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View of Lower Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, September 11, 2001

At the Convention of the Governour and council, an representatives of the Massachusets Colony [A proclamation setting apart September 19, 1689 as a fast day]. [Cambridge Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

The earthquake Naples: September 21, 1694. Boston, N. E. Preprinted by B. Green, February 21 1694,5.

Mouvements der Allÿrten und Frantz Sösischen Armée zvischen Donawert und Höchstedt nebst der Retraite welche die Allÿrte Armée machete [?] 21 September an 1703 nacher Nörlinge Sig [?] bedeutet die Allÿrten [?] bedeitet die Frantz Sosen.

This is a draft of a parcell [i.e. parcel] of salt meadow together with severall [i.e. several] hummuks [i.e. hummocks] of upland therein contained lying in the township of Westerly belonging to Mr. William Champlin : measured and drafted this 17th day of September 1717 for M[r.] Daniell [i.e. Daniel] Brown.

The divine name humbly celebrated on occasion of the translation to Heaven of the bright soul of the pious and veruous Madam Susanna thacher late consort of the Reverend Mr. Peter Thacher, pastor of the Church of Christ in Milton, September 4 An

This indenture made the ninth day of September Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and forty … by and between [blank] on the one part … Directors of the Manufactory Company of Boston … [Boston? 1740] [Positive Photostat].

Advertisement, Perth-Amboy, September 17, 1745, Whereas sundry of the purchasors at Romopock, have neglected to come to the Trustees of the Council of Proprietors at Perth Amboy to get their deed ... By order of the Council of Proprietors. Laur.

A few lines on occasion of the untimely end of Mark and Phillis, who were executed at Cambridge, September 18th for poysoning their master, Capt. John Codman of Charlestown. [Cut] [Boston 1755].

A draught of Lake George, and part of Hudson's River taken September 1756

September 22d, 1756. To the Honorable Robert Dinwiddie, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant governor, and Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia; the humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunte

September 22d, 1756. To the Honorable Robert Dinwiddie, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governor, and commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia; the humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunter, 1756] [N

September 18, 1758. To the Honorable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governor, and Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunter, 1758] [Ne

September 18, 1758. To the Honorable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governor, Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses.. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunter, 1

The above plan is a discription of a new township containing the quantity of seven and a half mile of land & water, granted by the General Court to the proprietors of Bakerstown so call'd, lying & being in the county of Cumberland ... Deld. at Falmouth, 4th September 1765.

Plan of Governor's, Kennedy's, and Brown's Islan[ds] and Red Hook together with part of the Bay and soundings, shewing the position they bear to each other and to New York, September 18th. 1766. By order of His Excellency Major General Gage, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces in North America.

New York, September 18, 1769. Advertisement. We are sorry to acquaint the public, that Thomas Richardson, jeweller, lately from London now living in the House of Mr. Thomas Grigg, Cabinet maker, has knowingly and wilfully, subjected himself to t

Thursday, September 27, 1770. Many respectable freeholders and inhabitants of this City and County justly alarmed at the resolutions formed by a number of the dry goods importers, on Thursday last, at Davenport's Tavern, which reflect dishonour

A funeral elegy, on the Rev’d and renowned George Whitefield, Chaplain to the Right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30h. day of September, 1770. AEt. 56. [Boston 1770].

Thursday, September 20, 1770. At this juncture, when measures are pursuing to dissolve the Union of the Colonies, every subscriber to our non-importation agreement, who wishes well to the liberties of his Country and the reputation of this City,

Two letters A circular letter, from the late Committee of this City in the Committees of the other colonies. Philadelphia, September 25, 1770. Gentlemen. We are sorry to inform you that a number of our importers of the British merchandize ... ar

A funeral elegy, on the Revd. And renowned George Whitefield, chaplain to the right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30th day of September 1770 AEt. 56 [Boston? 1770?].

A card. New-York, September 9th, 1774. The thanks of the public are presented to those worthy citizens, who have, to their immortal honour, nobly refused to let their vessels for the base purpose of transporting troops, ammunition, &c. to oppres

Continental Congress. Proceedings of the Grand American Continental Congress at Philadelphia, September 5, 1774. Association, &c. ... In Congress, Philadelphia October 20, 1774 Signed Peyton Randolph, President ... Sold at the Printing-office in

At a meeting of delegates of the towns in the counties of New-London and Windham, convened at Norwich, the 8th day of September, 1774. to consult for their common safety, &c ... Norwich, Printed by Judah P. Spooner [1774].

