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Frank F. Gibson, 1305 Linden St. Western Union Telegraph Co. Messenger No. 7. 14 years of age. 1 year in service. Visits houses of prostitution. Guides soldiers to segregated district. Smokes. Still at school and works from 8:30 P.M. to 12:30 A.M. Investigator, Edward F. Brown. Location: Wilmington, Delaware / Photo by Louis [i.e. Lewis] W. Hine, May, 1910.

Whereas the lawes published by the Honourable General Court, Lib. 1. Pag. 76 Sect. 3 Do require all townes from time to time to dispose of single persons and inmates within their towns to service, or otherwise. [Massachusetts, 1668] [Positive Ph

[Arms] By His Excellency the Governor. Whereas it hath been of absolute necessity, that a certain number of men should be impressed, for the service of their Majesties, in defence of this their Province, both at sea and land, against the common

Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. At a session of the great and general Court, held at Boston, October 14, 1713. Resolved that it is for Her Majesties service there be some townships regularly planted and setled in the most defensive manner, in

Some meditations concerning our honourable gentlemen and fellow-souldiers, in pursuit of those barbarous natives in the Narragansit-Country; and their service there. By an unfeigned friend. Re-printed at N. London, April 4, 1721.

L'hydrographie françoise : recueil des cartes générales et particulières qui ont éte faites pour le service des vaisseaux du roy, par ordre des Ministres de la marine, depuis 1737, jusqu'en 1765.

Instructions for masters of transports, captains and commanding officers of military commissaries, that are of shall be employed in His Majesty’s service in the province of the Massachusetts-Bay. Directing how supplys of provisions, cloathing an

By His Excellency William Shirley, Esq; Captain-General and Governour in chief in and over the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. To [blank] Sir, As you have received beating-orders from me to enlist men into His Majesty’s service

By the honourable Spencer Phips, Esq; Lieutenant-Governor and commander in chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England. A proclamation for the encouragement of persons to inlist into his Majesty’s service in

Carte réduite des débouquemens de St. Domingue dressée pour le service des vaisseaux du roy. Par ordre de M. le duc de Choiseul, colonel général des suisses et grisons, ministre de la guerre et de la marine. M.DCC.LXV.

We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the UnitedColonies of America to serve from the date hereof until the fifteenth day of January next, if the service requires it ... [n. p., 177-].

We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United Colonies of America, to serve from the date hereof until the fifteenth day of January next, if the service requires it; and each one of us do engage to furnis

New-York, Committee Chamber, 29th May, 1775. Whereas the public service of the Colony may render large supplies of the following articles absolutely necessary ... [Ten articles of supply not to be disposed of, and requiring report of quantity on

In Provincial congress, Watertown, April 23, 1775. Resolved that the selectmen of each town in this Colony be, and hereby are directed to furnish each non-commissioned officer and private soldier that shall be inlisted in the province service, f

Instructions for the officers of several regiments of the Massachusetts-Bay forces, who are immediately to go upon the recruiting service … Given at the headquarters at Cambridge, this 10th day of July 1775. Horatio Gates, adjutant-general. [Wat

We whose names are under-written, do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United States Colonies, and severally promise, and engage to continue in such service until the first day of December, 1776, unless sooner discharged

We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United States of America, to continue in that service 'till the end of the present war with Britain, unless sooner regularly discharged ... and to be under such regu

We whose names are under-written, do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United American Colonies, and severally promise, and engage to continue in such service until the first day of December, 1776 … [Watertown: Printed by

To [blank] Gentlemen. Greeting. You are hereby impowered immediately to enlist a company, to consist of eighty-eight able-bodied and effective men, including non-commissioned officers and privates, as soldiers in the service of this Colony, to d

To [blank] Sir, You are hereby impowered immediately to inlist a company to consist of [blank] able bodied and effective men (including officers) as soldiers in the Massachusetts service, for the defence of the sea coast in this Colony, agreeabl

The American Crisis. by the author of Common Sense [Thomas Paine] "These are the times that try men's souls: the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country..."

State of Massachusetts Bay In the House of representatives, September 14, 1779. Whereas it is indispensably necessary that a supply of blankets should be immediately procured for the service of the army ... [Boston: Printed by Thomas & John Flee

Iohn Paul Iones, commander of a squadron in the service of the thirteen United States of North America, 1779

State of New-Jersey. An act for compleating the quota of troops belonging to this State in the service of the United States ... Passed at Trenton, March 11, 1780. M. Ewing, jun. clerk.

