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A Laodicean;

The Catholic Crusoe; adventures of Owen Evans, Esq., surgeon's mate, set ashore with five companions on a desolate island in the Caribbean Seas, 1739

Rules of the House of representatives,

The world's mercy,

The fear of the world, or, Living for appearances,

London and Birmingham Railway Company at a meeting of the general Board of Management of the Company for making a railway between London and Birmingham, composed of deputations from the respective London and Birmingham Boards, which was held at No. 69, Cornhill, on 31st January, 1822

The life of George Washington,

Dorothea Trudel; or, The prayer of faith, showing the remarkable manner in which large numbers of sick persons were healed in answer to special prayer, with a sketch of the Institution at Männedorf, as now conducted by her successors,

Sink or swim; or, Harry Raymond's resolve

The war tiger; or, Adventures and wonderful fortunes of the young sea chief and his lad Chow : a tale of the conquest of China

A vindication of the right of civil government and self defence;

Home pictures

Myrtie Moseley and her friends : a story of the Bahama Islands

The inaugural speeches of Washington, Adams and Jefferson

Histoire naturelle des deux éléphans, male et femelle, du Muséum de Paris, venus de Hollande en France en l'an VI; ouvrage oú l'on trouve des détails sur leur naissance; leur transport de l'Inde en Europe; leur arrivée à Flessingue et au parc du Grand-Loo en Hollande; leur voyage à Paris; les premiers temps de leur vie à la Ménagerie du Muséum; l'influence de la musique sur eux; sur leurs passions, l'amour, la haine et la vengeance

Corderii colloquia:

Pinkerton's Geography, epitomised for the use of schools

Second speech of the Hon. J. Randolph, on the nonimportant resolution of Mr. Gregg

The voters' guide: or, The power, duty & privileges of the constitutional voters in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. To which are added, original remarks, with various extracts from historians, and the writings and public speeches of eminent political characters ... tending to explain the causes of the rise and fall of republican governments

Dangerous friendship ; or, The letters of Clara d'Albe

An address to the people of New England

The dramatick works of Joseph Addison

Considerations on the causes, objects, and consequences of the present war, and on the expediency or the danger of peace with France

Mr. Bayard's speech upon his motion to amend the resolution offered by Mr. Giles,

Fife and drum at Louisbourg,

Reflections upon the late correspondence between Mr. Secretary Smith, and Francis James Jackson ..

Substitute proposed by Mr. Leigh of Dinwiddie to the Preamble and resolutions on the subject of the right of the state legislatures to instruct their senators in the Congress of the United States

The Cavern of Strozzi : a novel

An address to the citizens of the United States,

A letter to a gentleman of Boston,

Speech of Governor William Plumer before the legislature of New Hampshire, November 18, 1812

The speech of His Excellency Governor Strong, delivered before the legislature of Massachusetts, October 16, 1812, with documents, which accompanied the same. To which is added, The answer of the House of Representatives

The father and daughter: a tale

Heart's ease in heart-trouble. Or, a sovereign remedy against all trouble of heart that Christ's disciples are subject to, under all kinds of afflictions in this life ...

Observations on the slavery of the Africans and their descendants, and on the use of the produce of their labour : recommended to the serious perusal and impartial consideration of the citizens of the United State of America, and others concerned

A sketch of ancient geography, for the use of schools

Select American biography; or, An account of the lives of persons, connected by nativity, or otherwise, with the history of North America, since the first discovery of the country ..

A pastoral letter of the House of Bishops ..

An address to the members of the American antiquarian society,

A father's gift to his children:

Biographical memoirs of the illustrious General George Washington, late president of the United States of America, and commander in chief of their armies, during the Revolutionary War

Tariff, or rates of duty, after the thirtieth of June 1816, on all goods, wares and merchandise, imported into the United States of America;

Plan of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, located in Princeton, New Jersey

A brief reply to the false and slanderous charges made by Brevet Lieut. Colonel Ball, of the U.S. Army against certain officers of the United States' Dragoons, in a pamphlet ascribed to him, and circulated in a clandestine manner

A serious call to a devout and holy life

Manfred, a dramatic poem

Observations tending to illustrate the views of the New-York Irish emigrant association;

Auszug von general Waschington's circular schreiben an die gouverneure eines jeden staates,

A general view of the progress of metaphysical, ethical, and political philosophy, since the revival of letters in Europe ..

