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[South Pole. 1555; page of text illus. with map showing "The Pole Antartike" and "The Crosse" (stars)]

A map of Rariton River, Milstone River, South River ... (1685)

A new map of South America, shewing it's general divisions, chief cities & towns, rivers, mountains &c. /

A new & exact map of the coast, countries and islands within ye limits of ye South Sea Company, from ye river Aranoca to Terra del Fuego, and from thence through ye South Sea, to ye north part of California &c. with a view of the general and coasting trade-winds and perticular draughts of the most important bays, ports &c.

This map of South America, according to the newest and most exact observations

Map (of county divisions in the Margravate of Azilia), Robert Mountgomery, A discourse concerning ... establishment of a new colony to the South of Carolina, London, 1717

Title page, Robert Mountgomery, A discourse concerning ... establishment of a new colony to the South of Carolina ..., London, 1717

A new and accurate chart of the West Indies with the adjacent coasts of North and South America /

A new map of South America, shewing it's general divisions, chief cities & towns; rivers, mountains & c.

A new chart of New Holland on which are delineated New South Wale, and a plan for Botany Bay.

A map of the whole continent of America, divided into North and South and West Indies with a copius table fully shewing the several possessions of each European Prince & State, as settled by the definitive treaty concluded at Paris Feby. 10th 1763 the clauses of which relative thereto are inserted.

The West Indies, exhibiting the English, French, Spanish, Dutch & Danish settlements with the adjacent parts of North & South America, from the best authorities.

Plan of Amelia Island in East Florida, north point of Amelia Island lyes in 30:55 north latitude 80:23 w. longitude from London, taken from De Brahm's Map of South Caroline & Georgia. A chart of the entrance into St. Mary's River,

Plan of the French and rebells sieg[e] of Savannah in Georgia, in South [sic] America, deffend: t[h]rough the Br: Gen: August Prevost, 1779.

The royal hunt, or a prospect of the year 1782 / South Briton fecit ; North Briton invt.

View of a pass over the South Mountains from York Town to Carlisle / Bedwell delt. ; [Thackara sc.]

To the right hon'ble ... trustees of the linen manufacture ... this view taken in the County of South representing taking the flax out of the bog when it has lain a sufficient time to separate the rind (which is the flax) from the stem, & strengthen it, spreading it to dry, stoving, beetling, and breaking it ... dedicated by ... Wm. Hincks / Wm. Hincks, delin. et sculp.

The great South Sea caterpillar, transform'd into a Bath butterfly / Js.G. desn. et fect.

To the curious! Tuesday and Thursday evenings, will be exhibited, at a commodious room, in Mr. Dearborn's new building, at the South entrance of the narrow lane, leading from the theatre, to Milk-Street by Mr. Maginnis ... a grand medley of ente

Printers' picture gallery. The following device is made up entirely of cuts from the specimen-book of a single- type-foundry in this city. Most of the pictures are current at the South, and are even put by masters into the hands of the slaves ..

Blowing Rocks, and Regulating Streets. Proposals will be received at the Office of the Street-Commissioner, in the City-Hall, for the following purposes ... [Signed] John S. Hunn. Street Commissioner. New York, February 2, 1807. Printed by South

Order of services at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. Joshua Huntington, on the 18th of May, 1808, at the Old South meeting house, in Boston ... [Boston 1808].

New map of South America from the latest authorities.

Books published and sold by W. W. Woodward No. 52 South Second, the corner of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. February 1810.

[United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. South wing, section]

The society called Shakers, in Logan County, Ky. continue their fulling mill in operation ... John McComb, Saml. G. Whyte, Agents. South Union Jasper Springs. Sept. 12th, 1815. Russellville. Printed at the office of the ‘Weekly Messenger' [1815]

[United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. South wing - section]

Proposals for publishing by subscription, the life of Major General Andrew Jackson, comprising a history of the war in the South, from the commencement of the Creek campaign, to the termination of hostilities before New Orleans. By John Henry Ea

Henry Clay, late Speaker of the United States House of Representatives; the advocate of South American independence / painted by Charles King ; engraved by Peter Maverick, New York.

[South view of the town and fortifications of Puerto Rico]

Title page of a pamphlet: A Plan for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in the United States, without Danger or Loss to the Citizens of the South (Baltimore: Benj. Lundy, 1825)

Map of South America According to the Latest and Best Authorities.

Order of services at the celebration of American independence in the Old South Church, July 4, 1833.

