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Washington and Lee College

Cross and harp floral arrangements

Stone family, Philadelphia

Crystal Palace Sydenhem

Tintern Abbey. The north transept

Your likeness, sir? No white eyes

Park trail

Autriche - Vienne. Neukärtnerstrasse

J. N. Stone Jr. in boy's soldier suit

View from Poets' Corner, looking towards the Confessor's Chapel

Library of Ferd. Dreer

Fore Bay, Laurel Iron Works Chester County

Supper after the ball

Mrs. J. Stone

Kane's boat and deer park

The Book of Psalms open with reading glasses

Book of Psalms

Interior of Exeter Cathedral, with the Minstrel's Gallery

Portrait of two unidentified men

Miniature model of Windsor Castle

William Penn's silver tea service

Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire

Fore Bay, Laurel Iron Works, Chester County

Sword carried by Captain Steele in the battle between the King's forces and Cromwell's. 250 years old. Now in pocession of Hugh ?. Laurel Iron Works, Chester County. Capt. Steele an ancestor of James N. Stone and a Royalist

Caesar's Tower, Wariwck Castle

St. Peter's churchyard

The Briars, residence of C. Guillou near Darby

The profound game

Miniature model of Windsor Castle

Paris, building interior with chandeliers

Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife on their wedding day, Dec. 30, 1852

Royal Exchange / by the London Stereoscopic Company.

South-west view of calvary and sacristy, Guimiliau, (p. 123.)

Curious house with leaning turrets, Lannion, (p. 88.)

Quay, with bridge and shipping, Auray, (p. 194.)

Quay and Shipping on the Blavet, Hennebon, (p. 185.)

Renaissance fountain, Grande Place, Guingamp, (p. 51.)

The principal street on market-day, Josselin, (p. 236.)

Declivitous Street, with quaint houses, Dinan, (p. 290.)

Court of the Chateau de la Forêt, near Quimper, (p. 170.)

Grande Rue, St. Malo, from the ramparts, (p. 14.)

Dovecot and bridge on the Ellé, Quimperlé, (p. 175.)

Group of Finisterre peasants, and gendarme, (p. 171.)

Ruins of Temple Church, Lanleff, (p. 74.)

West front and towers of the cathedral, Quimper, (p. 166.)

West door of the Abbey of Léhon, near Dinan, (p. 294.)

Quay and Church of St. Michael, Quimperlé, (p. 174.)

Towers and doorway of cathedral, St. Pol-de-Léon, (p. 106.)

Inner court of the Chateau de Léon, Josselin, (p. 238.)

South porch of church, with peasants, Lampaul, (p. 121.)

Overhanging houses, Grande Place, Guingamp, (p. 50.)

Gateway to the precincts of Ste. Anne, Auray, (p. 196.)

Group of menhirs at Kemaon, near Carnac, (p. 206.)

Quay and bridge on the river, Chateaulin, (p. 142.)

Church of Notre Dame de Creisker, St. Pol-de-Léon, (p. 104.)

Street, and Church of the Holy Trinity, Lannion, (p. 95.)

Ramparts and Tower of St. Vincent, St. Malo, (p. 16.)

Temporary triumphal arch at Napoléonville, (p. 236.)

Cathedral and bridge on the Vilaine, Rennes, (p. 268.)

Perforated spire of cathedral, Tréguier, (p. 80.)

South porch of church, with peasants, Guimiliau, (p. 123.)

The Market-place on market-day, Lannion, (p. 87.)

West front of the calvary, Plougastel, (p. 137.)

Bridge, and Hospital of Ste. Anne, Lannion, (p. 89.)

Ruins of the Castle of the Vicomtes de Tonquedec, (p. 93.)

Wells, with ornamental ironwork, Hennebon (p. 187.)

Fish-wives selling conger eels, Lannion, (p. 88.)

Market fruit-stall with peasants, Lannion, (p. 88.)

The Great viaduct and River Rance, Dinan, (p. 293.)

Dolmen in a farmyard at Erdeven, near Carnac, (p. 204.)

Town and cathedral, Guingamp, from the Trieux, (p. 48.)

Hooded house in the Grande Place, Guingamp, (p. 51.)

Curious menhir on the plain of Ménec, near Carnac, (p. 205.)

Chapel of St. Michael, on the Heights, Chateaulin, (p. 142.)

Cathedral roof and gate of St. Vincent, Vannes, (p. 226.)

Castle of Chateaubriand, and Lake, Combourg, (p. 276.)

View of the largest menhir, Kemaon, near Carnac, (p. 206.)

Apse and south transept of cathedral, Tréguier, (p. 80.)

Town and cathedral, from the Heights, Quimper, (p. 165.)

Calvary and charnel House, Lampaul, (p. 121.)

Inner courtyard of Hotel de France, St. Malo, (p. 18.)

South base of the calvary, Plougastel, (p. 137.)

Cross of St. Esprit, with distant view of Dinan, (p. 296.)

East gable of the Abbey of Léhon, near Dinan, (p. 294.)

Congress Hall, Saratoga, N.Y

New Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, building, Pa.

Broadway on a rainy day, N.Y.C.


Near Huntington, Penna, R.R

Supreme Court

Oil Tank and Workers

View from Castle Rock, Lynton, North Deven

Parade on Broadway near Union Square

St. Peters Episcopal Church, Freehold, N.J

Fresco in Dome, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C

View from dome of City Hall, looking S.E

Residential interiors: bedroom

The United States Capitol, East front, Washington, D.C.

Fort St. Augustine, Fla

U.S. Capitol