Ordonnance du roi, portant réglement sur le service intérieur, la police et la discipline des troupes de cavalerie

Mr. Otis's speech in Congress, on the Sedition Law ..

Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a report from the secretary of war, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, containing a list of the names of the several agents of Indian affairs,

Report of the secretary of war, of a system, providing for the abolition of the existing Indian trade establishments of the United States, and providing for the opening of the trade with the Indians to individuals, under suitable regulations. December 8, 1818

Memoirs of Henry Obookiah, a native of Owhyhee, and a member of the Foreign Mission School; who died at Cornwall, Conn. Feb. 17, 1818, aged 26 years

Speech of the Hon. Mr. Mercer, in the House of Representatives, on the Seminole War

Report of the Committee, to whom was referred so much of the President's message as relates to the civilization of the Indian tribes ..

The Christian orator, or, A collection of speeches,

Rules and statutes of the University of Pennsylvania, enacted by the Board of Trustees

Message from the President of the United States,

The constitutions of the United States of America; with the latest amendments: also, the Declaration of independence, Articles of confederation, with the Federal constitution

A History of the haunted caverns of Magdelama, an Indian queen of South America, with her likeness

Report of the Joint committee of the Senate and Assembly, in relation to the message of the governor of the 18th of January last, implicating the conduct of sundry individuals holding offices under the general government

El derecho del hombre,

Three essays on important subjects: Essay first, on the true divinity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; essay second, On the unalterable love of God ..., essay third, On the Gospel ordinance of believers' baptism by immersion, with several pieces of original poetry. To which is prefixed An account of God's dealings with the author, and a dedication of himself to God and his work

Historical notices of the New North Religious Society in the town of Boston; with anecdotes of the Reverend Andrew and John Eliot &c. &c

Regulations for the inspection of small arms, 1823

Papers presented to both Houses of Parliament,

A communication on the improvement of government: read before the American Philosophical Society, at a meeting attended by General La Fayette, October 1st, 1824

Conversations on natural philosophy in which the elements of that science are familiarly explained, and adapted to the comprehension of young pupils

Short appeal from the decrees of king caucus and the Albany regency, to the people

Five pebbles from the brook. Being a reply to "A defence of Christianity" written by Edward Everett... In answer to "The grounds of Christianity examined by comparing the New Testament with the Old"

Questions adapted to Grimshaw's History of the United States: revised and improved

Elements of geography, ancient and modern: with an atlas

The presidency of the United States

A family prayer-book; containing forms of morning and evening prayers, for a fortnight, with those for schools, religious societies, and individuals

A catalogue of valuable works in theology, jurisprudence, and philology, just received from Europe,

An examination of Mr. Dufief's philosophical notions, with a criticism upon his system and mode of teaching languages, in four letters

Prediction and fulfilment, two political odes relative to the election of John Quincy Adams, as president of the United States

Much ado about nothing ..

Report of the Secretary of War. On Indian affairs

Six months in the West Indies in 1825

The Epicurean : a tale

The Young Jewess; a narrative illustrative of the Polish and English Jews of the present century, exhibiting the superior moral influence of Christianity

Proceedings and address of the convention of delegates, that met at Columbus Ohio, Dec. 28, 1827..

Conversations on natural philosophy, in which the elements of that science are familiarly explained, and adapted to the comprehension of young pupils

The Lenten monitor,

A pastoral letter of the Presbytery of Lexington addressed to the churches under their care

Oration by Robert Y. Conrad, esq. pronounced in the Kent-street Presbyterian church, Winchester, July 4th, 1827

Ormond; or, The secret witness

Is this religion?

The cities of the plain, with other poems

Proceedings and address of the New-Hampshire Republican state convention of delegates friendly to the election of Andrew Jackson to the next presidency of the United States, assembled at Concord, June 11 and 12, 1828

The recent attempt to defeat the constitutional provisions in favour of religious freedom, considered in reference to the trust conveyances of Hanover Street Church,

Elements of geography and history combined : in a catechetical form : for the use of families and schools

Herbert Lacy

An exposition of the faith of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers,

An address delivered before the social fraternity, Phillips Academy, Andover

Integrity, a tale

Letter to the Methodists of central Virginia, concerning Wm. Monroe's reply to the "pastoral letter of the Lexington Presbytery",

The Scottish exiles, rendered into prose, from Sir Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake