Jean. Volpato sculp. Romae.

The Reforming constable, or, The biter bit / Capt H---invt ; Cap B-- Sculp.

A view of the City of Quebec, the capital of Canada, taken partly from Pointe des Peres, and partly on board the vanguard man of war, by Captain Hervey Smyth Vue de la ville de Québec, capitale du Canada, prise en partie de la Ponte des Peres, et en partie àbord de l'avantgarde vaisseau de guerre, par le Cape. Hervey Smyth / / P. Benazech sculp.

[Britannia, full-length portrait, left profile, seated, holding olive branch in right hand and staff topped with liberty cap in left hand] / G.B. Cipriani inv. ; F. Bartolozzi sculp.

An Offering before Captain Cook in the Sandwich Islands / Webber del. ; Walker sculp.

The Tschuktschi, and their habitations / Webber, J. del. ; W. & J.(?) Walker sculp.

Afiatooka, or Morai in Tongataboo [i.e. Tongatabu] / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

Wide o'er the ocean while Britannia reigns / Bonnor, del. et sculp.

A Human sacrifice in a Morai in Otaheite [i.e. Tahiti] / Webber, J. del. ; W. & J.(?) Walker, sculp.

The pleasures of the married state / W. Proud del. et sculp.

A Man of Mangea and a woman of Eaoo / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

A View of Christmas Harbour, in Kerguelen's Land / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

Jerome de La Lande, de l'Aca. rle. des sciences de Paris, de celles de Londres, de Berlin, de Petersb., &c. Né ... 1732 / A. Pujas, [i.e. Pujos] del., 1773 ; B. Vlam, excudit ; C.F. Fritschius, sculp.

A perspective view of the town and fortifications of Montreal in Canada / D. Pomarede sculp.

George Whitefield, M.A. / Elisha Gallaudet sculp., N. York 1774.

Charles Gravier comte de Vergennes - conseiller d'Etat ordinaire, ministre et secretaire d'Etat et chef du conseil royal des finances / Callet pinxt ; Vangelisti sculp.

The congress / P.E.D. inv. & delin. ; R. Aitkin sculp.

A machine for delivering persons from burning houses / R. Aitken sculp.

[Liberty triumphs over Tyranny] / Isaac Taylor del et sculp.

[A Tory and a patriot wrestle for a pine tree banner while an Native watches] / Patas sculp.

Antoine de Parcieux, des Academies royales des sciences de France, de Suéde et de Prusse, et Censeur royal. Né au Clôtet de Cessouae le vieua, Dioceze d'Uzès, le 26 octobre 1703, et mort à Paris, aux Galleries du Louvre, le 2 septembre 1768 / / C.N. Cochin, del. ; B.A. Nicollet, sculp., 1777.

Le tombeau de Voltaire / L.V. inv. ; C.M. sculp.

Iohann George Sulzer geb:den 16 Octobr 1720 - gest:den 25 Febr 1779 / A Graff pinxit 1774 ; D. Berger sculp. Berloini 1779.

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. F.R.S. - one of the American plenipotentiaries at the Court of France / Pollard sculp.

Jos. de Montgolfier, chevalier de l'ordre de St. Michel, inventeur de l'art ae̋rostatique / Binet, del., ; Le Beau, sculp.

Frederick lord North / Pollard sculp.

A Etienne de Montgolfier, cooperateur et inventeur de l'art aérostatique / Binet, del., ; Le Beau, sculp.

Mr. Doughty beheaded by order of Sir Francis Drake, at Port St. Julian, on the coast of Patagonia / Dodd delin. ; Goldar sculp.

G. Washington, generaal der Noord-Americaanen / Reinr Vinkeles, sculp. naar een origineel schildery, by den Wel Ed. Heer P. van Winter, Nic:z.

La bonne mere / Fragonard Pinxt. ; Audebert Sculp.

The honble. John Hancock / Pollard sculp.

Cape Fear River, with the counties adjacent, and the towns of Brunswick and Wilmington, against which Lord Cornwallis, detached a part of his army, the 17th of January laft Jno. Lodge, sculp.

Silas Deane, Esq. / drawn from the life by Dusimitiere, at Philadelphia ; W. Angus sculp.

His excy. John Hancock, Esqr., late president of the American congress / J. Norman sculp.

Lord Viscount Howe / Angus sculp.

J. Hancock / J. Pelicier sculp. 1782.

G. Washington / J. Trumbull pinx. ; Ta. le Roy sculp.

William Pitt - il faut déclarer la guerre a la France / L. Binet del. ; L.S. Berthet sculp.

General Gage / R. Pollard sculp.

Incendie de New-York / dessiné par le Barbier peintre du Roi ; gravé par L. Halbou sculp.

Benjamin Franklin / J. Pelicier sculp. 1782.

Son mérite personnel l'emporte sur toutes les considérations / Le Barbier l'aîné del. ; N. Ponce sculp.

Contemplez l'ouvrage de pouvoir arbitraire / Le Barbier l'aîné inv. del. ; Patas sculp.

The late bombardment of government castle / C. Goodnight sculp.

To the right honble. Lord Rodney admiral of the White, vice admiral of Great Britain, Commander in Chief of his majesties fleet in the West Indies, this view of the glorious & signal victory obtain'd over the French fleet ... is most respectfuly offered by his lordships most obedt. & very humble servant Thomas Walker Lieut. 2d Battn. 60th light Infantry / Thos. Walker delin. ; Jno. Wells sculp.

George III, King of Great Britain &c / Pollard sculp.

The political mirror or an exhibition of ministers for April 1782 / Razo Rezio inv ; Crunk Fogo sculp.

St. Lucia in the West Indies taken possession of by Admiral Barrington Monsieur de Micoud and the inhabitants having capitulated the 30th of December, 1778, being the day after Count d'Estaign left the island much disconcerted / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

[Ornament for the title page of The European magazine showing the goddess Europe shining light on three figures representing America, Africa, and Asia] / Seally script. ; Bayly sculp.

Globe aërostatique. Dédié à Monsieur Charles. Cette machine est representé ici s'élevant pour la seconde fois au milieu de la Praïrie de Nesle, ou il venoit de descendre, accompagné de Mr. Robert ... / Desrais, del. ; Denis, sculp.

A British sailor offering a sword to an unarmed Spanish officer to defend himself, at the attack of Fort Omoa, which was taken by escalade, on the 20 of Octr. 1779, under the command of Captn. Dalrymmple and Commodore Lutterell / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

The American general Lee taken prisoner by lieutenant colonel Harcourt of the English army, in Morris Country, New Jersey, 1776 / Hamilton delin. ; Hawkins sculp.

"Oh fly," cries peace, the soul of social life,... / Stothard del. ; Cook sculp.

1. General Washington 2. General Gates 3. Dr. Franklin 4. Präsid Laurens 5. Paul Jones / D. Berger sculp. 1784.

Landung einer Französischen Hülfs-Armee in America, zu Rhode Island, am 11ten Julius 1780 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

Dr. Franklin erhält, als Gesandter des Americanischen FreyStaats, seine erste Audienz in Frankreich, zu Versailles, am 20ten Märtz 1778 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

Ende der Feindseeligkeiten. Die Engländer räumen den Americanern Neu-Yorck ein 1783 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

A certain Dutchess kissing old Swelter-in-Grease the butcher for his vote / R. Lyford, sculp.

Stephan und Joseph, Gebrüder Mongolfier [sic], geb. zu Annonay im Vivarais / DeLaunay, del. ; D. Berger, sculp., 1784.

Die Einwohner von Boston wersen den englisch-ostindischen Thee ins Meer am 18 December 1773 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.