Outrage. Fellow Citizens, An abolitionist, of the most revolting character is among you, exciting the feelings of the North against the South. A seditious lecture is to be delivered this evening, at 7 o'clock, at the Presbyterian church in Canno

An exploring expedition on the Canal Street plan / The exploring expedition at the South Pole, waiting for stores

South West gate leading into Indapendance [i.e., Independence] Square, Philada.

South Reading, Massachusetts [1840?].

Our country's hope. Harrison & reform. 4th may 1840. Published by J. S. Horton, corner Baltimore and South St. Baltimore, Md.

Daily line to the South! Sundays excepted, Carrying the Great Central U. S. Mail. Schedule ... T. Shepperd, Agent. Baltimore, August 25, 1847. Murphy Printer, 178 Market Street, Baltimore.

To the electors of the Western Congressional district. The Hon. Wilkins Updike, of South Kingstown, is now a candidate to represent you in the next Congress of the United States ... A Citizens of Narragansett. [1847].

Summer arrangement! Daily line to the South carrying the great central U. S. Mail to Norfolk, Portsmouth and lower parts of Virginia & North Carolina. Schedule. Leaving Spear's wharf, Baltimore daily, (except Sundays,) at 4 o'clock, B. M. ... T.

E. Goodwin & Brother's Spanish mixed smoking tobacco. 153, South Street, N.Y.

Map without title showing the railroad route to Santa Fe and San Diego; the central route through South Pass and on to San Francisco and "Puget's Sound," and connecting railroads east of the Mississippi.

South front of the City Hall, Washington City

Map showing the Jacksonville North Western and South Eastern Railway and its connections.

South American fever & ague remedy is a cheap, safe ...

Map of the northwestern states. Shewing [sic] what proportion lies north of the parallel of South Bend of Lake Michigan. It will be seen at a glance, that the unbroken line of communication with the Atlantic seaboard, and the only winter route for northern Indiana, northern Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, will be by the Michigan Southern Railway, and south shore of Lake Erie.

[United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). Extension. Eastern elevation. South Wing] / Tho. U. Walter, archt., extension, of Capitol, U.S., Washington, D.C., Sept. 1851.

[Fig. 1 Greenland seal-hunting; fig. 2 Brazilian Indians bird-shooting; fig. 3 attack by Guaycouros horseman (Brazil); fig. 4 cattle-hunting on the Pampas (Brazil); fig. 5 Negro dances at Sao Palo [Brazil]; fig. 6 South Patagonian huts and graves]

Order of exercises at the Old South Church, Wednesday, June 16,1852. at the centennial celebration of the separation of Danvers from Salem. Salem Observer Press [1852].

Read, ponder, and reflect. Astounding disclosure! A voice of warning to the people of the South. General Scott proved by one of his own supporters (an abolitionist) to be in favor of the repeal of the fugitive slave law, and that he will if elec

[United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). Extension. South Wing. Hall of Representatives. Ceiling. Reflected plan rendering] / Tho. U. Walter, architect, extension, U.S. Capitol ; M.C. Meigs, capt. of engineers, in charge.

Harrison's handkerchief extracts Apollos W. Harrison No. 10 South 7th Street Philadelphia / / Alphonse Bigot del. ; designed and drawn on stone by Alphonse Bigot.

At a town meeting holden in South Kingstown, on Saturday, November 18,, A. D. 1854., the following resolutions were unanimously adopted.

H. V. Poor's rail road map showing particularly the location and connections of the North East & South West Alabama Rail Road, by E. D. Sanford, Civil Engineer.

Important to travelers going South from Washington. Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac. ... Railroad & steamboat line via Alexandria Aquia Creek and Fredericksburg to Richmond ... Richmond, January 1st, 1856.

The Peabody Institute at the time of the address of welcome. South Danvers / photographed by W. Snell; L.H. Bradford & Co's. Litho.

Avoid the heat & dust of rail-roads. Summer arrangement... North & South railroad, and steamboat line ... to Troy, Albany, and New York...

[United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). South wing. Basement. Eastern stairway. Plan and sections] / M.C. Meigs, Capt. of engineers, 9 April 1857 ; Tho. U. Walter, Archt. ex. U.S.C.

White House (South front, or rear).

Boston, Sept. 15, 1859. Dear Sir: Our attention has been called by the report of a Committee, appointed at a meeting recently held at the Old South Chapel, to the fact that the Indian tribes upon our western frontier, have just cause of complain

[Map of the northern portion of Hanover County, Va., showing fortifications on the South Anna River near Taylorsville].