Carte réduite des côtes et de l'interieur de la presqu' île de la Floride, avec la détroit de cette presqu' île et le canal de Bahama. Dressée au Dépôt général des cartes, plans, et journaux de la marine, d'après differentes cartes combinées. Pour le service des vaisseaux du roi.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the House of representatives. November 27, 1780. A resolve prescribing the form of inlistment for those men belonging to this Commonwealth, who shall inlist into the service of the United States ... [Boston: Pri

Seal Blonde, New-York, 21st July, 1780. Whereas Doubts have arisen how far Masters and Mates of Vessels can justify to their Owners abroad, an Offer of their Service to Admiral ARBUTHNOT, according to his most earnest Invitation; .... New-York,

Virginia Militia, April 2, 1780, Report on Artillery by Remaining Terms of Service

State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations. In General Assembly, February session, 1782. Whereas great frauds have been committed, and the recruiting service greatly injured by designing persons engaging recruits for the continental servic

To the customers of Thomas's Massachusetts Spy. Kind patrons. The publisher of the Massachusetts Spy was early in life engaged, in the way of his profession, in the service of his country. Sixteen years have now elapsed ... Printing-Office, Worc

James Martin, January 30, 1787, Certificate of Thomas Silbey's Service as Carpenter Aboard the Marianne

By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Nowtherefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday the twenty-sixth day of November next to be devoted by the people of these states, to the service of that great and glorious Be

Carte hydrographique de la baye de la Havana. Avec le Plan de la ville et de ses forts pour joindre a la Carte de l'isle de Cube. Dressée au Dépot des cartes et plans de la marine, pour le service des vaisseaux du roy. Par ordre de M. le duc de Choiseul, colonel général des suisses et grisons, ministre de la guerre et de la marine, 1762.

All able bodied seamen who are willing to engage in the cause of Liberty, and in the service of the French Republic, will please to apply to the French Consul ... Philadelphia, August, 1793.

... An act to authorize the President of the United States during the recess of the present Congress, to cause to be purchased or built a number of vessels to be equipped as gallies, or otherwise in the service of the United States ... [Followed

... An act to authorize Ephraim Kimberly to locate the land-warrant issued to him for service in the late American army ... [Followed by] An act for the relief of Leffert Lefferts and others. [Philadelphia: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1794.].

... An act making appropriations for the support of the military establishement for the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five; and for the expenses of the militia lately called into the service of the United States. [Philadelphia: Prin

Deed Granting Land to Patrick Shannon for Military Service, 1801

United States Army, 1806, Officers Years of Service Newspaper Clipping

Philip Schuyler Esq'r. maj'r. gen'l. in the American service / Leney sct.

Schedule of monthly pay, subsistence and forage, of troops in actual service, agreeably to the acts of Congress in force on the 1st July, 1814 ... Accountant's office, Richmond, August 1st, 1814. the alterations made by the several late acts of

U.S. Reports: Henry v. Ball, 14 U.S. (1 Wheat.) 1 (1816)

James Madison. Summary, Service to His Country. 1836.

High Bridge and high service works and reservoir

Plan of the city of Burlington shewing [i.e. showing] water & sewer service.

Circular. "United States fiscal department." To professional gentlemen, officers in the various branches of the public service, claimants, and others "immediately interested in the practical administration of the government." ... Taylor & Maury,

Captain Hughes, lately employed on special service in Circassia (he brought the important intelligence to the Allies at Kertch of the fall of Anapa[)]

Augustus Watson to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, November 12, 1860 (Improvements to postal service)

U.S. service rifle, Harpers Ferry, Va.

[Unidentified soldier in Union captain's uniform with U.S. Medical Service hat in front of painted backdrop showing landscape]

U.S. service rifle, Harpers Ferry, Va.

C. A. Stetson to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, July 22, 1861 (Telegram suggesting more troops be called into service)

Camp Cameron, Georgetown, D.C., the encampment of the Seventh Regiment New York State Militia ; Service by Rev. Dr. Weston, chaplain of the Seventh Regiment, at Camp Cameron, on Sunday, May 5th, 1861 /

Maryland. John C. Babcock, a Secret Service man and Gimlet, a celebrated war horse of the Rappahannock

The rolls of honor. Notice to volunteers. All Pennsylvania volunteers mustered into the service of the United States from the commencement of the war, are entitled to have their names inscribed on the rolls of honor to be deposited in Independen

General order. The attention of officers and others in the naval service is called to the following section of an act of Congress, approved July 14, 1862, viz ... Gideon Welles, Secretary of Navy. Navy department. July 17, 1862.

