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[Aeneas' ship landing on an island]

"Insula Canibalium" - Indians attacking fleet of Spanish ships; scene of cannibalism in left fg.

[Ferdinand II, King of Spain, pointing across Atlantic to where Columbus is landing with three ships amid large group of Indians]

A ship arrives from Brickioka looking for Johannes Staden, the prisoner

Johannes Staden of Hessen fights with French ship at Buttugaris, Brazil

[Dutch ships anchored off Santa Clara, in Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile. ca. 1600]

[Title page of Nova Brittania: offering most excellent fruits by planting in Virginia, illustrated with sailing ship]

[Three ships sailing with birds or flying fish in the background]

[View of a waterfront area and a sailing ship entering a harbor]

[Three ships sailing in a storm]

[Ships in close combat in harbor]

The south prospect of the city of New York in America

A view of Cape Rouge or Carouge, nine miles above the City of Quebec on the north shore of the river St. Laurence - from this place 1500 chosen troops at the break of day fell down the river on the ebb of tide to the place of landing 13 Sept. 1759 Vue de Cap Rouge vulgairement Carouge, a 9 miles au dessus de la ville de Québec - sur le bord septentrional de la riviere de St. Laurent - c'est de Carouge que 1500 himmes de troupes choisies descendirent avec la marée au lieu de debarquement 13 Sept. 1759 / / drawn on the spot by Capt. Hervey Smyth ; engraved by Peter Mazell.

An east view of Montreal, in Canada Vue orientale de Montréal, en Canada / / drawn on the spot by Thomas Patten ; engraved by P. Canot.

To the King's most excellent majesty, this view of the royal dock yard at Deptford [...] / painted by R. Paton, the figures by J. Mortimer ; engraved by W. Woollett.

The entrance of Havannah, from within the harbour

The narrows near New York 1798 / JFP.

United States & Macedonian

[Napoleon I boards the Bellerophon to surrender] / Baugean delt. & sculpt.

[Title page with sailing ship, starboard view]

The United States ship of the line Delaware

The steam ship President, Lieut. Roberts R.N. commander: the largest in the world

Takanawa no zu

Steam ship of War Eagle

Polk & Co. Going up Salt River

The steam-ships POTTINGER and CYCLOPS stranded in Thorness Bay, Cowes, Isle of Wright

The BRITANNIA steamship leaving Boston, U.S.

The great sea serpent. The sea serpent when first seen from H[er] M[ajesty's] S[hip] DAEDALUS

Monterey - Capitol of California

Royal mail steam ship, Europe


Bankoku sankai tsuran bunzu

U.S. mail steam ship Pacific: Collins line, builders, hull by Brown & Bell N.Y. engines by Allaire Works N.Y.

U.S. mail steam ship, Atlantic: Collins line. builders, hull by Wm. H. Brown N.Y.--engines, by Stillman Allen & Co. Novelty Works N.Y.

Reindeer polka

U.S. mail steam ship Baltic: Collins line. builders, hull by Brown & Bell N.Y. engines by Allaire Works N.Y.

The match by the Club of All Nations at Cowes [England]. The AMERICA yacht making a start ahead

"Launch of the CHALLENGE"


Design and model of the new steamer America, for the western lakes

The American steamship Columbia, of New York for Europe

[Ben Campbell, steamship at landing]

United States mail steam ship "Pacific"

[U.S.S. Susquehanna, Commodore Perry's flag ship, full starboard view]

[Port views of the U.S.S. Susquehanna and the U.S.S. Mississippi understeam]

Minute representation of an American line-of-battleship, with full explanation of its parts / Wade del.

View of the U.S. Mail Steamship Company's premises, Aspinwall, N.G.

The deck of an American line-of-battle ship The hull of an American man-of-war cut open amidships, from stem to stern / / Wade del.

"Holtzken Hotel, Brigantine Beach, 1855" Jas. F. Queen

United States "Auxiliary Screw" steam frigate "Merrimac" 60 guns. Off the entrance to New York harbour / T.G. Dutton, del et lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Bay of Wodowara / from nature by Heine[,] shipping by Walke ; lith. of Sarony & Co. New York.

[French naval expedition to the Indo-Chinese archipelago: Entrance to the port of Toumhai]

U.S. steam frigate Mississippi passing Punta Tristao. N. west point of Madeira / Jas. Queen delt. ; P.S. Duval & Co's. lithy. Philada.

United States steam-frigate "Merrimac"

Destruction of the packet-ship John Rutledge by an iceburg, Feb. 20, 1856 The only survivor, Thomas W. Nye, of New Bedford [with others in lifeboat].

Napha from the sea / from nature by W. Heine ; shipping by Lieut. H. Walke ; J. Queen, delt. ; P.S. Duval & Co., Phila.

Arresting the Steamship Northern Light

United States "Auxiliary Screw" steam frigate "Merrimac" 60 guns. Off the entrance to New York harbour / T.G. Dutton, del et lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to [the Queen].

Pilots Station / H. Lewis pinx. ; Lith. Jnst. Arnz & Co. Düsseldorf.

New-Orleans (Louisiana) / H. Lewis pinx. ; Lith. Jnst. Arnz & Co. Düsseldorf.

Battle of Bad Axe = Schlacht von Bad Axe / H. Lewis pinx ; Lith. Inst. Arnz & Co., Dusseldorf.

President and Plantagenet

Loss of the Central America


The Paraguay Squadron


Action between the Constitution and the Guerriere / Chapin ; Rogers.

The lost ship - a ballad / J.B.N. ; John Bufford's Lith. Boston.

The new American iron steamship "Champion," of the Vanderbilt line

The Ship of State. A Republican song.

Revenue cutter

U.S. Transport "Coatzacoalcus"

U.S.S. Polaris, Washington Navy Yard.

[Sketches of four ships]

Steamer S. R. Spalding. [Transport]

[Broadside and bow views of eight ships and boats, and an unidentified profile bust portrait]

The great eastern excursion! This mammoth steamship, the wonder of the age, will arrive at Norfolk and be open for the reception of visitors on Saturday, August 4 ... This splendid steamer Baltimore will make an excursion to Old Point and Norfol

U.S. Transport "Gove[r]nor"

Dirijo [sic], wrecker

Alliance, blockade runner

U.S. Transport "Great Republic" in tow of the Vanderbilt (Clipper rig)

Geo Peabody

U.S. Steam Frigate "Susquehannah" [and] U.S. War Steamer "Bienville"

U.S. Gun Boat "Fanny"

U.S. Transport "Peerless"

The U.S. steamer Search.

Express--the mail boat between Washington and the army hd.qts. City Pt.


[Broadside views of the Whitehead, Cohasset, and Young America]

The Newport News Steamer Express Capt. Wilson

U.S. Steamer


[Steamship with three masts]

[Broadside views of three steamships]

U.S. Gun Boat Montecello

The Pawnee

U.S. Frigate "Sabine"



The South New steamship line between Boston and Savannah. The splendid side wheel steamship Joseph Whitney ... Will leave Boston for Savannah. on Saturday, Dec'r 8th, 1860 at 3 o'clock, P M ... Boston, December 3d, 1860 Boston. J. H. & F. F. Far

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