A list of the addresses to the late Gov. Hutchinson, Taken from the London Gazetteer, and New Daily advertiser, on Saturday, September 24th, 1774. To the printer of the Gazetteer. The 8th of June last, a most servile, fallacious and adulatory ad

At a meeting of the delegates in every town and district in the County of Suffolk, on Tuesday the sixth of September, at the House of Mr. Richard Woodward of Dedham, and by adjournment at the house of Mr. Daniel Vose, of Milton, on Friday the ni

New-York, September 8, 1775. The Ship Samson, Capt. Coupar, arrived here this morning in 8 weeks from London, by whom we are favoured with the following petition, which was to have been delivered to His Majesty the 14th of July, by the Lord Mayo

Guildhall, Bristol, September 27, 1775. At a numerous and respectable meeting of the merchants, traders, and others, interested in and well-wishers to American commerce, held at the Guildhall, at eleven o'clock this morning. Mr. Hayes, an eminen

In the House of Representatives, September 17th, 1776. Whereas doubt may arise in the minds of some of the good people of this state, who are willing to go out at this important juncture against our unnatural enemies, agreeable to the resolve of

A plan of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten Island & east New Jersey, with a particular description of the engagement on the woody heights of Long Island, between Flatbush and Brooklyn, on the 27th of August 1776 between His Majesty's forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans under Major General Putnam, shewing also the landing of the British Army on New-York Island, and the taking of the city of New-York &c. on the 15th of September following, with the subsequent disposition of both the armies.

Plan of the position which the army under Lt. Genl. Burgoyne took at Saratoga, on the 10th of September 1777, and in which it remained till the convention was signed.

A concise narrative of my proceedings in raising men to serve in the war under the state of New-York ... John Wheelock. Kingston. September 3, 1777. [Poughkeepsie: Printed by John Holt? or Fish-Kill: Printed by Samuel Loudon? 1777] [Positive Pho

A survey of the city of Philadelphia and its environs shewing the several works constructed by His Majesty's troops, under the command of Sir William Howe, since their possession of that city 26th. September 1777, comprehending likewise the attacks against Fort Mifflin on Mud Island, and until it's reduction, 16th November 1777.

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives, September 22, 1777. Whereas by the latest advice from the Northern army under the command of General Gates, it appears, that the army under the Command of General Burgoyne ... [Boston:

Battle of Brandywine, in which the rebels were defeated, September the 11th 1777, by the army under the command of General Sr. Wam. Howe.

British camp at Trudruffrin from the 18th. to the 21st. of September 1777, with the attack made by Major General Grey against the rebels near White Horse Tavern on the 20th. of September.

State of Massachusetts Bay In the House of representatives, September 14, 1779. Whereas it is indispensably necessary that a supply of blankets should be immediately procured for the service of the army ... [Boston: Printed by Thomas & John Flee

Battle of Brandywine in which the rebels were defeated, September the 11th. 1777, by the army under the command of General Sr. Willm. Howe.

Philadelphia, September 21, 1779. The mote point of finance, or the crown land equally divided. The American continental treasury want not only a great annual revenue, but the capacity of founding it, so as by borrowing present capitals on the c

A representation of the figures exhibited and paraded through the streets of Phladelphia, on Saturday, the 30th of September, 1780.

At a meeting of deputies, chosen in and for each hundred of Kent county, in the Delaware state, at Dover, on Monday the first day of September 1783 [Recommending list of candidates for the ensuing year]. [Dover? 1783].

Ascent of the 19th September, 1783, at Versailles

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, December session, A. D. 1783. Whereas the most Honorable the Congress of the United States, in and by a certain resolution passed the fourth day of September, A. D. 1782, did

New-York, November 26, Last Sunday night arrived the Lord Hyde Packet in 47 days from Falmouth. From the English papers brought we have extracted the following important advices. London. September 30. The definitive treaty, between Great-Britain

Battle of Brandywine in which the Americans were defeated : September the 11th, 1777 by General Sr. William Howe.

Boston, September 5, 1785. Whereas I John de Neuville, on the 13th of August, was threatened in the name of Messieurs Leertouwer and Huyman of this town, that they would advance me no more money, if I did not endorse to them all the bills of exc

State of New York. In Assembly, January 31st, 1788. Whereas the United States in Congress assembled, did on the 28th day of September last, unanimously resolve, That the report of the convention of the states lately assembled in Philadelphia, wi

To the honorable the Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The petition and remonstrance of John Fitch, of the City of Philadelphia ... John Fitch. Philadelphia, September 26, 1789.

