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Wij Christina medh Gudz ...

[Four people working with harvested tobacco in shed]

The Lord Mayor's speech and the city petition about excise [on tobacco. Speech with illus. of meeting of the Common-Council of London]

By the Upper House of Assembly, October 28, 1773. Gentlemen. We return the bill, entitled "An act for the regulation of the staple of Tobacco, and for preventing frauds in his Majesty's customs." ... Signed by order, U. Scott, Cl. Up. Ho. [Willi

U.S. Reports: Wharton, et al. v. Morris, et al., 1 U.S. (1 Dall.) 125 (1785)

Thomas Jefferson to Patrick Henry and William Smallwood, May 31, 1786, Tobacco Trade Regulations

Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes to Thomas Jefferson, May 30, 1786, Tobacco Trade

Thomas Jefferson to John Bondfield, May 31, 1786, Tobacco Trade Regulations

Thomas Jefferson to Francis Coffyn, et al, May 31, 1786, Tobacco Trade Regulations

Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes to Thomas Jefferson, May 30, 1786, Tobacco Trade Regulations; in French

Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, May 31, 1786, Tobacco Trade Regulations

Subscription of tobacco shipments to New Orleans

For sale. The quantity of 389,565 acres of farm lands, in sixty adjoining and adjacent tracts, fit for wheat, rye and other grain, cattle, tobacco and cotton. These lands (except one tract) are situated in the county of Rutherford, District of M

John Bull, baited by the dogs of excise

Great Britain, 1791, Tobacco Shipments

[Four scenes showing curing, airing, and storing of tobacco, Tidewater, Virginia, pre-1800]

[Tobacco processing; curing, storing, barreling and selling]

Tobacco currency - furnished by the manufacturers Pearl & Obreight

[Tobacco plant]

Edward Howe, November, 1803. Bill of lading for tobacco shipment.

U.S. Reports: Laidlaw v. Organ, 15 U.S. (2 Wheat.) 178 (1817)

James Maury, September 28, 1821. List of weight and value for tobacco.


Maury & Latham, May 30, 1829. Monthly Tobacco Report.

U.S. Reports: Tiernan et al vs. Jackson, 30 U.S. (5 Pet.) 580 (1831)

E. Goodwin & Brother's Spanish mixed smoking tobacco. 153, South Street, N.Y.

U.S. Reports: Warner et al. v. Martin, 52 U.S. (11 How.) 209 (1851)

A head of all, N.L. Hansen & Co's. magnolia tobacco, unsurpassed by any in use. For sale here Robt. J. Betge 72 Broad Street

Ahead of all, N.L. Hansen & Co's. Magnolia Tobacco, unsurpassed by any in use. For sale here

Harris, Beebe & Co's Specimen Brand - choice Honey Dew tobacco, Quincy, Ill.

The Fenian's comfort smoking tobacco

Mary & Lizzie - Segars Manufactory of the best vuelta-abajo tobacco by W.S. Huntoon & Son, Providence, R.I.

My Uncle Toby's Tobacco

Gravely's best flue cured Prepared by C.R. Sisson : Virginia smoking tobacco / / Herline & Hensel, Lith.

[Tobacco label showing "old Nick" (Santa Claus) dropping cigar packages down the J.C. Partridge & Co. chimney while smoking a cigar]

Tobacco house

Brick Pomeroy's campaign smoking tobacco

A. Thomas & Son celebrated grape brand genuine chewing tobacco

My pride--manufactured of the best quality of Vuelta Abajo tobacco by J.G. Sauer

Tobacco house. North Ga.

Indian encampment, Tobacco Plains, Kootenay [i.e., Kootenai] River - fish trap in the foreground, 1861

[Unidentified soldier of Laurel Brigade Virginia Cavalry Regiment with tobacco pouch]

The tax on tobacco. Extract of the bi-monthly report of the commissioners of agriculture, dated October 31st 1864 ... Respectfully J. S. Gans. New York, Dec. 1, 1864.

Prize medal awarded--Suggett & Kimball's peerless tobacco / lith. of Moller & Forst 12 Vesey St. N.Y.

Segar Manufactory of the best Vuelto-Abajo Tobacco by Jno. Bollmann & Co.

