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The battle of Zama

Tunis. La Mosquée Becquia / ND Phot.

[Young man seated, playing an oud, while a young woman stands nearby]

Woman of Tunis

Tunis. ... ND Phot

Tunis. Une mosquée / ND Phot.

Tunis. La Porte de France / ND Phot.

Tunis. La Mosquée Sidi-ben-Arous / ND Phot.

Africa, Tunis, woman

Tunis. Jeune filles Juives / ND Phot.

Africa. Tunis. Street scene

Soldier standing guard

Africa. Tunis. Mosque

Tunis. Porte du Collège / ND Phot.

Tunis. Mosquée Sidi-ben-Ziaa / ND Phot.

Africa. Tunis

Tunis. La Porte de la Folle (Bab-Menara) / ND Phot.

Cour de la Grande Mosquée de Kairouan

Village de Chenini, Djebel Charett

Habitation du Caı̈d des Matmatas

La Mosquée de Barb[er,] Kairouan

Vue intérieure de la Grande Mosquée de Kairouan / Photo, Tunis.

Le Marché de Médenine

Habitation du Caı̈d de Douirat / Soler Phot., Tunisia.

Médenine, vue générale de la ville

Chenini, troglodytes du Djebel-Charett

Douirat, region des troglodytes grimpeurs

Les maisons de Médenine

Ksar Beni Barka ...

Médenine, vue generale de la ville

Vue generale de Ksar de Médenine

[Interior of Pavilion of Algeria or Pavilion of Tunisia, showing products on display, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Pavilion of Tunisia, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Courtyard, Pavilion of Tunisia (?), Paris Exposition, 1889]

Jewish woman and husband, Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia - Tunis. Bedouin woman

Tunis - a view in Sidi-bou-Said

Carthage, Father Pierre de Latrie standing amid antiquities

Tunis - a watering place

Carthage - World Transportation Commission members

Bizerta - basin, or the inner harbor, of the old city of Biserta

Tunis - road outside the gates

Tunis - an old water-wheel in the suburbs of Tunis

Carthage temple ruins

Tunis - Bab el-allouch, the Susa Gate

Tunis - soldier leaning on rifle

Tunis - mosque in native quarter Bab el-allouch

Tunis - view of Golita and Bay of Tunis

Tunis (?) - birds-eye view

N. Africa (?) man with rifle on horseback, "An Arab Cavalier - Tuns

Bizerta - basin, or the inner harbor, of the old city of Biserta

[Bardo, tribunal chamber, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Market, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[Mosque of St. Catherine, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Bardo, the throne room, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Kasbah market, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Ebony market, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Sidi-Ben-Ziad, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Souc-el-Trouk, Tunis, Tunisia]

[From minaret of the Great Mosque, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[General view from Paris Hotel, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Outside a Moorish cafe, Tunis, Tunisia]

[A procession, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[Couscous sellers and an Arab cafe, Tunis, Tunisia]

[A street, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[Types of Arabs, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Arabs leaving mosque, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Bedchamber of the late Bey of Tunis, Kasr-el-Said, Tunisia]

[A street, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[Bedouin beggars and children, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Sadiky Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Bardo, the lion staircase, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Moorish cafe, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Mahomedia (the lost town), Tunis, Tunisia]

[A traveling cook, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[A bazaar, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Snake charmer, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Marr Street, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Museum garden, II, Carthage, Tunisia]

[Group of wandering Arabs, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Bab Suika-Suker Square, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Group before Bab Aleona, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Private drawing room, I, Kasr-el-Said, Tunisia]

[Private drawing room, II, Kasr-el-Said, Tunisia]

[The cathedral, Carthage, Tunisia]

[A mosque in the principal street, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[Tresure Street, Tunis, Tunisia]

[A Bedouin woman, Tunis, Tunisia]

[Sousse, Tunisia]

[Tombs and view of Goletta, Carthage, Tunisia]

[Museum garden, Carthage, Tunisia]

[Two Jewish women standing, facing each other, in Tunisia]

Kairouan. One of the corridors of the Mosque of the Barber

Kairouan. Entrance to a mosque / Lehnert et Landrock, Tunis.

Kairouan. Interior courtyard of the Zaouia of Sidi Abid El Gahriani / Lehnert et Landrock, Tunis.

One of the zaouias or Mahommedan schools. Most of the domes in the zaouias and mosques are fluted. To the left one can see the wall of the city (Kairouan) / Lehnert et Landrock, Tunis.

Kairouan. Scene from outside the walls

Kairouan. Zaouia of the religious brotherhood of fanatics known as "Aissaouas" / Lehnert et Landrock, Tunis.

One of the main streets of Kairouan, showing two of the minarets. The archway over the camel is the entrance to the souks or bazaars / Lehnert et Landrock, Tunis.

Kairouan. Bird's-eye view taken from top of the minaret of the Grand Mosque showing the mosque proper and the cloisters of the great courtyard / Lehnert et Landrock, Tunis.

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