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Bandmaster Sousa

Sousa with U.S. Marine Band

[John Philip Sousa, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing front]

The starboarder that funny show.

Sousa, Maud Reese-Davies & paymaster

Sousa Band members playing cards on train

Band members wait out clearing of train wreck [en route from Portland to Spokane]

Manager Frank Christianer with M. C. Lyon

Sousa Band members on tour

Eddie Wardell & Abe Levy in an "artistic" pose

Sousa Band train delayed by an accident en route from San Francisco to Portland

Band members wait out clearing of train wreck [en route from Portland to Spokane]

Band members at Shasta Soda Springs

Portrait of soprano soloist Maud Reese Davies

A " Scotch audience"

Adrian Whittaker, Herbert Clarke (cornet soloist) and Simone Mantia in front of Chinese Masonic Hall

Sousa Band train involved in head-on collision [en route from Portland to Spokane]

Old Marine Band Hall, 8th and I Street, S.E.

Paris Exposition 1900 Sousa Band "Stars & Stripes forever"


[John Philip Sousa, head-and-shoulders portrait, left profile]

[John Philip Sousa, head-and-shoulders portrait, right profile]

[John Philip Sousa, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left, wearing band uniform with medals]

Paris Exposition 1900. Sousa & his band, Esplanade de Invalides

Sousa in great coat

Sousa on world tour


[John Philip Sousa standing with Camille Saint-Saëns]

Sousa and Camille Saint-Saëns

Sousa at San Fransico Panama-Pacific International Exposition

Sousa at the San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition

[John Philip Sousa in band uniform standing with Charlie Chaplin]

Charlie Chaplin and Sousa

Charlie Chaplin and Sousa

[John P. Sousa, Charlie Chaplin, and Clifford Harmon, full-length portrait, standing, facing front]

Sousa in Navy uniform

Sousa marching with sword

John Phillip Sousa

John Phillip Sousa

Sousa and the Masonic members of his band

ASCAP meeting

Sousa and ASCAP members at the White House

Sousa, Congressman Sol Bloom, Herbert Hoover, and the US Marine Band inaugurating the George Washington Bicentenial March


Student, Sousa and Edwin Franko Goldman

Last photo of Sousa with Eugene Wiedner, Conductor of the Ringgold Band

Sousa and Marjorie Moody

Sousa in conducting pose

Sousa with Atlantic City Pageant Contestants

Sousa wearing Almas Temple fez

Sousa conducting a trombone solo

Sousa with dog

Sousa playing golf

Willow Grove Park

Mrs. Sousa

Sousa and Baseball Commisioner Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis

Sousa playing baseball

Sousa and original members of his 1892 band

Professor John Esputa's music class, Sousa standing, back row on left

Sousa in front of the Steel Pier


Sousa and Edwin Franko Goldman

" The Sousa Special Dining Car"

Sousa in white uniform

Sousa on horse

Sousa in Los Angeles

Sousa at Interlochen, MI. With Marjorie Moody and Lillian Finegan

Mrs. Sousa, Sousa, Priscilla

Sousa, Mr and Mrs Herbert L. Clarke and Carrie Jacobs Bond

Sousa conducting at Great Lakes

Sousa with dogs

John Philip Sousa, jr., Sousa, John Philip Sousa, III

Sousa in conducting pose

Sousa birthplace

Sousa with cigar

Lt. Commander Sousa


Sousa, Mayor of Atlantic City

Antonio Sousa (father), in Marine uniform

Antonio and Elizabeth Sousa, (parents)

Sousa with cigar


Painting of Sousa by Capolino

Sousa standing with baton

Sousa with cover

Priscilla Sousa

Sousa and Marjorie Moody with Steel Pier audience

Mrs. Sousa

Elizabeth Sousa (mother)

Sousa concert, Tacoma Stadium

Sousa in Marine uniform

Wilow Grove Park

John Philip Sousa, jr., John Philip Sousa, III, Sousa


Sousa standing by piano

Sousa looking out window

Sousa in Marine Band uniform

Sousa at trapshooting range

Sousa looking at Invincible Eagle [March] sheet music

" On the boat from Oakland to San Francisco"