[Group at Secret Service headquarters at Antietam, Maryland]

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Unfit for service. Artillery caisson and dead mule

William H. Bailhache to Edward L. Baker, Friday, August 14, 1863 (Resignation from the service)

Religious service aboard the monitor Passaic, Port Royal, S.C., 1863

Post office department. Sir: You are directed to receive from Postmasters, on deposit, for the service of the Post Office department all treasury notes of the old issue, at part, for balances due from them to the Confederate states, up to and in

The United States Volunteer Service.

Seward. Eight years of service, such as greatest Kings ... A. D. F. R. March 4,1869

Funeral service of President Lincoln, at Chicago, May 1 - 1. Reception of the remains at the Court House; 2. Thirty-six young ladies of the high school strewing the bier with garlands and immortelles

Funeral service of President Lincoln at Chicago, Illinois, May 1. Removing the coffin from the funeral train to the catafalque

The tomb of the president - Funeral service at Springfield, Illinois

Brewer, Hon. M.S. of Mich. Appointed a member of U.S. Civil Service Commission by Pres. McKinley on Jan. 18, 1898

Burial of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States. A service simultaneous with the funeral obsequies held in Washington, D. C.

President Lincoln's funeral - burial service at Oak Ridge, Springfield, Illinois

The soldier's prayer book, or Dick and his pack of cards. Showing how a soldier named Richard Middleton, was taken before the mayor of a city and tried for using cards in Church during divine service. Being a droll, merry, and humorous account o

[Black soldier, Indian war period, Infantry, Co. D with shoulder knots, holding noncom sword, wearing aiguelette, crossed rifles with "D" on kepi, white gloves plus 3 service stripes (i.e. 15 years service)]

[Certificate of service in northern army during Civil War]

[Grand Duke Alexis at Russian Greek Church service, 951 2d Ave., New York City]

Service on the Day of Atonement by the Israelite soldiers of the Army before Metz 1870

Civil service reform. Mr. Curtis's scheme considered.- Collegiate education as a test for office.- The Republican party opposed to Democrats for office- A reply to an article in Harper's weekly with some observations on the report of the Civil S

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By His Excellency William B. Washburn, Governor: a proclamation for a day of fasting and prayer ... I do hereby designate as the period to be consecrated to this service of public prayer, Thursday, the fourth day o

The "best friend," the first locomotive built in the United States for actual service on a railroad

In memoriam--our civil service as it was / Th. Nast.

Civil Service Reform

In memorium--our civil service as it was

Death on economy. U.S. "I suppose I must spend a little on life-saving service, life-boat stations, life-boats, surf-boats, etc.; but it is too bad to be obliged to waste so much money" / Th. Nast.

To the Army of Northern Virginia after four years of arduous service, ...

Washington, D.C. - the meteorological work of the United States Signal Service. Interior of the "Fact Room," where the weather probabilities are made up

... To the public: In embarking in the enterprise of furnishing prompt, efficient and reliable messenger, police and fire service this company relieves you of the extortionate monthly rental for call boxes ... New York, March 21, 1881.

Railway postal diagram of the state of Ohio prepared for the use of the Railway Mail Service by W. L. Nicholson, Topographer of the Post Office Dept.

Railway postal diagram of the state of Wisconsin prepared for the use of the Railway Mail Service; W. L. Nicholson, Topographer P.O. Dept.

U.S. Reports: St. Clair v. Cox, 106 U.S. 350 (1882)

Memorial service of James Abram Garfield / Bureau Engraving & Printing.

Devouring flames. Michigan's old state capitol succumbs to them after thirty-five years of service [1883?].

Processional hymn; After a service

After service

The Helper Christmas service

Consistent civil service reform / F. Opper.

A civil service reform version of an old fable / Gillam.

Civil Service examination for the New York police. A graduate / W.P. Snyder.

The Railway mail service - methods of distributing and delivering the mail / from sketches by a staff artist.

Sketches of the life saving service of the United States [with the use of life boat, buoy and hawser, etc.]

This is the "pull" that civil service reform has with this administration / Dalrymple.

New York Naval Reserves at church service on U.S.S. New Hampshire

U.S.S. Richmond, church service