The following is a copy of a bill, which was introduced and read in the Honorable General Assembly of this State, at their session last week at Newport--- the consideration of which is postponed to the next session. September 21, 1789. An act fo

... Whereas Congress did, by a resolution of the twenty-third day of September, one thousand seven hundred eighty-nine. recommend to the several states to pass laws making it expressly the duty of the keepers of their jails to receive and keep t

Staunton, September 3d, 1793. Considering it the duty of the people of this district, to declare their principles and opinions, on subjects which at present agitate the public mind ... and a respectable number having met for that purpose appoint

Post-Office, Philadelphia, 19th September, 1796. Establishment of the mails, commencing the 19th of September, 1796 ... [Philadelphia, 1796].

Circular. State of Connecticut, Hartford, September 18th, 1798. We enclose you an act passed the 9th day of July last, entitled, "An act to provide for the valuation of lands and dwelling-houses, and the enumeration of slaves within the United S

[Cuts of 4 caskets] Horrid murder and suicide A narrative of the most shocking and tragical catastrophes, that ever blackened the catalogue of human events which happened the 6th September, 1801, at a place called Paltz, 14 miles from Poughkeeps

Rhode-Island college. September 1, 1802. Exercises of commencement. [Province, 1802].

Estimate of the expenses of civil government, from the 30th September, 1801 to the 1st October 1802. and of the debts payable.

Circular. Frederick-Town, September 23, 1802. Sir: We being appointed a committee to communicate with our fellow-citizens of Frederick County, beg leave to call your attention to the election on the first Monday of October next, for four delegat

Star Office. September 10. Annapolis. September 4. Mr. Green. As some of the opponents of Mr. Jefferson have not yet dropped the charge of inaction and timidity against him when governor of Virginia, you will oblige me by publishing in your next

To the honest and independent freemen of the County of York. Fellow Citizens ... The yeomanry of the county have designated for their Representative in the next Congress Mr. Joseph Leland, of Pepperrelborough ... Washington. September 22, 1804.

At a very numerous and respectable meeting of the Democratic Republican citizens of New-Castle County in the State of Delaware, on the 3d of September, 1808 ... Convened pursuant to a resolution of a former meeting, dated the 19th of August last

Sales at auction. on Monday, the 3rd, September. will be sold, a valuable three story house and lot, situate on the North side of the Main Street, and near the Court House. Terms will be made known, on the day of sale. Foster & Satchell, Auc'rs

The convention of the delegates of eighteen counties of Virginia, held at Staunton, on the 21st of September, for the purpose of forming a general ticket of electors of President and vice-president, to the freeholders of Virginia ... Staunton, V

Tuesday, September 21st, (noon.) Most glorious news. Copy of a letter from Com. Perry to the Secretary of the Navy. U. S. Brig. Niagara, off the Western Sister, Head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813, 4 P. M. [Washington 1813].

Report of the committee appointed to examine the treasurer's accounts. The joint committee of both houses, have, according to order, examined the treasurer's accounts from the 1st day of January to the 30th day of September 1814 ... [Richmond, 1

The public treasury between the 1st day of January and 30th day of September, 1814, inclusive. [Richmond, 1814].

To the citizens of Dauphin County, and the friends of Harrisburg. No persons in the state are more interested in the election of Governor than the citizens of Harrisburg, and Dauphin county ... [Signed at end] Conrad Weiser September 1817.

No. 4. Statement of the quantity of spirits, molasses, coffee, cocoa and sugar of the growth, produce_c. of foreign countries exported from the United States commencing on the 1st day of October, 1814, and ending on the 30th day of September, 18

Statement of the commerce of each state and territory, commencing on the 1st day of October 1824, and ending on the 30th day of September, 1825. Treasury department, Register's office, March 25, 1826. Joseph Nourse, Register. [Washington, 1826.]

Haverhill, September 1, 1826. To Mr. Your county, school and town taxes for the year 1826, are for Poll Real estate Personal estate ... Leonard White, Treasr. & Colr. [Haverhill, 1826.].

Rates of insurance in the port of Boston, from March to September 1826. [Boston 1826].

