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[Garden monument when heated by the sun brings water to a boil generating steam which causes sound to issue from pipes like an organ; shows statue, possibly of Hero of Alexandria]

[Statue of Nebuchadnezzar]

The statue, or the adoration of the wise-men of the west

Sketch for the statue ordered to be erected to the memory of the late Wm. Beckford Esqr. by the Court of Common Council

Thomas Jefferson, December 1786, Notes on Diana Statue by Jean Antoine Houdon

[Nude youth with lyre unveiling statue of woman decorated with animal figures; slab at her feet reads: "Metamor. de Pflanzen"]

Odeon, Tremont Theatre, Athenæum, Washington Statue

Medicine / engraved by G. Stodart from the statue by Ernst Hähnel.

[Full-length statue of Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, standing facing front]

The Clay statue. A model of a man. Designed by the goddess of liberty

[Model of a statue dedicated to French balloonists, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier, featuring a double profile portrait from a gold medal designed by Houdon and an inflated balloon] / H. Thiriat, sc.

Statue of Pan. Theatre Bacchus

Statue of Venus Vitrix. Removing her sandal to remain at Athens

Syout (Lycopolis) - statue appartenant au Docteur Cuny / Félix Teynard.

[Greek and Roman sculpture, including Phidias' statue of Pallas in the Parthenon, several of Venus, Diana the Huntress, and others] / G. Heck, dirt. ; Henry Winkles, sculpt.

[Statue of DeWitt Clinton by Henry K. Brown]

Unveiling of the statue of George Washington by Thomas Crawford, in Richmond, Virginia, Feb. 22, 1852 [i.e. 1858]

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827, full lgth., standing holding pen and music "bronze Crawford, presented to the Music Hall, Boston"

[Design drawing for proposed Reredos with central statue of Christ with Virgin Mary on left and St. John on right, and riddel curtains. Church of the Epiphany in Govans, Baltimore, Maryland]

[Diploma Awarded By The American Institute. To J. & R. Lamb, For Church Furniture. The Altar, Reading Desk and Statue carvings by the above exhibitors are noble examples of carved wood work in the Gothic Style. Medal of Special Award. Exhibition of 1872 [signed] New York Nov. 20th, 1872]

[Plaster copy of statue of George Washington]

[Plaster model of Statue of Freedom]

[Plaster model of Statue of Freedom]

Prague. Statue of Charles IV

Salzburg. Statue of Mozart

Prague. Statue of St. John Nepomue

Nuremburg. Fuch's house; statue of Melancthon

Genoa. Railway station. Statue of Columbus

Vienna. Statue of Emperor Joseph

Statue St. Charles Barromeo. Arona

Nuremburg. Statue of Albert Durer

Grenade. Statue de Isabelle la Catholique (de face) / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Vienna. Statue of Prince Schwarzenberg

Statue of Eve. Roof of cathedral

Frankfort. Dannecker's statue of Ariadne

[Rear view, statue of Washington, with view of U.S. Capitol building in background]

Munich. Statue of Bavaria

Vienna. Statue of Archduke Charles

Place des Victoires (Statue de Louis XIV)

Vienna. Statue of Prince Eugene

Statue Wm. Tell. Altorf

[Statue of George Washington by Clark Mills]

View of Greenough's statue in Capitol Plaza: rear view from slightly North East; Capitol in background; iron fence around statue

West front of the U.S. Capitol at Washington, D.C., as it appeared the moment the statue was completed, and placed in position by Charles F. Thomas

Capitol Dome, Statue of Freedom model

[Statue of George Washington on horseback on top of a monument in the Capitol Square area of Richmond, Virginia]

Bronze statue of Washington (near Georgetown)

Bronze statue of Jackson (Lafayette Square, opposite the President's house)

Statue of Lincoln, front of Lincoln School House, 5th Street, San Francisco

Statue de Méhémet Ali à Alexandrie / Bonfils.

The colossal bronze equestrian statue of Gen. Andrew Jackson [in Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C.]

Lima. Statue of Columbus

Lima. Statue of Bolivar

Statue of Morse, Central Park

Memorial of Fisk Mills, sculptor, relative to a resolution of Congress, approved July 14, 1870, donating condemned ordnance to be applied in the execution of an equestrian statue of the late General Rawlins. [Washington,D.C. 1870].