Melochnaia torgovlia. Prodazha tabaku i krasil'nykh materialov

The pride of Columbus

The Inimitable - manufactured of the choicest Havana tobacco by N.& U. Habana

Lean Jack Virginia smoking tobacco

Ballou's tobacco disinclinator

View of the tobacco exchange, corner of Virginia and Cary Streets, Richmond, Virginia


Savannella. Manufactured of the best vuelta de abajo tobacco.

Reconstruction, manufactured of the best vuelta abajo tobacco

Mermaid, manufactured from the finest Vuelta Abajo tobacco

Our "favorite"--Manufactured "only" by J.E. Nicholson & Co.--Dealers in cigars, tobacco & snuff

Jean Nicot presenting the tobacco plant to Queen Catherine de Medicis and the Grand Prior of the House of Lorraine 1655 [i.e., 1561]

Pioneer tobacco. Kentucky

Fanchon - manufactured of the best quality of vualta abajo tobacco by S.L. & Co.

Narragansett Park. Manufactured of the finest selection of Vuelta Abajo tobacco by Reynolds & Salisbury, ..., Providence, R.I. / Lith. of F. Heppenheimer, N.Y.

Buffalo Smoking Tobacco

Velocipede - manufactured from the choicest selection of vuelta abajo tobacco

Missouri Valley. Expressly manufactured for the Omaha market of the finest Vuelta Abajo tobacco by M.M.S. / Lith. of F. Heppenheimer & Co., N.Y.

Starlight Bess, of pure Virginia stock

The Left Bower smoking tobacco Manufactured by Joseph Scheider, 100 Walker St., N.Y.

The boss of the ring prime quality smoking tobacco

First love--Manufactured of the best quality of vuelta abajo tobacco by K.F. & Co. / lith. of F. Heppenheimer & Co.

Dexter - manufactured from the best selected Havana tobacco.

Buckeye girls manufactured of the best quality of vuelta abaja tobacco by C.F.S. & Bro. / Tuchfarber, Walkly & Moellmann, Cin.

U.S. Reports: Railroad Company v. Reeves, 77 U.S. (10 Wall.) 176 (1870)

F. H. M. Newcombe's fine cut Cavendish May Blossom smoking tobacco.

Shenandoah Valley smoking tobacco Manufactured by Wm. H. Goodwin & Co., 207 & 209 Water St., New York.

Mountain Dew tobacco - Jacobs, Stall & Co., Sole Agents, Nos. 18 & 20 Main St., Cincinnati

U.S. Reports: Henderson's Tobacco, 78 U.S. (11 Wall.) 652 (1871)

Keystone state - Holbrook Tobacco Manufacturing Company, Louisville, Ky.

U.S. Reports: Cherokee Tobacco, The, 78 U.S. (11 Wall.) 616 (1871)

No. 1 Yara Smoking Tobacco

Sweet scented smoking tobacco

[Stock form for tobacco label; girl in apron leaning on broom and smoking pipe]

Select - manufactured of the best quality of vuelta abajo tobacco

Sweet scented smoking tobacco, manufactured for Drake, Hulick & Co., Easton, Pennsylvania

Eclipse chewing tobacco / Wilstach, Baldwin & Co.

Red Cloud chewing tobacco / Strobridge & Co. lith.

Wenonah chewing tobacco / Strobridge & Co. lith.

Formosa. Chewing tobacco. Spence Brothers and Co., Cincinnati, O. / Strobridge Co. lith, Cin., O.

Mountain Dew fine cut chewing tobacco Manufactured by Allen & Ellis, the leader tobacco works of Chicago / / Donaldson & Elmes Steam Lith.

Juliet, fine cut, chewing tobacco - James Moran & Co., St. Louis / Averell & Peckett, lith., N. Y.

Grant's tobacco / The Graphic Co. lith., N.Y.


[Five styles of tobacco or opium pipes]

Seal of North Carolina smoking tobacco - Marburg Brothers [advertisement printed in reverse]

Globe Tobacco Co. Chew Globe fine cut

Sweet Violet cigarettes. Globe Tobacco Co.

Bufford's vegetable cards, no. 790-5 [tobacco] / Bufford.

[Pavilion of Turkish Tobacco, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Turkish Tobacco Pavilion with Folies Parisiennes on left, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[People working among tobacco plants, Rhodesia]

One of the finest. Chewing and smoking tobacco. D. Buchner & Co., New York

[Blacks on tobacco plantation, Jamaica]

Carrying tobacco in Cuba