The gospel messenger. vol. IV. No. 32 Auburn [N.Y.] Monday, September 13, 1830.

To the people of Waldo. Great Whig meeting in New York ... Election, Monday, September 8. Whig nominations. For Governor: Peleg Sprague. Representatives to Congress ... [1833].

Great Harrison meeting ... in Chillicothe in honor of the Citizen father of Ohio and the North-Western country ... September 7, 1835.

Order of services at the Centennial celebration of Harvard University, on the 8th of September, 1836.

Bunker Hill convention. All persons who propose to join the Harrison procession from Medford, to attend the Whig Convention at Bunker Hill, on the 10th of September, are requested to call at the Harrison Reading Room, in High Street, in the cour

Tippecanoe club. The committee appointed at the public meeting held at the Perseverance engine house, on Tuesday evening last, will be prepared to report a constitution and by-laws for a Tippecanoe club on Friday evening, September 11th ... the

Republicans of Old Greene, rally at the call of your country ... We repeat again, turnout and hear the principles of one of the purest Republicans of the age, defended, that of Gen. Jackson. Many voters. September 2d, 1840.

The rising monument. Hannah F. Gould. Newburyport, September, 1840.

The North Eastern boundary question. Boston, 11th September 1840.

New England Convention Bunker Hill. September 10TH. 1840

A letter from General Jackson ... Hermitage September 11, 1841.

Ladies fair!! To be held in Alton, September 16, 17 & 18. The Ladies centenary fair, will open at the Old Court room, on Thursday & Friday next, at 4 o'clock P. M., and on Saturday, at 10 A. M. for the whole day! Alton, Sept. 11, 1841.

Roll of members of the Convention to frame a constitution, assembled at Newport, September, 1842.

Circus Royal, Colchester. To Mr. Batty, after visiting his olympic pavilion, now at Colchester ... C. C. Great Totham, September 1842.

Map of the county west of Cumberland towards the Ohio river, showing the various lines surveyed or reconnoitred [sic] for the extension of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road to its western terminus referred to in the report of the chief engineer of September 20th, 1843.

Democratic Hickory club. At a stated meeting of the Hickory club of the City and County of Philadelphia, held on the 3d September 1844, the following address was adopted and ordered to be published: To the Democrats of the Union. The importance

State of New Hampshire. Resolved by the Senate and House of representatives in General Court convened, that in the opinion of this Legislature, the act of Congress, passed at its extra session on the 4th of September, 1841, providing for a divis

Hydrarchos!! greatest wonder of the world. or great sea serpent ... Now exhibiting for two weeks, at the Apollo saloon, 410 Broadway ... New York. Benjamin Owen, Book and Job Printer, 29 Ann-Street, Centre Building, September 19, 1845.

To the liberty party of the County of Madison ... Gerrit Smith. Peterboro, September 15, 1846.

To the public. Ridge, September 30, 1846 Having seen a certificate signed by James Miller, and one by H. Winn, neaded corrected reports. I hereby certify, that about nine or ten yearsago, I was postmaster at the ridge, in this District, and John

[United States attack of Mexico City, September 13th and 14th, 1847].

$200 reward. Ranaway from the subscriber on the night of Thursday, the 30th of September. Five negro slaves ... Wm. Russell. St. Louis, Oct. 1, 1847.

A 100th anniversary map of Abraham Lincoln's visit to Massachusetts, September 11-23, 1848.

Notice the directors of the Medina County Fire insurance company, have levied the following assessments upon the premium notes of the members of said Company, to wit ... which notes of the assessments are made payable September 15, 1849. ... Med

Temperance poem. Dedicated to the noble crew of the United States receiving ship Franklin, at Charlestown Navy Yard and sung in the Boston Baptist Bethen, corner of Lewis and Commercial Streets, Friday evening September 7th, 1849, after the pres

A horrid tragedy. Editorial remarks of the Port Gibson Herald and Correspondent, of September 12, 1851. [Regarding the murder of Dr. Jeremiah Chamberlain, President of Oakland College].

Mr. [blank] Wd6. Your city and county tax ... Boston, September 1, 1851.

Educational convention and celebration, on the 6th and 7th of September, ‘53 [Program]. [Wilmington] C. P. Johnson, printer [1853].

New style of hats bonnets, furs and fancy goods! J. T. Evans has just returned from the northern cities with the most complete stock of hats, furs, & infants' goods ever offered in Washington ... [Washington, September 1853].

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