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A lamentation occasion'd by the great sickness & lamented deaths of divers eminent persons in Springfield composed by Mr. Jonathan Burt, (an old disciple,) in his fourscore & fifth year. (since deceases,) left as a dying legacy to his children a

A covenant for reformation assented to in Long-Meadow, in Springfield, August 22d 1728.

Springfield, 1827 : surveyed by direction of the town, 1826 /

A plan of West Springfield : [Massachusetts] /

Whigs of Hampden. Springfield, Mass. Saturday, November 3, 1838.

Lost money!! Lost, on Monday last either in the City of Alton, or on the road leading to Springfield, via Carlinville, a sum of money, consisting principally of bills of the State Bank of Illinois, of the denominations of $20 and $

Attention delegates to the Springfield convention!! You, one and all!! are requested to meet in Market-Street, on Monday morning, June 1st, at six o'clock ready to take up your march for Springfield. William S. Lincoln, Marshal. Saturday, May 30

Public meeting. A public meeting of the citizens of Alton, will be held at the City hall, on Monday next, at ten o'clock, A. M. to hear the report of the committee of gentlemen appointed to confer with the citizens of Springfield, and the state

Springfield, Tuolumne County / G. H. Goddard, del., lith. Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Map of the Springfield & Deep Run estates on the Coal Lands of the N. York & Richmond Coal Co, in Henrico Co. Virginia, their relative position to the city of Richmond with rail road connections &c.

Springfield Illinois Zouave Greys to Abraham Lincoln, [December 1860] (Volunteer to accompany Lincoln to Washington)

Abraham Lincoln from a portrait taken from life by Charles A. Barry, Springfield, Illinois, June 1860 / on stone by J.E. Baker ; J.H. Bufford's Lith. 313 Washington St. Boston.

John C. Haines to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, October 12, 1860 (Plans to visit Springfield and meet Lincoln)

Honest old Abe on the Stump. Springfield 1858. Honest old Abe on the Stump, at the ratification Meeting of Presidential Nominations. Springfield 1860

Charles S. Ogden to A .K. McClure, Wednesday, January 02, 1861 (Telegram asking if he should come to Springfield)

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with three Remington revolvers, two Bowie knives, and a Springfield rifle musket]

[Invitation to attend the Special trains from Springfield to Washington.]

Springfield block, passenger depot, sheds and yard for Army horses, I.C.R.R., levee of Ohio River, Kentucky

Battle of Wilson's Creek, near Springfield, Missouri

Front parlor in Abraham Lincoln's house, Springfield, Ill. / sketched by our special artist.

Die Schlacht bei Springfield in Nord-Amerika

[Private Stephen Pollard of Co. B and Co. L, 7th Confederate States Cavalry Battalion, in uniform with 1855 Springfield pistol carbine and pistols]

William Butler and Jesse K. Dubois to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, March 25, 1861 (Telegram regarding Springfield post office)

The charge of the First Iowa Regiment, with General Lyon at its head, at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, near Springfield, Missouri, August 10, 1861 / from a sketch by our special artist in Major-General Fremont's Division.

... List of killed, wounded and missing in Battle of July 1, 1862 ... Headquarters 10th Mass. Volunteers. July 3d, 1862. The Republican Springfield, July 8, 1862.

Proposition to the president to employ the emancipated negroes at Port Royal ... Springfield, Vt. January 27th, 1863.

Jacob Bunn to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, May 25, 1863 (Complains about Ninian Edwards and other Democratic office holders in Springfield)

Jesse K. Dubois to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 08, 1864 (Telegram reporting Springfield, Illinois election results)

John G. Nicolay to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 08, 1864 (Telegram reporting Springfield, Illinois election returns)

Programme of procession to escort the remains of President Lincoln from the court house to the funeral train for Springfield ... R. M. Hough, Chief Marshal. [Chicago? Ill., 1865].

[Illinois statehouse, Springfield, Ill, with details showing draped bunting on dome]

Two soldiers keep watch over Lincoln's casket in Springfield, Illinois

The tomb of the president - Funeral service at Springfield, Illinois

Home of Abraham Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln. Residence and horse. In Springfield, Illinois, as they appeared on his return at the close of the campaign with Senator Douglas

Springfield, Illinois, the late and latest home of martyr president

President Lincoln's funeral - burial service at Oak Ridge, Springfield, Illinois

[Sketches of details of bunting for Lincoln's funeral]

The home of Abraham Lincoln, [in Springfield, Illinois].

