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William Taylor to James Madison.

At a meeting of the merchants & traders, at Faneuil-Hall, on the 23rd January 1770. The following votes were passed, viz. … Whereas William Jackson Theophilus Little, John Taylor, and Nathaniel Rogers all of Boston, did refuse and yet delay to c

[Harmony weeps for the present situation of American affairs] / J.C. inv. ; Isc. Taylor sc.

[Liberty triumphs over Tyranny] / Isaac Taylor del et sculp.

The botching taylor cutting his cloth to cover a button / John Simpson aqua forti.

John Payten to James Taylor, June 8, 1784

State of New Hampshire. John Taylor Gilman, Esquire, Treasure of said state: To the selectmen of Greeting. Pursuant to an act of the General Court of said state, passed the 11th day of June Anno Domini, 1784 ... You are hereby required to assess

State of New-Hampshire. John Taylor Gilman, Treasurer of said state. To the selectmen of Greeting. Pursuant to an act of the General Court of said state of New Hamphire (passed February 23, Anno Domini, 1785) ... You are hereby required to asses

Robert Taylor, Mayor, and the Recorder and Aldermen of the Borough of Norfolk to Thomas Jefferson, November 25, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Taylor, Mayor, and the Recorder and Aldermen of the Borough of Norfolk, November 25, 1789

"The rights of man; or Tommy Paine, the little American taylor, taking the measure of the crown, for a new pair of revolution-breeches

Charles C. Watson. taylor and habit-maker No. 93, Second street, between Chestnut and Walnut-streets. Philadelphia. March 28, 1792. [Philadelphia] Printed by Johnston and Justice. [1792].

Thomas Jefferson to George Taylor, July 29, 1792

Thomas Jefferson, April 1, 1792, Memorandum of George Taylor Appointment

Thomas Jefferson to George Taylor, Jr., September 1, 1793

Thomas Jefferson to George Taylor, Jr., November 16, 1793, with Promissory Note

Thomas Jefferson to George Taylor Jr., December 31, 1793. Recommendation.

Rule as to the sailing of vessels of war of the belligerent nations from the United States ... True copy, Geo: Taylor, jun. Ch Clk. in the Department of State. June 18th, 1794. [Philadelphia: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1794.].

By His Excellency John Taylor Gilman, Governor of the State of New-Hampshire; a proclamation for a public thanksgiving ... The Legislature have appointed Thursday the thirteenth day of November next, to be observed as a day of public thanksgivin

Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, April 15, 1795

Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, January 8, 1795

James Madison to Oliver Wolcott, September 17, 1797. On Verso F. Taylor Sept 17, 1797.

James Madison to Francis Taylor, September 17, 1797.

Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, January 24, 1799

J. M. Pavia to William Taylor, July, 1822. Accounts on the coinage of the mint of Mexico from 1802 to 1821.

James Taylor to James Madison, October 28, 1804.

Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, January 6, 1805

Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, August 1, 1807

Sale at auction [Woodcut] on Friday the 2nd day of October next, will be sold without reserve, at the lumber house lately occupied by Messers. Wm. Mackenzie & Co. on the cross street leading to Shockoe warehouse ... Taylor & Brown, V. M's. [Rich

Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, January 6, 1808

Nathanial Taylor, October 29, 1814

John Taylor to James Madison, January 4, 1815.

Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, July 21, 1816

The two circulars, ornamented with notes. John W. Taylor's circular, General M'Arthur's circular and Notes by Philo-Taylor. Washington City June 1824.

William Taylor Barry to Andrew Jackson, November 24, 1834

[Administratrix notice for estate of James Taylor and Ann Taylor, Adm'x]

William Taylor Barry to John Forsyth, March 22, 1835

[Apparatus used to convert electrical energy into mechanical rotation, the basis of dynamos, using bar magnet, beaker of mercury, and current carrying wire] / A.A., del. ; J.B. Taylor, sc.

Genl. Taylor at the battle of Resaca de la Palma Capt. May receiving his orders to charge the Mexican batteries, May 9th 1846.

Statistics of Lowell manufactures, January MDCCCXLVI compiled from authentic sources. Lowell, Mass. Published by Joel Taylor, at the office of the Lowell daily courier [1846].

H. W. Taylor to Andrew Jackson, April 22, 1846

Quartel general, exercito de ocupacion, Corpus Christi 8 de Marzo, de 1846. Orden Num. 30. El exercito de occupacion en Te jas ... Z. Taylor, Br. Bd. General en Gefe, Exercito de los Estados Unidos.

Genl. Taylor at the battle of Resaca de la Palma Capt. May receiving his orders to charge the Mexican batteries May 9th 1846.

Taylor & his battles

General Taylor's letter of condolence to Henry Clay on his recent distressing bereavement .... Philadelphia. Published by C. Alexander Daily Chronicle Office, Franklin Place 1847.