The Paseo, City of Mexico, equestrian statue of Charles V, Chapultepec, the aqueduct, Plaza de Toros

Unpacking a statue of Washington

International Exhibition, Phila., Pa.: Statue of Columbus

Graphic Statue No. 58 - The Genius of Opera Bouffe / Th. Nast.

Shakspeare. From the statue by J.Q.A. Ward

Statue of Abraham Lincoln on the National Lincoln Monument, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Ill. / photographed and for sale by J.A.W. Pittman, 511 & 513 North Side Square, Springfield, Ill.

Teoyaomiqui [Coatlicue statue], court of the museum, Mexico

Statue of Cuitlahuac [i.e. Cuauhtemoc]

Bas-relief on statue to Gautamozin

Statue of Hidalgo in the Alameda

Jackson's statue, [Lafayette Square], Washington, D.C.

Milwaukee, Juneau statue

[Thomas' Statue, Washington, D.C.]

Statue of Charles IV

Marquette statue, Marquette, Mich.

New York Bay, Castle Garden [Castle Clinton], and Statue of Liberty

[Statue of Liberty. Framework. Elevations]

[Workmen constructing the Statue of Liberty in Bartholdi's Parisian warehouse workshop; first model; left hand; and quarter-size head-; Winter 1882?]

[Head of Statue of Liberty on display in park in Paris]

Montage de la statue dans les ateliers de MM. Gaget, Gauthier et Cie / Alex. Fatalot, del.

[Ancient pottery and Aztec statue]

[The statue of liberty

Brer Thuldy's Statue Liberty frightenin de world: To be stuck up on Bedbug's Island-Jarsey Flats, opposit de United States. (Only authorized edition)

Mexico, Aztec idol, Teoyaomiqui [Coatlicue (statue)]

The Bartholdi Statue of Liberty / drawn by John Durkin.

New York - Transferring the cases containing the Bartholdi statue from the hold of the ISERE to lighters, for removal to Bedloe's Island

New York - the torch of the Statue of "Liberty," as it will appear when completed, on Bedloe's Island

New York - arrival of the French transport steamer Isere with the Bartholdi statue on board, at the base of the pedestal, Bedloe's Island, Friday, June 19th - the salute of welcome by the fleet

New York. Bartholdi "Statue of Liberty," erected on Bedloe's Island, in New York Harbor

Louisiana - the Nebraska exhibit at the World's Fair at New Orleans - a model, in cereals, of the Bartholdi statue

3 illus.: 1. Official presentation of the Statue of "Liberty enlightening the world," Paris, July 4th, 1884 - 2. M. Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi [head and shoulders] - 3. Sectional view of statue, showing iron core and braces

Pedestal for Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty on Bedloe's Island, New York Harbor [and insert of head and shoulder portrait of Bartholdi]

[Construction of the Statue of Liberty]: Re-constructing the statue on Bedloe's Island

Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty - the illumination of New York Harbor [Bird's-eye view of the statue, harbor and fireworks]

New York - the unvailing [i.e., unveiling] of the Bartholdi Statue of Liberty, October 28th - President Cleveland passing through the fleet of assembled vessels in the launch Vixne, on his way to Bedlow's Island [4 sailors standing in foregrd.; Statue of Liberty in backgrd.]

[Invitation to the unveiling and dedication of a bronze statue of Daniel Webster at Concord. May 1, 1886].

Completing the torch, Statue of Liberty

Our statue of Liberty--she can stand it

New York - Preparing the Statue of "liberty" on Bedloe's Island, for the formal unvailing [sic] on October 28th - Present condition of the work / from a sketch by a staff artist.

Lan' sakes, Allsbury Ferguson, ef dat statoo [i.e. statue] hain't turned clean roun! ...

[The Statue of Liberty. 2 pictures: 1. The statue - Bedloe's Island; 2. The head]

[Washington Statue, Sub-treasury, New York City]

[Rear view of the Pavilion of Monaco, with view of garden and statue of the Virgin Mary, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Gallery of Thirty Meters, looking toward the Central Dome, with the bronze statue of St. Michael in foreground, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Gallery of Thirty Meters, looking toward the Central Dome, with bronze statue of St. Michael in foreground, Paris Exposition, 1889]