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An elegy upon the much lamented deaths of two desireable brothers the two eldest sons of Capt. Joshua and Mrs. Comfort Weeks, of Greenland; who departed this life in February 1735,6 the youngest whose name was Ichabod, died the 3d day, in the 22

An address to the true-born sons of liberty in the government of the Massachusetts-Bay. [Signed] A Countryman. [1765].

The true sons of liberty and supporters of the non-importation agreement. Are determined to resent any the least insult or menace offer’d to any one or more of the several, committees appointed by the body at Faneiul-Hall, and chastise any one o

William Jackson, an importer; at the Brazen Head, North side of the Town-House, and opposite the Town-Pump, in Corn-Hill, Boston. It is desired that the sons and daughters of liberty, would not buy any one thing of him, for in so doing the will

To the sons of liberty in this City. Gentlemen. It's well known, that it has been the custom of all nations to erect monuments to perpetuate the remembrance of grand events [For the erection of a liberty pole in place of the one erected at the t

Advertisement. The members of the Association of the Sons of Liberty, are requested to meet at the City-Hall, at one o'clock, to-morrow (being Friday) on business of the utmost importance;--and every other friend to the liberties, and trade of A

A letter, from Tom Bowline, to his worthy messmates, the renowned Sons of Neptune, belonging to the Port of New-York. My dear boys. As the time is approching, in which the ship, with the East India company's tea may be expected to arrive, and be

At a meeting of the True Sons of Liberty, in the City of New-York, July 27, 1774, properly convened; present, John Calvin, John Know, Roger Rumpus, &c. &c. Uc. [15 resolves] By order of the meeting Ebenezer Snuffle, Secretary [New York, 1774].

The following letter was some nights ago thrown in among the sons of Liberty. New-York, March 17th, 1775. Gentlemen. As there seems to be a great diversity of opinions among the friends of liberty in regard to the conduct which the inhabitants o

The following persons are nominated by the Sons of liberty, to represent them in the committee, for the City and County of New-York. [List of 100 names] New-York, April 28, 1775. To the public. At a meeting of a great number of the inhabitants o

- Once more- for the- liberties of the people of America. The present election is important- it may give peace or war to this State, and perhaps, to the union.- The sons of liberty (who are again called upon to contend with sheltered aliens and

John Jones & Sons to Thomas Jefferson, January 3, 1789, Receipt for Thermometers Paid for by Daniel Parker

Thomas Jefferson to David Veuve & Sons, July 27, 1789

Un peuple est sans honneur, et mérite ses chaines Quand il baisse le front sons le sceptre des reines.

John Cooper to Oliveira & Sons, October 24, 1810. Receipt.

Raree - show on the banks of the Mississippi, or The gentle European among the rude sons of nature / Cruikshank del.

Geschichte von der schöenen Magelone und dem Ritter Peter Der Bater sprach: "Ziehe hin, mein Sohn, wie Dein Herz Dich leitet

The Sons of Columbia. A national song. Written for the Fourth of July and set to music by Theodore Ascherfeld, Havre De Grace, Md. / Lith. by Otto Knirsch, Phila.

Celebration of the sons of temperance, July 11, 1850. In the City of Oswego.

Lady Napier and her sons

Lady Napier and her sons

Lady Napier and her sons

[Unidentified Native American man] / Schreiber & Sons, photographers, 818 Arch St., Philad.

[Henry E. Davis, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right] / engd. by H.B. Hall & Sons, 62 Fulton St. N.Y.

Bv't. Maj. Gen. W.L. Stoughton / Engd. by H.B. Hall & Sons, N.Y.

To the President of the United States. We the undersigned, women of the United States, who have freely given our brothers, sons, and husbands to fight for their country in this deadly struggle ... do hereby ask of you, Abraham Lincoln, that you

[Illustrated Civil War "Union Envelopes"]: F.F.V. (fleet-footed Virginians) Gov. Wise & Sons

[Willie and Tad Lincoln, sons of President Abraham Lincoln, with their cousin Lockwood Todd] / Brady's National Portrait Galleries, New York & Washington.

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with musket and Horstman & Sons sword bayonet, pistol, and Bowie knife]

Schedule of stamp duties, &c. New York. Published by E. B. Clayton's sons, printers and stationers. [c. 1862].

Permit us to call your attention to our extensive manufactory of regulation and presentation swords, and military, masonic, odd fellows' and sons of temperance goods, regalia, jewels, &c ... Emerson & Silver, Trenton. N. J. 1863.

