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[Black slaves working in sugar mill. Hispaniola. Part 5, plate 2]

Michaeli de Ruyter, batavorum, architalasso, invincibili, incomparabili ... / Romano de Hooghe auctore.

W'rede straffe van een Planter aan zyn knegt

[Slave factories, or compounds, maintained by traders from four European nations on the Gulf of Guinea in what is now Nigeria] / N. Parr, sculp.

The election, a medley, humbly inscribed to Squire Lilliput, professor of scurrility

Union, activity and freedom, or division, supineness and slavery. My dear Fellw Citizens In my address to you last night, in which I represented the dangerous consequences that would result to the inhabitants of this distressed colony, if you su

[Title page of An argument in the case of James Sommersett ...]

Boston, April 20th, 1773. Sir. The efforts made by the legislative of this province in their last session to free themselves from slavery gave us, who are in that deplorable state a high degree of satisfaction. We expect great things from men wh

To the inhabitants of New York. My dear friends and fellow citizens. At a time when slavery is clanking her infernal chains, and tyranny stands ready with goads and whips to enforce obedience to her despotic and cruel mandates .... [Signed] Plai

In Provincial congress, Concord, April 12, 1775. Whereas the preservation of our country from slavery, depends under God on an effectual execution of the continental and provincial measures for that purpose. [Resolutions to secure compliance wit

Prospect Hill. Bunker’s Hill. I. Seven dollars a month. - - I. Three pence a day. II. Fresh provisions, and in plenty. - - II. Rotten salt pork. III. Health. - - - - III. The scurvy. IV. Freedom, ease, affluence and a good farm. IV. Slavery, beg

Address to the soldiers. Gentlemen. You are about to embark for America, to compel your fellow subjects there to submit to popery and slavery. It is the glory of the British soldier, that he is the defender, not the destroyer, of the civil and r

General mourning

An address to the public, from the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, and the relief of free negroes, unlawfully held in bondage ... Signed by order of the Society, B. Franklin, President. Philadelphia, 9th of November,

An address to the public, from the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, and the relief of free negroes, unlawfully held in bondage ... Signed by order of the Society, B. Franklin, President. Philadelphia, 9th of November,

France. Britain. Freedom. Slavery

An address to the public, from the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, and the relief of free negroes, unlawfully held in bondage ... Signed by order of the Society, B. Franklin, President. Philadelphia, 9th of November,

Abolition of the slave trade, or the man the master

U.S. Reports: Respublica v. Negro Betsey, 1 U.S. (1 Dall.) 469 (1789)

Excise inquisition erecting by English slaves under the scourge of their task-masters the excise officers

U.S. Reports: Cowperthwaite v. Jones, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 55 (1790)

The abolition of the slave trade Or the inhumanity of dealers in human flesh exemplified in Captn. Kimber's treatment of a young Negro girl of 15 for her virjen (sic) modesty.

The gradual abolition off the slave trade or leaving of sugar by degrees

U.S. Reports: Respublica v. Richards, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 224 (1795)

Philanthropic Consolations, after the loss of the Slave-Bill

Printers' picture gallery. The following device is made up entirely of cuts from the specimen-book of a single- type-foundry in this city. Most of the pictures are current at the South, and are even put by masters into the hands of the slaves ..

U.S. Reports: Insurance Co. of Alex, v. Young, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 332 (1803)

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U.S. Reports: Scott v. Negro London, 7 U.S. (3 Cranch) 324 (1806)

U.S. Reports: Conframp v. Bunel, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 419 (1806)

[Iron mask, collar, leg shackles and spurs used to restrict slaves]

U.S. Reports: Ramsay v. Lee, 8 U.S. (4 Cranch) 401 (1808)

U.S. Reports: Spiers v. Willison, 8 U.S. (4 Cranch) 398 (1808)

Maroon. Buckra reading their pass

U.S. Reports: Brent v. Chapman, 9 U.S. (5 Cranch) 358 (1809)

U.S. Reports: Pierce v. Turner, 9 U.S. (5 Cranch) 154 (1809)

The last act of slavery arrived. The new embargo law ...... (No. 6) [Jan. 9, 1809].

U.S. Reports: Amiable Lucy v. The U.S., 10 U.S. (6 Cranch) 330 (1810)

U.S. Reports: Scott v. Ben, 10 U.S. (6 Cranch) 3 (1810)

U.S. Reports: Hezekiah Wood v. John Davis and others, 11 U.S. (7 Cranch) 271 (1812)

U.S. Reports: Mima Queen and Child, petitioners for freedom, v. Hepburn, 11 U.S. (7 Cranch) 290 (1813)

U.S. Reports: Brig Caroline, William Broadfoot, Claimant, v. United States, 11 U.S. (7 Cranch) 496 (1813)

U.S. Reports: Gettings v. Burch's Administratix, 13 U.S. (9 Cranch) 372 (1815)

U.S. Reports: Brig Alerta, and Cargo v. Blas Moran, 13 U.S. (9 Cranch) 359 (1815)

A Lady going to visit

A Planter and his wife on a journey

U.S. Reports: Henry v. Ball, 14 U.S. (1 Wheat.) 1 (1816)

[Cuts] Bobalition of slavery. [Boston 1819].