[Unknown location. Wagons and camera of Sam A. Cooley, U.S. photographer, Department of the South]

A. J. Hause, J. D. Wright, and W. D. Hardy to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 27, 1860 (South Carolinians offer to “buy” Hamlin)

To the electors of the Western congressional district. The Hon. Wilkins Updike, of South Kingstown, is now a candidate to represent you in the next Congress of the United States ... A citizen of Narragansett. [186-].

U.S. Transport "Star of the South"

The South New steamship line between Boston and Savannah. The splendid side wheel steamship Joseph Whitney ... Will leave Boston for Savannah. on Saturday, Dec'r 8th, 1860 at 3 o'clock, P M ... Boston, December 3d, 1860 Boston. J. H. & F. F. Far

[Unidentified man] / J. Cremer & Co., artists, No. 18 South Eighth Street, Philadelphia.

Please read the following letter! which will explain itself. Having witnessed an exhibition of Capt. E. C. Williams' panoramic representation of a South sea whaling voyage, we take great pleasure in bearing testimony to its great artistic merits

[Thomas Isaiah Booker in Confederate uniform with Colt navy revolver, book, tin drum canteen, and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with rifle musket, revolver, side knife, canteen, and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

The danger and the remedy. The excitement so wide spread and deeply seated in the South arises in a great degree from a sense of insecurity. While the slaveholding states maintained an equal power in the Senate, they could submit to much that wa

Fortress Monroe, Old Point Comfort, & Hygeia Hotel, Va. in 1861 & 1862. The key to the South

[Private Henry Augustus Moore of Co. F, 15th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, with artillery short sword and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

... My dear Sir: We take pleasure in calling your attention to this great consolidated through passenger and freight express route from the East to the South and West, via the Bellefontaine, Terre Haute and St. Louis railroad lines ... Boston [1

International Exhibition of 1862. South front

South Mountain, Maryland?

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate cavalry uniform with D-guard Bowie knife, revolver, canteen, and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

The steamship Star of the West, with reinforcements for Major Anderson, approaching Fort Sumter - The South Carolinians firing at her from the batteries on Morris Island and Fort Moultrie

William B. Wadman, dealer in furnaces, ranges and stoves, would respectfully inform the citizens of the South End that he has taken the store formerly occupied by Francis Howard, at 1011 & 1013 Washington, (Corner Union Park Street.) ... W. B. W

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate infantry uniform with Bowie knife, rifle musket, and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

Antietam Cemetery in foreground, South Mountain in background - gap shows location of Signal Station during battle. View taken after the war

The Battle of South Mountain Md. showing positions at Fox's and Turner's Gaps, Sept. 14th 1862.

A little plain talk with John Bull by Train, Jr. Philadelphia. For sale at Trentwith's newspaper and periodical depot, No. 107 South Third Street, [1862].

Plan of Battle of South Mills. Dismal Swamp Canal, N.C.

South West pass of the Mississippi River /

The Battle of Crampton's Gap 5 miles south of Turner's Gap, South Mountain, Md. September 14th 1862.

Notice! The undersigned, one of the surgeons appointed "To examine militia men claiming to be disabled." has had assigned to him the towns of Malden, Melrose, South Reading, Reading North Reading, Wilmington ... He will be at the Town House, in

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Battery No. 4, mounting 13-inch mortars. South end

Southrons to arms! Air- "God save the South." Baltimore, June 1, 1862

Map of the position at Turner's Gap. South Mountain.

South West pass of the Mississippi River

Interest on $10,000, from date of coupon to November 1st - Current six months, containing 184 days ... Jay Cooke, Subscription agent. 114 South Third Street, Philad'a [1863?].

Richmond and its defences. Constructed and engraved to illustrate "The war with the South"

The too confiding South drafting terms of peace with the Federal Government (see Richmond Papers, July 6, 7, 8)

Vicksburg and its defences. Constructed and engraved to illustrate "The war with the South"

Gettysburg and vicinity. Constructed and engraved to illustrate "The war with the South"

An Abolition traitor. There are traitors in the North as well as in the South.

Extract from a map entitled portions of the military departments of the Cumberland . . . of the South . . . and of the Gulf . . .

An abolition traitor. There are traitors in the North as well as in the South, and there are abolitionists in the South as well as in the North ... Will the workingmen of the Union help them any longer? [Signed] A Democratic workingman. New York

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