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[Telescoping siege machine]

Calcearius, der schuhmacher

All day long are we counted as sheep for the slaughter, Psal. 44 - how long Lord, holy and true? Apocal. Cap. 6, verse 10

[Four Native American Indians of New France (Canada): two men at top in war attire, with shield, bow, and arrows; mother holding paddle and nursing infant; and men clothed for winter, wearing snowshoes]

Bello Sguardo and Couiello--Balli di Sfessani, 1621

Recüeil de dances contenant un tres grand nombres, des meillieures entrées de ballet de Mr. Pecour, tant pour homme que pour femmes, dont la plus grande partie ont été dancées à l'Opera.

[Rivals contending for a beauty]


Prospettiva della seconda macchina de fuochi d'artificio, rappresentante il rinomato Monte Vesuvio, alquale portato si Plinio seniore il filosofo, e celebre scrittore per of servarne troppo da vicino la natura, ... / Francesco Perziado Spagnolo inv., e dis. ; Michele Sorelló sculp.

Councellor double-fee

[The ruins of Balbec] / Borra Arch delin. ; T. Major sculp.

[The ruins of Balbec] / Borra Arch delin. ; T. Major sculp.

[Two men, possibly actors]

A view of the harbour and city of the Havana, taken from Jesu del Monte Vue du Port et ville de la Havane prise de Jesu del Monte = Vista del Puerto y Ciudad de la Havana desde Jesus del Monte / / drawn by Elias Durnford, Engineer ; engraved by T. Morris.

A view of the harbour and city of the Havana, taken from Jesu del Monte Vue du Port et ville de la Havane prise de Jesu del Monte = Vista del Puerto y Ciudad de la Havana desde Jesus del Monte / / drawn by Elias Durnford, Engineer ; engraved by T. Morris.

A south east view of the city of New York, in North America Vue de sud est de la ville de New York, dans l'Amerique Septentrionale / / drawn on the spot by Thomas Howdell, of the Royal Artillery ; engraved by P. Canot.

High life at noon


A new method of macarony making, as practised at Boston

A machine for delivering persons from burning houses / R. Aitken sculp.

The congress or the necessary politicians

Miss shuttle-cock / R. S. [Monogram, i.e. 'Richard Sneer'].

The blessed effects of venality

The Englishman in Paris

[Wegens de staat der Engelsche natie, in't jaar 1778]

Den Engelsman op zyn uiterste l'Anglois a toute extremitez.

William Pitt - il faut déclarer la guerre a la France / L. Binet del. ; L.S. Berthet sculp.

A Meeting of umbrellas / P.V., delin. ; J. Kent, fecit.

[Proposed design for balloon utilizing sails for propulsion, Paris, 1783]

Blessed are the peacemakers

School for boxing

The eclipse at an end - and political tilting discovered

Honneurs rendus à la Pauvreté en l'Eglise de St. Jacques de la Boucherie

Cut and come again / S. Collings, delin. ; JT, sc., 1790.

The Jovial company / A. Brouner, pinxt. ; J. Williams, sculpt., pupil to W.W. Ryland.

Danjo no manzai

L'Intérieur du comité révolutionnaire. Scène derniere

L'Intérieur du comité révolutionnaire. Scène derniere

[The plundering of the King's cellar, Paris, 10th August, 1793 (i.e., 1792)] / J. Zoffany Esqr. pinx. ; R. Earlom sculpt.

Manzai o miru josei[fujo?] to kodomo

Yatsushi takajō

Chips of the church!! / Woodward del.



[Two men struggling next to a stone lantern, upsetting a teapot]

[Two men walking, one points to a shrine marker]

[Two men carrying banners and two boys, one blowing into a shell, the other carrying a shell on a staff, in a procession]

Tori awase

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - searching the house]

L'Hirondelle. V. Triquet

Ayō shinji kuba no zu

[Two men, one carrying a large axe, walking along a narrow mountain pass]

[Two men walking, one carrying a shoulder pole with barrel-like containers, the other carries a long-handled mallet]





The ugly club / Van Assen del. et sculp.

Kuruwa no hana shin modorikago

[The dead hog] / Williamson & Howitt ; J. Clark etched.

Bagging cotton, Reid's salt ponds

Kameido umeyashiki

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, possibly looking north toward Sullivan's Island]

Le tigre enchainé

A Jangada

Crossing a river


Tabako o suu shinji no futari

[Two men in the woods aiming rifles during hunt]

Hudson / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

View near Fishkill / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

Packing up after a country ball

Col. Pluck

[Two men playing a game or gambling, possibly involving dice of some sort]

[Two men, one on his hands and knees crawling, the other is sitting on the first man's back, facing forward, holding a paddle over his head, about to strike the man on his exposed buttocks]

Tōtōmi sanchū

Washū yoshino yoshitsune uma arai no taki

Tōto honjo tatekawa

Honjo tatekawa

The downfall of Mother Bank

[Optical illusion disc with two men throwing and catching cakes and stars]

Tōto honjo tatekawa

Andrew resolute Uncle Sam's faithful teamster, taking the produce of the farms, to another storehouse; and giving Uncle Sam his, reasons for so doing


Mukōjima hiraiwa

Dainagon tsunenobu

Chinowa no fuji

Sanki fukaku katachi o kuzusu no fuji

Second series: Sketches by Boz ; Seven dials

[Croton Aqueduct, (Westchester Co., New York). Method of tunnelling in earth] / John B. Jervis, chf. engineer.

N.W. view of the mansion of George Washington. Mount Vernon / lith. by P. Haas, Washington City.

The great Rohan & the cattle market

Sub treasurers meeting in England

Loco Foco persecution, or custom house, versus caricatures

Le souper. Ou les mauvaises maniéres des gens bien élevś

Der Buchbinder

Le pilote

Der Wagenbauer

Die Weintraube und der Wein

Der Schumacher

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