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To the right honourable, the Earl of Shelbourne, His Majesty's principal Secretary of State for the Southern Department. This plan of the colony of Connecticut in North-America.

In Council of Safety. December 5, 1776. Resolved that Messieurs Robert Bailey [and 42 others] be appointed to go round the several ward of this City and the Southern and Northern liberties, to collect all the Old Great Coats, coats, surtouts, Ja

In Council of Safety. December 5, 1776. Resolved that Messieurs Robert Bailey [and 42 others] be appointed to go round the several ward of this City and the Southern and Northern liberties, to collect all the Old Great Coats, coats, surtouts, Ja

A Chart of the Southern Hemisphere showing the tracks of some of the most distinguished navigators, by Capt. James Cook

Virginia Militia, May 2, 1780, Report on Southern Detachment

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives ... Whereas the troops of the Southern states will now be needed for the defence of that quarter, and by reason of the late advantages obtained by the enemy, we are compelled to call fo

Virginia Militia, April 6, 1780, Report on Southern Detachment

Thomas Jefferson to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, April 11, 1787, (Beginning Pages Missing) Tour of Southern France

The marches of Lord Cornwallis in the Southern Provinces, now States of North America; comprehending the two Carolinas, with Virginia and Maryland, and the Delaware counties.

To the freeholders of the Southern district. A writer, under the signature of A citizen of New-York, has addressed you. He observes, that "The advocates for the re-election of Governor Clinton, despairing of success by other means, are employing

To the inhabitants of the Southern district. Fellow citizens. The advocates for the re-election of Governor Clinton, despairing of success by other means are employing every artifice to support the declining interest of his excellency ... A Citi

New York, 9th April, 1799. Sir. We are appointed a committee by the Republican electors of New York, to inform the electors of the Southern district, that Ezekiel Robins, of New York, and Pierre Van Courtlandt, Jun. of West-Chester, have been no

To the electors of the Southern district of the State of New-York. Friends and fellow citizens. The approaching election of a chief magistrate of the State of New-York, is entitled to peculiar attention ... By order of the General Committee in

New method of assorting the mail, as practised by Southern slave-holders, or attack on the Post Office, Charleston, S.C.

Southern ideas of liberty

Great Southern mail route from New York to N. Orleans! Through in 71/2 days. Via Washington City and Richmond, and the Chesapeake Bay and James River lines, to Charleston, Augusta, and Atlanta, Geo. Notasulga and Montgomery, Ala ... W. B. Wiley,

To Southern travellers! Spring, Summer and Fall arrangement of the great southern mail line! Via Washington City, S. C. Direct to New Orleans ... Stockton & Falls. E. F. Krebs, Agent. Baltimore, July, 1847. Murphy Print, 178 Market Street, Balti

The Southern harmony, and musical companion: Containing a choice collection of tunes, hymns, psalms, odes, and anthems

Western Continent Extra Dec. 9th, 1848. To the Southern public. We are aboout to commence another year of the New Series of the Continent, and we beg leave to solicit the patronage of our Southern friends ... Baltimore. 1848.

Southern travellers. Look out for monopoly! Great reduction of fare!! The eagle line of new and splendid coaches leave Baltimore daily, on the arrival of the Philadelphia cars, for the following places, viz.: Washington City, Richmond, Petersbur

Skeleton map, showing the position and connections of the Michigan Southern Rail Road (from Toledo to Chicago) with the several great rail road routes to the Atlantic seaboard and New York City via the south shore of Lake Erie.

Preamble and resolutions of the Southern convention. November 18th, 1850.

Map of the northwestern states. Shewing [sic] what proportion lies north of the parallel of South Bend of Lake Michigan. It will be seen at a glance, that the unbroken line of communication with the Atlantic seaboard, and the only winter route for northern Indiana, northern Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, will be by the Michigan Southern Railway, and south shore of Lake Erie.

A section of Colton's large map of Indiana with the Fort Wayne and Southern Rail Road marked upon it, as located also a map of the United States showing Road and its connections together with a profile of the Ohio river and lands adjoining and a section of the double track rail road tunnel under the Ohio river at Louisville, Kentucky & Jeffersonville, Indiana for the year 1855 ending Oct. 1, W. J. Holman, President and Chief Engr.

Great Eastern & Southern lines. Vermont Central Railroad

[5 labels from soap and perfume pasted on sheet of paper with copyright entry, Deposited in Clerk's office, Southern District of New York, September 30, 1858].

Platform of the Friends of United Southern action ... New Orleans, Dec. 27, 1860.

Meeting of the Southern seceeders from the Democratic Convention at St. Adnrew's Hall, Charleston, S.C. April 30, 1860

Map showing the distribution of slaves in the Southern States /

For Charleston, S. C. direct from the end of Long wharf, The Boston and Southern steamship company's new and elegant iron steamship. South Carolina ... will leave Boston for Charleston, on Wednesday, Sept. 26th, '60 at 4 o'clock, P. M ... Boston

Part of Hanover County, Ha[nove?]r, Virginia : Southern portion /

David L. Phillips to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, October 29, 1860 (Warns of possible Democratic treachery in Southern Illinois)

Lloyd's map of the Southern States, showing all the railroads, their stations & distances : also the counties, towns, villages, harbors, rivers, and forts.

Chicora the original name of Carolina. Respectfully dedicated to the patriotic ladies of the Southern Confederated States of North American

The Southern Confederacy - Senate Chamber in the Capitol at Montgomery, Alabama, during open session - the Hon. Howell Cobb presiding

How "The Southern Commissioner" tried to mould [sic] public opinion in England

The voluntary manner in which some of the Southern volunteers enlist / Thos. Worth, del.