Reply to bobalition of slavery

Reply to Bobalition of slavery. [Cuts] Dialogue between Scipio and Cato, and Sambo and Phillis, occasioned by reading the account of Bobalition proceedings, as detailed in a letter from Cesar Gobbo, to his friend Marco Mushy, residing in the cou

U.S. Reports: The Josefa Segunda, 18 U.S. (5 Wheat.) 338 (1820)

Grand bobalition, or "Great anniversary fussible"

U.S. Reports: The Emily and the Caroline., 22 U.S. (9 Wheat.) 381 (1824)

U.S. Reports: The St. Jago de Cuba., 22 U.S. (9 Wheat.) 409 (1824)

Gate & slave market at Pernambuco / drawn by Augs. Earle ; engraved by Edwd. Finden.

The mode of flogging slaves

U.S. Reports: Antelope, 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 66 (1825)

U.S. Reports: Plattsburgh, 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 133 (1825)

Grand celebrashun ob de bobalition ob African slaver!!!

U.S. Reports: Josefa Segunda, 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 312 (1825)

Title page of a pamphlet: A Plan for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in the United States, without Danger or Loss to the Citizens of the South (Baltimore: Benj. Lundy, 1825)

U.S. Reports: The Antelope., 24 U.S. (11 Wheat.) 413 (1826)

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U.S. Reports: Boyce vs. Anderson, 27 U.S. (2 Pet.) 150 (1829)

United States slave trade, 1830

United States' slave trade, 1830

James K. Polk Papers: Series 6: Notes, circa 1831-1847; Subject file; Banks in United States; States

U.S. Reports: Menard vs. Aspasia, 30 U.S. (5 Pet.) 505 (1831)

Slavery. Freedom

Bobalition of slavery

But soon as approaching the land,

U.S. Reports: Scott v. Lunt's Administrator, 32 U.S. (7 Pet.) 596 (1833)

Colonization. A Card. The Rev. R. H. Breckenridge, the profundity of whose wit has enabled him to make the discoverry, that "the members of the Anti-Slavery societies hate slavery so much that they hate those who hold their fellow-men in boyage

The battle at Bunker's Hill near Boston. June 17, 1775 / John Trumbull delt. ; Archer & Boilly sc.

Family amalgamation among the men-stealers

Marchand de tabac ; L'aveugle chanteur ; Marchande de pandelos / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succrs. de Engelmann.

U.S. Reports: McCutchen et al v. Marshall et al, 33 U.S. (8 Pet.) 220 (1834)

Boutique de la rue du Val-Longo / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succ. de Engelmann & Cie.

Ladies whipping girls

Abduhl Rahhahman / H. Inman, Esqr, N.A., del. ; T. Illman, sculp.

Le collier de fer, châtiment des fugitifs ; Nègres en commission, par un temps de pluie ; Transport de tuiles / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succ. de Engelmann & Cie.

Esclaves nègres, de différentes nations / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succrs. de Engelmann & Cie.

U.S. Reports: Lee v. Lee, 33 U.S. (8 Pet.) 44 (1834)

Martin Van Buren Papers: Series 3, Additional Correspondence, 1811-1853; Originals; 1835

Slavery and the Boston riot. The following letter was written, shortly after the pro-slavery riot in Boston by Angeline E. Grimke to William Lloyd Garrison ... 1835.

Cash! All persons that have slaves to dispose of, will do well by giving me a call, as I will give the highest price for men, women, & children. Any person that wishes to sell, will call at Hill's tavern, or at Shannon Hill for me, and any infor

U.S. Reports: Chouteau's Heirs v. the United States (No. 2), 34 U.S. (9 Pet.) 147 (1835)

Portraits of Hannibal and Cyprian, with vignettes illustrating African character and wrongs

U.S. Reports: Ventress et al. v. Smith, 35 U.S. (10 Pet.) 161 (1836)

U.S. Reports: Davis v. Braden, 35 U.S. (10 Pet.) 286 (1836)

U.S. Reports: United States v. Skiddy, 36 U.S. (11 Pet.) 73 (1837)

U.S. Reports: Choteau v. Marguerite, 37 U.S. (12 Pet.) 507 (1838)

Abolition frowned down

Notice at the next regular meeting of the Upper Alton lyceum, to be held on Tuesday Evening, Feb. 11, at the Seminary Hall, the following questions, by order of the Society, will come up for debate: - "Has Congress power to abolish slavery in th

U.S. Reports: The United States vs. Morris, 39 U.S. (14 Pet.) 464 (1840)

The Secretary of War presenting a stand of colours to the 1st Regiment of Republican bloodhounds