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A prospective view of the town of Boston, the capital of New-England - and the landing of --- troops in the year 1768, in consequence of letters from Gov. Bernard, the commissioners, &c. to the British ministry / P. Revere.

Journée de Lexington dessiné et gravé par F. Godefroy de l'Academie Imple. et Rle. de Vienne &c

Landung einer Französischen Hülfs-Armee in America, zu Rhode Island, am 11ten Julius 1780 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

Ende der Feindseeligkeiten. Die Engländer räumen den Americanern Neu-Yorck ein 1783 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

[View of the battle near Chalmettes plantation, Jan. 8, 1815]

Siège d' York-Town, (6 Octobre 1781) investissement de la place peint par Siméon Fort ; gravé par Skelton

View of the mountain Baba-Naunee, called Kutl-Gahor

The opening into the narrow pass above the Siri Bolan

Entrance into the Kojack Pass from Parush

The second descent through the Koojah Pass

The troops emerging from the narrow part of the defile

The approach to the fortress of Kwettah

The first descent through the Koojah Pass

[Two sketches: officer on horse and marching figures with rifles]

Rebel works on the heights of Centerville [sic]

The seventh regiment New York State militia in the cars en route for Washington / from a sketch by our own artist.

[Troops on the road]

[Horseman at the head of a column of infantry]

Advance of the Army towards Lewinsville

Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon of Philadelphia / J. Queen, del. & lith. ; T. Sinclair's Lith., 311 Chestnut St. Phila.

Green River A.M

The march from Corinth, Mississippi to Battle Creek Tennessee, 1862 A.M

"The forlorn hope" - volunteer storming party, consisting of portions of the 7th Michigan and 19th Massachusetts, crossing the Rappahannock in advance of the Grand Army, to drive off the Rebel riflemen, who were firing upon the Union pontoniers, Wednesday, December 10 / from a sketch by our special artist, Henri Lovie.

Transports at Alexandria removing troops

Sketches with the Co. B 8th Reg., Pa. Ma. [i.e., militia] under the officers of the old "Southwark Gaurd" [sic] night after leaving "Camp McClure" / J Queen.

The Rebel forces under General Jackson advancing upon the Rappahannock Station at the river - National batteries replying to the Rebel artillery, August 23, being the commencement of the battles between Gens. Pope and Lee and Jackson, ending at Bull Run, August 30 / sketch by -- Edwin Forbes.

Quartermasters moving, Cedar run, Va

The passage of the Rappahannock by the Grand Army of the Potomac at Fredericksburg, Va., midnight, Wednesday, December 10 / from a sketch by our special artist, Henri Lovie.

Evacuation of Corinth, Mississippi, lately held by the rebel General Beauregard - Burning of stations, warehouses and supplies - Entry of National troops / from a sketch by our special artist, Henri Lovie.

Return from picket duty, Green River, Kentucky, February 1862 A.M

The Army of the Potomac - at and on the way to Fredericksburg

Uncle Sam, "Go ahead, boys, I'll take care of the wives and babies - God bless you!" / J.M.

Camp at Cumberland with a view of the Pamunkey River full of gunboats and transports

View of Cumberland Gap, from the south

Rebel line in front of Sedgwick--Mine Run 1863

[Nine views of the Gettysburg battlefield from photographs by Mathew Brady and Army of the Potomac's Twelfth Corps crossing the Rappahannock River in pursuit of Robert E. Lee from a sketch by an officer]

On the Potomac nr. Williamsport. Rebel crossing ; Rebel Pontoons at Falling Waters

Invasion of Maryland - General Meade's army crossing the Antietam in pursuit of Lee, July 12 / from a sketch by our special artist, E. Forbes.

Rebel earthworks commanding the passage at Germanna ford, abandoned on the approach of Meade's army

Dumfries, Va., June 1863

Halt at Annandale

Port Hudson from the opposite bank of the river The Union forces entering the breast-works to take possession of Port Hudson, July 9, 1863 / / from a sketch by Mr. J.R. Hamilton.