Springfield, Illinois 1867.

General Grant at the tomb of Abraham Lincoln: Oak Ridge cemetery, Springfield, Illinois.

Thanksgiving day. Springfield, Illinois, November 18th, 1869. To the sabbath school and other children: We thank you in the name of the National Lincoln Monument Association, for your prompt and patriotic response tp our circular ....

[Stuffed eagle and wildcat in forest setting] / by C.A. Sweester, Springfield, Mass.

View of Springfield, Mass. 1875.

National Lincoln Monument, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Ills. Strobridge & Co. eng. Cincinnati, O

Statue of Abraham Lincoln on the National Lincoln Monument, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Ill. / photographed and for sale by J.A.W. Pittman, 511 & 513 North Side Square, Springfield, Ill.

Oh no, Ben!

Springfield, Vt.

Springfield, Vt.

[Springfield, Mass., Connecticut River and city from Forest Park]

The Old Springfield House, torn down 1891. Springfield, Vt.

Springfield Cottages, Sykesville

The parsonage, Springfield

Springfield Seminary, Sykesville

From Springfield church steps

Springfield cottages, Sykesville

Springfield bicycle club tournament, Springfield, Mass., Sept. 11 and 12, 1895 Will H. Bradley. Victor bicycles lead the whole wide world... Spfld. Photo Eng. Co

Bradley - His Book. Springfield, Mass., The Wayside Press, 1896

Illinois House of Representatives in session, 40 General Assembly, May 4, 1897

Illinois Senate in session, 40 General Assembly, May 6, 1897

Abraham Lincoln's return home after his successful campaign for the Presidency of the United States, in October, 1860

Senior class, High school, Springfield, Mass.

U.S. Armory - water shops, [Springfield, Mass.]

[Springfield, Mass., Merrick Arch from Maple St.]

Springfield (Ills) riots - Soldiers at mess and arsenal

Public library, Springfield, Mass.

Public Library, Springfield, Mass.

Springfield Hospital, Springfield, Mass.

D.B. Wesson's residence, Springfield, Mass.

[Springfield, Mass., lily pond, Forest Park]

Sumner Avenue looking east, Springfield, Mass.

National Y.M.C.A. training school Springfield College, Springfield, Mass

House of Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Mass.

D.B. Wesson's residence, Springfield, Mass.

Shops, U.S. Armory, Springfield, Mass

[Tennis courts, Forest Park, Springfield, Mass.]

[Mirror Lake, Forest Park, Springfield, Mass.]

Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Springfield, Mass.

Union Station, Springfield, Mass.

Wesson Memorial Hospital, Springfield, Mass

[Union Station, Springfield, Mass.]

[Springfield Road, East Longmeadow, Springfield, Mass.]

State Street south from Walnut, Springfield, Mass.

[D.B. Wesson's residence, Springfield, Mass.]

[Railroad arch on Main Street, Springfield, Mass.]

... The effect of imperialism upon the negro race. Ably set out by a colored man. (Written by Kelly Miller, professor of mathematics in Howard University, Washington, D. C. for the Springfield Republican. Boston, Mass. Published by the N. E. Ant

Mounts Tom and Holyoke from U.S. Armory tower, Springfield, Mass.

Lincoln Monument, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Ill.

North End bridge, Springfield, Mass.

[Old Day House, West Springfield, Mass.]

New Springfield [soldier holding rifle]

Finish of 1st Am[erican] auto race at Springfield, L.I. - A.L. Riker in electric, winner

Camp Lincoln, Illinois National Guard, Springfield, Ill[inoi]s]

Shops, U.S. Armory, Springfield, Mass.

[Mounts Tom and Holyoke from U.S. Armory tower, Springfield, Mass.]

Tennis courts, Forest Park, Springfield, Mass.

[City library, Springfield, Mass.]

E.J. Hickox, Springfield coach

[Springfield Hospital, Springfield, Mass.]

City library, Springfield, Mass.

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