Monterey, A National Song - Respectfully dedicated to Genl. Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor - "I ask no favors, and shun no responsibilities"

[Zachary Taylor, half-length portrait, facing slightly left, in uniform, holding telescope]

A proclamation of peace! Orders, No. 1848. Head-Quarters, Washington-Whereas, the recall of Gen. Scott, from the seat of war, having turned all harsh thoughts to peace and love, and changed the talk about General Taylor and Santa Anna, to that o

Zachary Taylor: twelfth President of the United States

Zachary Taylor, the people's choice for 12th president

Speech of the Taylor candidate for Congress. Mr. Jacob Barker's speech at Lafayette. [1848?].

Inauguration of Gen. Taylor, March fourth, 1849 / W.W. Butt.

Republican extra--- St. Louis, March 5, 5. P. M. President Taylor's inaugural address. Washington, Monday, March 5, 1839 [i. e. 1849] [St. Louis, 1849].

Zachary Taylor

City of Charlestown. Order of services, (under the direction of the City Council,) at the Winthrop Church, on Wednesday, the 31st day of July, 1850, as a testimony of respect to the memory of Zachary Taylor, late president of the United States .

U.S. Reports: Taylor v. Taylor et al., 49 U.S. (8 How.) 183 (1850)

Circular. "United States fiscal department." To professional gentlemen, officers in the various branches of the public service, claimants, and others "immediately interested in the practical administration of the government." ... Taylor & Maury,

Rev. Taylor

Bayard Taylor

Bayard Taylor

Rev. Taylor

To Miss Mary E. Taylor. The Supper Bell Polka. Companion to the dinner & breadfast bell / J.H. Bufford's Lith.

View of Snake River at mouth of Tukanon showing Fort Taylor & bluffs; looking towards the north.

Zachary Taylor, Pres. U.S., 1784-1850

Warrant of Attorney in Blong v. W. C. Taylor & Co., [Law papers].

[George Taylor, Representative from New York, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Miles Taylor, Representative from Louisiana, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Mrs. Thomas Taylor, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left] / Alexander Gardner.

G.W.C. Lee, Robert E. Lee, Walter Taylor

[Ezra Booth Taylor, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]

[Portrait of Capt. Murray F. Taylor, C.S.A., aide to Gen. A. P. Hill]

G.W.C. Lee, Robert E. Lee, Walter Taylor

Key West, Fla. Jan 14 60, garrisoned by U.S. troops. Fort Taylor

Gen. Thomas H. Taylor

Thomas H. Taylor, Col. 1st Ky Inf., C.S.A.

Gen. Nelson Taylor of N.Y.

[Unidentified woman] / Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown, 912-914 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Thomas H. Taylor, Col. 1st Ky Inf., C.S.A.

Richard Taylor CSA

Taylor's Dam on the Rappahannock

Col. George W. Taylor

Hawkins Taylor to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, January 13, 1861 (Forwards letter)

Fort Taylor, Key West, Fla.

Taylor's Tavern, near Falls Church, Va.

Gen. Taylor

Taylor's Tavern, near Falls Church, Va.

[Envelope showing Confederate flag, addressed to Miss Lou Taylor, No. 461 Sixth St., Cincinnati, Ohio]

Bv't.-Maj. Gen. Chas. Cruft / photo by Wenderoth & Taylor ; engraved by J.C. Buttre, N.Y.

James W. Taylor to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, September 30, 1862 (Cover letter)

Position of Taylor's and McAllister's batteries during the battle at Fort Donelson [12-16 Feb. 1862]

Moses Taylor to Salmon P. Chase, Wednesday, June 18, 1862 (Recommendation)

Hawkins Taylor to John G. Nicolay, Monday, October 13, 1862 (Introduction)

Bull Run, the scene of Gen. Taylor's death, May, 1863

Hudson Taylor to John G. Nicolay, Saturday, June 11, 1864 (Sends engravings of General Grant)

The war in Louisiana--the Battle of Pleasant Hill, between General Banks and the rebel General Dick Taylor, April 9 / from a sketch by our special artist, C. E. H. Bonwell. - The war in Louisiana--Battle of Wilson's Plantation, between Gen. Lee and the rebel Gen. Green, April 7. - The war in Louisiana--Battle of Mansfield, between Gen. Banks and General Dick Taylor, April 8.

The war in upper Virginia - Gen. Sheridan's headquarters at Harper's Ferry / from a sketch by J.E. Taylor.

Taylor, Hon. Robert Love of Tenn. Senator 46th Cong

Updegraff, Hon. Jonathan Taylor of Ohio, Surgeon in Union Army Civil War

Jones, Hon. Jas. Taylor, Rep. From Ala. Capt. Co. D. 4th Ala. In 1862, Judge advocate in Confederate War Dept 1864

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