The city of Montgomery, Alabama, showing the state house where the congress of the Southern Confederacy meets on February 4, 1861

Southern ass-stock-crazy (Southern aristocracy)

The Southern Confederacy a fact!!! Acknowledged by a might prince and faithful ally

A Southern Gorilla, (Guerilla)

The "Southern Hotel" that burned / Boehl & Koenig, photographers.

[Hospital views and the national flag of the Southern Confederacy]

The Dis-United States. Or the Southern Confederacy.

Map showing the comparitive area of the Northern and Southern states east of the Rocky Mountains, 1861

Jefferson Davis, first president of the new Southern Confederacy / photographed by Brady.

[Illustrated Civil War "Union Envelopes"]: Southern Ass-Stock-Crazy

Southern Planter: "Pomp, you Rascal! do you see any of those cursed Yankee ships coming this way?" / J.M.[?]

[Illustrated Civil War "Union Envelopes"]: [Caricature of "Southern Gentleman"]

[Southern secessionists raise flag at Yale College]

The Dis-United States. Or the Southern Confederacy

The great union speech of Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, vice-president of the Southern confederacy ... New York. P. W. Derham, printer and stationer, 15 Nassau Street. [1862?].

Perrine's New military map illustrating the seat of war : [southern U.S.].

Southern battle song. Balt., Md., 1862

[John W. Anthony of Company B, 11th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Southern Guards]

Perrine's New military map illustrating the seat of war : [southern U.S.]

Perrine's New military map illustrating the seat of war : [southern U.S.].

Southern "volunteers"

Southern Mississippi and Alabama showing the approaches to Mobile.

Southern women feeling the effects of the rebellion, and creating bread riots

Southern Mississippi and Alabama : showing the approaches to Mobile /

Historic examples of Southern Chivalry - Dedicated to Jeff. Davis / Th. Nast.

Southern slavery and the Christian religion. [Philadelphia, 1863].

An address to the people of the free states by the President of the Southern confederacy. Richmond, January 5, 1863. [Richmond Enquirer. Print. [1863].

An address to the people of the free states by the President of the Southern Confederacy.

Railway and county map of the Southern States; embracing the States of N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee exhibiting all the towns, villages, stations, & landings; the rivers, railways, common roads, canals throughout these states.

Albert S. Johnston crossing the dessert [sic] to join the Southern army

Southern tombstones; an inside view of Dixie. Taken by our "Special Artist" after the Rebellion.

Southern Georgia and part of South Carolina /

Southern Military Academy

Died, near the south-side rail road, on Sunday April 9th, 1865, The Southern Confederacy, aged four years.

Died, near the South-side railroad, on Sunday, April 9th, 1865, The Southern Confederacy, aged four years. Conceived in sin, born in iniquity, nurtured by tyranny, died of a chronic attack of punch .... Philadelphia: Jas. B. Rodgers, Pr. 52 & 54

Southern Georgia and part of South Carolina /

The Citadel and the Southern Military Academy, Charleston, S.C., the remains of the concrete wall built in the time of the Revolution, and 600 pound Blakely Solid Shot in the foreground

The great labor question from a Southern point of view

Southern Georgia and part of South Carolina /

Southern Georgia and part of South Carolina /

[Southern Virginia and northern North Carolina]

[Southern Virginia and northern North Carolina] /

Evening View, Southern Shore, Donner Lake - Central Pacific Railroad

Southern remedies. HAH & Co. [device]. The Hindoo remedy for asiatic cholera, cholera morbus, dysentery, diarrhea, cramp colic, & c. Prepared by H.A. Hughes & Co., druggists, Louisville, Ky.

Southern justice and the president's veto of the military government bill / Th. Nast.

What shall we do with John Chinaman? [2 illustrations: 1. Irishman throwing a Chinese man over cliff towards China; 2. Southern plantation owner leading him to cotton fields]

Southern river scenery

Michigan Southern Depot

Address. In the Convention of the colored people of the Southern states, begun to be holden in the City of Columbia, South Carolina, on Wednesday, the eighteenth day of October 1871.

Map showing the route of the Chicago and Canada Southern Railway and its connecting lines.

Map showing the Sodus Point & Southern Railroad and its connections.

Maps showing the connections of the Northern and Southern West Virginia Railroad, with the three grand trunk railways which unite the Atlantic seaboard with the Ohio River.

Parts of Northern and North Western Arizona and Southern Utah.

"Everything points to a Democratic victory this fall - Southern Papers" / J.A. Wales.

Maps showing the Southern Pacific Railroad and its connections.

Map of California to accompany printed agreement of S. O. Houghton as to the rights of the Southern Pacific R.R. Co. of Cal. to government lands under Acts of Congress passed July 27, 1866 and March 3, 1871 made before the committee of the judiciary of the Senate and Ho. of Reps. in May 1876.

South Carolina--the new Southern policy of the administration--demonstration of the citizens of Columbia upon the return of Governor Hampton, April 6th

Mission Indians of Southern California making baskets and hair ropes

Map of the Cincinnati Southern Railway and connections ... Published for the Cincinnati Southern Railway.

Grand banquet, given by the citizens of Cincinnati, to the visiting merchants from the south, at the Music Hall, March 18th 1880, in commemoration of the completion of the Cincinnati Southern Railway, number of guests seated 1,776

Map showing the Southern Maryland Railroad and its connections north, south, east, and west.

Map showing the Ohio Southern R.R. and its connections through the Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland and Indiana, Bloomington & Western Railroads.

Birds-eye view of Louisville from the river front and Southern Exposition, 1883.

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