The Banks expedition--scene on the hurricane deck of the U.S. transport North Star--the soldiers of the 41st Mass. Regiment writing home to their friends upon their arrival at Ship Island, Gulf of Mexico / from a sketch by our special artist, F.H. Schell.

[Three horse-drawn covered wagons in the foreground. Soldiers marching in formation between rows of small cabins and tents in the background]

Grants' Great Campaign-the New York 14th Heavy Artilery crossing Chesterfield Bridge, on the North Anna, under a heavy artillery fire.

General Sherman's advance / sketched by Theodore R. Davis.

The war in Louisiana - Banks's army, in the advance of Shreveport, crossing Cane River, March 31 / sketched by our [artis]t, C.E.H. Bonwill.

Evacuation of Port Royal, Va., May 30, 1864

Destruction of the depots, public buildings, and manufactories at Atlanta, Georgia, November 15, 1864 The Fourteenth and Twentieth Corps moving out of Atlanta, November 15, 1864.

Gen'l Sherman's Campaign - crossing the Little Salkahatchie after the bridge was built

Sailors [sic] Creek 2nd Corps

Sherman's March Through South Carolina - Burning of McPhersonville, February 1, 1865

Night on the Danville R.R. Rebels in full retrt [sic]

The stampede of the Eleventh Corps - Berry's corps checking the pursuit

A thirsty crowd Newspapers for the Army. The race for camp E. Forbes

A night march Plate 16.

Union troops crossing the Rapidan at Ely's Ford / from a war-time sketch.

The Right wing of Hooker's army crossing the Rappahannock at Kelly's Ford from a war-time sketch

Mexico - Sonora, Yaqui Indians, enlisted in the Mexican Army, being transported by box cars

General Logan crossing the Bayou Pierre

Sumner's grand division crossing the Rappahannock

Chattanooga from the north bank of the Tennessee

The advance on Port Gibson Attack on Grand Gulf.

Boarding the transport boats for Santiago, Tampa, Fla., U.S.A.

American cavalrymen, Tampa, Fla.

Seventy-first N.Y. volunteers on the dock, day of sailing from Tampa, U.S.A.

Arrival of U.S. Troops, Camp Tampa, Fla., U.S.A.

From the ranks / Ehrhart.

Birdseye view of the Army transports for Santiago, Tampa, U.S.A.

Landing of the American Army at Daiquiri

Troop movements in Richmond, Petersburg, Appomattox area, April 1865 /

"Crossing the Tugela"

Preparing to embark for Cuba, Tampa, Fla., U.S.A.

Marching on Richmond / E.J.M.

Troop movements in Richmond, Petersburg, Appomattox area, April 1865

A halt outside Pretoria, South Africa

The Warwick Regiment on the main road, Simonstown, South Africa, during the Boer War

Contact of outposts / Frederic Remington.

"Home, sweet homeski!" / Hassmann.

[The march was painfully slow, the roads being in shocking condition

Moving supplies to the front

Landing party from British ship against Arabs on Persian Gulf

U.S. Army Expeditionary troops resting in Mexico, April 1, 1916

The remnants of an army, Serbia, 1915 Les ombres de l'armée, Serbe, 1915.

The Serbian Army crossing Tchakor, 1915 L'Armée Serbe traversant Tchakor, 1915.

U.S. soldiers fording a river in the Philippine Islands

11th Field Artillery Brigade, Scofield [sic] Bks., H.T.

Gen. Pershing's arrival at Boulogne

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements In War, 10 C.F.R. (1939)

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements, 10 C.F.R. (1941)

A patrol in action

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements In War, 10 C.F.R. (1943)

Queue of Chinese warriors, central sector of China's Salween front

Marines on beach, preparatory to embarkation for New Britain, taken by the USS Nashville

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements, 10 C.F.R. (1944)

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements, 10 C.F.R. (1945)

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements, 10 C.F.R. (1946)

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements, 32 C.F.R. (1949)

Railroads and national defense

Code of Federal Regulations: Secrecy Surrounding Troop Movements, 32 C.F.R. (1951)

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