Currency table, showing the value of a "greenback" dollar note, in specie, from par to 200 per cent, advancing by 1-8ths. Computed by John V. Yatman, New York. New York. Published ny E. B. Clayton's sons, printers and stationers, No. 157 Pearl S

Edwin M. Stanton to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, July 09, 1864 (Capture of one of William H. Seward's sons)

Hayes, President Rutherford B. and two sons

The Rainbow Temperance Song - Dedicated to the Sons of Temperance and Good Templars

Fresh strawberries / Wm. Everdell's Sons, N.Y.

[Lewis B. Campbell, head-and-shoulders portrait ] / Engr. by H.B. Hall & Sons, 62 Fulton St., N.Y.

Views of Wm. F. Murphy's Sons' stationery establishment, 509 Chestnut St., (opposite Independence Hall), Philadelphia. Interior of store

Iron ship-building in the United States. The ship-yards of William Cramp & sons, of Philadelphia. How the Pennsylvania Central R. R. Co. has solved the problem of regaining our lost commerce. Iron ship-building and the west. Philadelphia, April

Pickwick papers / F.O.C. Darley, fecit. ; H.E. Hall & Sons, engr.

Daniel O'Connell refusing to take the oath of supremacy / S.S. Frizzell ; J.H. Bufford's Sons, Lith. Boston.

[Art furniture at the centennial, Philadelphia - display of Howard & Sons, London, 1876]

Red Cloud and Indians. Standing - Red Bear (Sons Are?), Young Man Afraid of his Horse, Good Voice, Ring Thunder, Iron Crow, White Tail, Young Spotted Tail. Seated - Yellow Bear, Jack Red Cloud, Big Road, Little Wound, Black Crow

J.H. Bufford's Sons steamboat cards, nos. 443

The John A. Roebling's Sons Co. Manufacturers of wire rope of every description. New York City and Trenton, N.Y.

[Factory of Hotchkiss' Sons, hardware manufacturers] / Wils. Porter, del., '82.

P.H. Sheridan, Brevt 2d Lieutenant, 1st Regiment Infantry / engd. by H.B. Hall's Sons, New York.

[Percy Clayton, half-length portrait, in uniform, facing left] / A. Seaman & Sons.

Apollo: sired by Seneca Chief, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian; dam and G.D. by Sons of Hill's Black Hawk, G.G.D. a messenger mare

Atlantic Ocean. Meridional temperature section. Falkland Islands to the parallel of 35.40'.S. / engraved by Malby & Sons.

Small Parlor Grand Piano, designed and manufactured by Henry F. Miller & Sons Piano Co., Boston, Mass.

Style 19. Upright piano-forte, designed and manufactured by Henry F. Miller & Sons Piano Co., Boston, Mass.

Style 17 - upright piano-forte designed and manufactured by Henry F. Miller & Sons Piano Co., Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

[Hiram Walker & Sons, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, reception room, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, ware house, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, president's room, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, reception room, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, reception room, Walkerville, Ont.]

[C.F. Newman and Sons, Seedsmen, Adelaide, Australia]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, president's room, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, employees at bottling works, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Charles Scribner's & Sons, rugs]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, engine room, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, Paul Jones]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, office interior with cashier's counter, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Charles Scribner's Sons, rug]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, ware house, Walkerville, Ont.]

Elevator car made by Edw. Darby & Sons, Phila., Pa.

Chief Isac, sons and dog

[Hiram Walker & Sons lawn bowling tournament group in front of office building, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, Walkerville, Ont.]

[Hiram Walker & Sons lawn bowling tournament, Walkerville, Ont.]

Distillery offices, Hiram Walker & Sons, Ltd., south front, Walkerville, Ont.

Some of Tolstoy's sons out hunting in winter: Ilja, Michel, Sergei

Rack warehouse, Hiram Walker & Sons, Walkerville, Ont.

Row of guns for H.M.S. Shannon in Vickers Sons & Maxims Gun Works

Distillery offices, directors' lunch room, H. Walker & Sons, Ltd., Walkerville, Ont.

2 sons of Calvo

Girls doing cartwheels on playing field during contest for newsboys benefit-won by Maybell Meek of "Midnight Sons"

Mme. Nevratil and sons

[Walkerville, Ont., Hiram Walker & Sons, office]

[Hiram Walker & Sons, offices from river, Walkerville, Ont.]

Crown Prince's sons (Germany)

Sons of Crown Prince, Germany

Maybell Meek and Gladys Moore of "Midnight Sons", posing together on ball field during newsboys benefit

King & Queen of Denmark & sons

Calvin Coolidge & sons

Mrs. Marshall Field and two sons

Erin's little sons and daughters--a country school in County Monaghan, Ireland

Assembly line in Vicker Sons & Maxim Gun Factory

Mme. Nevratil and sons

Rack warehouse, Hiram Walker & Sons, Walkerville, Ont.

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