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Portrait of an unidentified girl, full-length studio portrait, facing front, seated with right elbow resting on a table and with her left hand on the edge of the table, next to a dog pull-toy on wheels

Adelina Patti, full-length studio portrait, facing front, standing, with a table on the left and a music stand on the right, pointing with her left hand at a portrait of Jenny Lind printed on sheet music on the music stand

Hon. Josiah Bushnell Grinnell of Iowa

Hon. Austin A. King, MO

Hon. J.A. Gilmer of N.C

Hon. Wm. Irvine of N.Y.

Hon. Gordon N. Mott

Hon. Wm. King Sebastian of Ark

Hon. Sempronius Hamilton Boyd

Hon. Wm. Pitt Fessenden of Maine

Hon. Hiram Walbridge of N.Y

Hon. Thos. Clarke Theaker of Ohio

Hon. Fernando Wood of N.Y and Mayor of N.Y

Hon. H.B. Bowen of R.I

Hon. H.S. Sanford

Hon. J.J. Wilson

Hon. John Conover Ten Eyck of N.J

Hon. Edgar Cowan

Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen of N.J

Hon. Fernando Wood of N.Y

Hon. Cassius Clay

Hon. Zachariah Chandler of Mich

Hon. A.S. White

Hon. Wm. Campbell Preston of S.C

Gov. William Dennison of Ohio

Hon. Chas. J. Faulkner

Hon. Montgomery P. Blair

Hon. Schulyer Colfax

Hon. Thompson Campbell

Hon. Daniel E. Somes of Maine

Hon. Solomon Foot of Vermont

Hon. John Sherman of Ohio

Hon. Henry Jarvis Raymond of N.Y

Hon. Ransom Halloway

Hon. J.T. Harris

Hon. Isaac Toucey

Hon. L.Q.C. Lamar of Miss

Hon. G.W. Hotchkiss

Hon. John Snyder Carlile of Va

Hon. Henry Winter ? Davis of Md

Hon. Wm. Gannaway Brownlow of Tenn

Hon. John Van Buren

Hon. Gulian Crommelin Verplanck of N.Y

Hon. Francis Brockholst Cutting of N.Y

Hon. George Perkins Marsh of Vermont

Hon. Frederick Augustus Conkling of N.Y

Hon. Justin Smith Morrill of Vermont

Hon. Edwin Stanton

Hon. Wm. Aiken of S.C

Hon. Henry S. Lane of Ind

Hon. Fernando Wood of N.Y and Mayor of N.Y

Hon. Oakes Ames of Mass

Hon. Hotchkiss

Hon. Adam John Glossbrenner of PA

Hon. Bassett

Hon. Madison Miner Walden of Iowa

Hon. Edward Haight of N.Y

Hon. Jackson Orr of Iowa

Hon. Wm. Randall Roberts of N.Y

Hon. James Buffington of Mass

Hon. James Wilson Grimes of Iowa

Gen. James Scott Negley of Pa

[Unidentified little people, two males and a female, full-length studio portrait, standing, facing front]

Hon. Garcia

Hon. Ginery Twichell, of Mass

Hon. Geo. Frisbie Hoar of MASS

Gov. William Aiken

Hon. James Michael Cavanaugh of Minnesota

Hon. Stephen Lorenzo Mayham of N.Y

Hon. Columbus Delano of Ohio

Hon. D.S. Bennett of N.Y

Hon. John Fox of N.Y

Hon. James Mitchell Ashley of Ohio, Editor of Dispatch & Gov. of Territory of Montana, Born: 1824, Died: 1896

[Mrs. Jefferson Davis, full-length studio portrait, standing, facing slightly right with left hand resting on the back of a chair]

Hon. James Clark McGrew of W. Va

Hon. Chas. West Kendall of NEV

Hon. Demas Barnes

Hon. Archibald T. MacIntyre of GA

Hon. David Atwood of Wisc

Hon. Harris

Hon. Morton Smith Wilkinson of Minn

Hon. William L. Yancey

Hon. E.G. Ross of Kansas

Hon. James Mullins of Tennessee

Hon. Edward Isaac Golladay of Tenn

Jushire, Hon. Jas

Hon. Wm. Craig Fields of N.Y

Hon. McCarey

Hon. Sawyer

Hon. Simon Barclay Conover of Florida

Hon. John Smith Phelps of Mo

Hon. Oakes Ames of Mass

Edwards, Hon. Thos. M. of N.Y

[Brig. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, full-length studio portrait, standing, facing slightly left, wearing military uniform]

Hon. John Alexander Magee of PA

Unidentified man

Hon. Timothy Otis Howe of Wisc

Hon. Wm. Brown Read? of Ky

Hon. Gustavus Adolphus Finkelnburg of MO

Hon. Roger Q. Mills of Texas