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[Black slaves working in sugar mill. Hispaniola. Part 5, plate 2]

[Sugar manufacture in the Antilles Isles]

[Sugar manufacture in the Antilles Islands]

[West Indies: manufacture of sugar]

A representation of the sugar-cane and the art of making sugar

E. Sugar Creek, Bradford Co.

The gradual abolition off the slave trade or leaving of sugar by degrees

[Sugar works]

[Sugar works]

Sugar estate - Negros cutting cane

A Sugar mill

No. 4. Statement of the quantity of spirits, molasses, coffee, cocoa and sugar of the growth, produce_c. of foreign countries exported from the United States commencing on the 1st day of October, 1814, and ending on the 30th day of September, 18

Indian sugar camp / Capt. S. Eastman, U.S. Army ; John C. McRae.

U.S. Reports: Greely's Administrator v. Burgess et al., 59 U.S. (18 How.) 413 (1856)

Dr. Wieland's celebrated sugar worm lozenges / A. Kollner's Lithy. Phila.

U.S. Reports: McMicken's Executors v. Perin, 63 U.S. (22 How.) 282 (1860)

The levee at Memphis, Tenn.-Hauling sugar and cotton from their hiding-places for shipment north / sketched by Mr. Alex Simplot.

Webster's Station and Sugar Loaf Mountain, wagon in foreground

The Sugar Pine Tree, Placer County - Town of You Bet in the Distance

The Sugar Pine Tree, 200 ft. high; 40 ft. circumerence at the base - Calaveras County

Sugar Loaf Mountain, and Webster's Station

Santa Claus sugar plums--U.S. Confection Co., N.Y.

Chinese cheap labor in Louisiana - Chinamen at work on the Milloudon Sugar Plantation

"Chinese cheap labor" in Louisiana - Chinamen at work on the Milloudon Sugar Plantation

The Sugar harvest in Louisiana / Drawn by A.R. Waud.

Sugar mill, Cuautla

Cutting sugar cane in Louisiana

[Two men stand in sugar cane field, Mexico]

Cutting sugar cane in Louisiana

Sugar mill at Temasopa [sic]

Groups about the sugar mill, Temasopa [sic]

Cutting sugar cane in Louisiana

Cutting sugar cane in Louisiana

Cutting sugar cane in Louisiana

Groups about the sugar mill, Temasopa [sic]

Hon. J. G. Carlisle, Committee on ways and means, H. R. Dear Sir: For greater convenience of use in committees, I have printed herewith my tabular analysis of the rates of duty on sugar proposed by the Senate Finance committee ... H. A. Brown ..

U.S. Reports: Harrison v. Merritt, 115 U.S. 577 (1885)

U.S. Reports: N. O. Waterworks v. LA. Sugar Co., 125 U.S. 18 (1888)

Nothing but feed and fight. Farmer Jonathan ... [Uncle Sam in field with hoe facing many headed monsters - Coal Trust, Oil Trust, Sugar Trust, Steel Trust, Rubber Trust, etc.]

[Sugar Loaf Mountain. Glengariff. County Cork, Ireland]

Sugar cane fields, Louisiana

[Port St. Mary, Sugar Loaf Rock, Isle of Man]

Abergavenny, Sugar Loaf Mountain

[Child, who is blind in one eye, seated on shoulder of woman and sucking sugar cane; and head of another woman looking through window, Egypt]

Post's sugar mill, Louisiana

[Sugar Loaf Mountain, from Powerscourt. County Wicklow, Ireland]

Norfolk beet sugar factory

Jamaica, irrigation canal on sugar plantation

[Sugar mill (machine), Puerto Rico]

Sugar cane fields at Destroham's [sic], Louisiana

Sugar mill, Hacienda, Temasopo [i.e. Tamasopa], Mexico

U.S. Reports: Clement v. Field, 147 U.S. 467 (1893)

Minnesota, Sugar Loaf near Winona

St. Louis Levee - unloading sugar

Winona, Sugar Loaf Rocks, distant view

Winona, Sugar Loaf Rocks, near view

Yauco, one of Porto Rico's important sugar exporting towns

On "La Union" sugar plantation, San Luis, Santiago Province, Cuba

Cuba - Hauling sugar cane to the mill

Porto Rico, Hoeing sugar cane

Mrs. Antin - Welzmiller - Gompers (Save sugar campaign)

Franconia Village and Sugar Hill, White Mountains

Bringing in the sap in a maple sugar camp

Cutting the sugar cane, Porto Rico

Taking time on a sugar plantation, Porto Rico

Sugar Factory, Aisne

Families of sugar strikers, Williamsburg

Cutting sugar cane, Baton Rouge, La.

Grinding sugar cane by hand, San Juan, Porto Rico

[Harvesting sugar cane with an ox cart, Milwaukee Public Museum]

Sugar Refinery, Philippines

The Sugar loaf, Mackinac Isl'd, from above

Sugar Loaf, Mackinac Isl'd

Gathering sap in a maple sugar camp

[Sugar Loaf, Mackinac Island, Mich.]

Road to Jericho, Jordan, etc. Ruins of Crusader sugar mills.

On guard, sugar strike, Williamsburg

[Franconia Notch, Sugarhill [i.e. Sugar Hill] from Profile Golf Club Links, White Mts., N.H.]

West Indies -- boiling sugar

Sugar Loaf Rock, Mackinac Island, Michigan

Sugar Hill from Profile Golf [Club] links, Franconia Notch, White Mountains

Post's sugar mill, La.

Crisolle - destroyed sugar factory

Deputy guarding wagon - sugar strike Williamsburg

Sugar Loaf, Mackinac Island

[Road to Jericho, Jordan, etc. Ruins of Crusader sugar mills]

Gathering cane on a Cuban sugar plantation

Police guard sugar wagons, Williamsburg.

Guarding Williamsburg sugar plant

Sugar Loaf Rock, Mackinac Island

Sugar Hill House, White Mountains

Cane cutters on a Cuban sugar plantation

Deputies guard Williamsburg sugar plant.

Alma Sugar Co., Alma, Mich.

White Mountains from Sugar Hill

A native sugar mill, Nassau, W.I.

Franconia Mountains from Sugar Hill, White Mts., N.H.

[In the interests of humanity and the American sugar refining combine]

American sugar producers

Sugar trust. Herald (N.Y.) April 26, '02