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Indian loving streamlet near the Chattahoochee, Columbus, Ga

Niagara Falls

East entrance of U.S. Capitol

Saint Charles Hotel, Saint Charles Street

Elephant Bathing, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

East Cemetery Hill, Gulps Hill in the distance

Series "D" East Portland, Or

Looking up the River, Bridge in the distance, Portage, N. Y

View from dome of City Hall, looking N.E

Switzerland of America

Psyche, by Keyser, of Baltimore

Second Greek Room. Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Horse Shoe Falls, from ferry landing Niagara

Horticultural Fair

Bowman's block, Kenduskeag Bridge, Bangor, ME, falls at Lovers Leap

Instantaneous Broadway view

Empire Spring

1964. Bruxelles, le palais d Orange

Pahute Jim and his adorable squaw

West front of Capitol and Botanic Garden

View of the old Tribune Building (corner of Spruce Street) and other businesses, New York City, New York

Congressional Library, (In U.S. Capitol)

Smithsonian Institute

Langley Ave., M. E. Church

View of statue in interior of hall

Independence Hall, interior

Broadway, from the balcony of the Metropolitan, looking south

Bridge at Cusua, looking south-east

Home of Washington Irving, Sunny Side, N.Y

River view of Huntingdon

Prince of Wales at Portland Maine

Entrance to Jackson Barrack

Brumedi's allegorical painting,s iu the dome of the U.S. Capitol

Canal view of Beall & Shoemaker's mill

Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, Mass

Union Hall dining room, Saratoga

Congress Hall-Saratoga, N.Y

Fifth Avenue Hotel, front view, Madison Square

Wakefield Mass

Fountain in the Park

City Hall, N. Y

Lower Falls, Portage, N. Y

Goat Island bridge Niagara

An instantaneous view, the Calzada del Monte

Treasury, South front

Valley of the Saco

Paris, Mairie of the 1st Arrondissement

Instantaneous view, from the Calle de Obispo, looking towards the Plaza

View of St. Louis, Mo. [Levee]

Unidentified Statue

St. Paul's Cathedral from T.D. Tooker's Gallery of Photographic Art, Genesee Street, Avon, N.Y

Montrael store

First Moravian seminary

Chatham Square

Childrens play ground, Congress Park

View of Pine Bank, Jamaica Plain

Winter View of Pulpit Rock Crawford Notch

Procession of Japanese embassy officials along Broadway, during visit to New York City, 1860

Statue of Washington - front of Independence Hall

Century plant

President's Room, Capitol, Washington D.C

Pumping engine, Fairmont

Residence of C.F. Pratt, Newport

Plantation view. The cooper's shop

Niagara Falls

Front view of Verplank house

Mount Vernon, VA no. 634 / George Stacy.

Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Person in a horse-drawn vehicle in front of a house, New York City, New York

The bulls and bears of the open board

Methuen, Mass

Upper falls of Peterskill

Taking views from an aeroplane

City Hall, New-York, N.Y

Broadway from Barnum's Museum, looking north

De Soto's discovery of the Mississippi

Russian fleet in New York Harbor

Views of the interior of the Smithsonian Institution

Teacher's home

The Washington Homestead, at Mt' Vernon, Va

City of Washington, from Arlington Heights

East Battery

Interior of Chapin's church

Lincoln Park

Bronze door (In U.S. Capitol.)

Arlington House, at Arlington Va

Beauty unadorned - Pahute

Valley of rocks, Lynton, North Devon

Niagara Falls. View from the trees

Los Angeles, California

Main Street north from South Division Street published by G. M. Manning, Buffalo, N.Y

Sea View Ave of Oak Bluffs, Mass

Indians of Arizona and New Mexico

Niagara from Point View

The Lake and Bridge--Boston Public Gardens

The U.S. Capitol and marble statue of Washington

The Indian curiosity store and rapids

General Post Office, Washington

Charles Brunners lot., Laurel Grove photographed by J.N. Wilson, No. 143 Broughton Street, Savannah, Ga

Wyoming Valley No. 3