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Ierusalem, cum suburbiis, prout tempore Christi floruit, accurate notatis omnibus insignibus et praecipuè iis locis... /

Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

Shrine of the Annunciation Nazareth April 20th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

[Masonic chart]

Dude sweet music, superb costumes.

[Holstengate, Lubeck, Germany]

[Da Mulla Palace, Venice, Italy]

Britons! Your country needs you / Printed by Saunders & Cullingham, 2 & 3 Burgon Street, Carter Lane, London, E.C.

Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Alfred Offner.

Queen Hope on throne at coronation

[King Palden Thondup Namgyal accepting scarves, including one scarf from Alice Kandell, at his coronation, Gangtok, Sikkim]

Coronation 1965, Queen accepts traditional white scarf

Princess Hope & Queen Hope in the palace, Sikkim

[Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, seated, three-quarter length portrait, facing left]

[Palden Thondup Namgyal, King of Sikkim, and Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, in brocaded dress, walking to the Tsuklakhang Main Temple (Palace Temple) during the King's birthday celebration, Gangtok, Sikkim]

Pops Route 66 Restaurant and gift shop, Arcadia, Oklahoma

[Central Dome, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Pavilion Perusson, exhibit of bricks, enamels, terre-cotta and ceramics, for M. Perusson and Desfontaines, architect T. Ferret, located near the base of Eiffel Tower, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Pavilion Perusson, exhibit of bricks, enamels, terre-cotta and ceramics, for M. Perusson and Desfontaines, architect T. Ferret, located near the base of Eiffel Tower, Paris Exposition, 1889]

Hua yi tu.

Hua yi tu

Hua yi tu.

Yu ji tu.

[Embossed leather binding on 12th century manuscript]

[Portolan chart of the Mediterranean Sea ca. 1320-1350 : manuscript chart of the Mediterranean and Black seas on vellum].

[Christ crowned with thorns] / MS.

[The Angel of the Annunciation] / MS.

[Christ praying on the Mount of Olives] / M.S.

[Gutenberg Bible opened to the beginning of the Gospel of Luke]

[A dying man attended by Mary Magdalene and Saint Peter, angels, and the devil]

Civliano consuli ac patricio Priscianus salutem

[Blacksmith shoeing a horse while a man with large sword slays a snake in the background]

[A farmer plowing a field]

Collationes patrum XXIV.

Collationes patrum XXIV.

[Portable siege ladder]

[World map by Ptolemy]

Asiento present hordenat a payon les responsions dels pezos e mezures : delahun boch al altre de tots los presents bochs nnomenats los quals son cap e regiment de la mercadoria hordenat : [Mediterraneo e Europa] /

[Life stages from infancy to old age with various accoutrements]

[Farmers harvesting crops]

[Knights, some on horseback, in hand-to-hand combat]

[Christ on the cross] / DH.

[Cultivation and care of grapevines]

[Roman soldiers bearing the trophies in triumph]

De insulis nuper in mari Indico repertis

[The Virgin with child holding a book] / AD [monogram].

The marriage of St. Catherine

Two nude men: one standing, one reclining / Micarino, fec.

The Tiburtine sibyl and the Emperor Augustus

St. Philip (or Andrew?)

[Portolan chart of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the coasts of Europe and northwest Africa].

[A philosopher]

Raphael and his beloved



[The Triumph of Time]

Simone, Sanese, Pittor, Simon Memmi / DL.

An apostle (Paul?)


[St. Eustace] / AD [monogram].

Adoration of the Magi AD monogram

Flight into Egypt AD monogram

[The visitation]

[St. George on horseback] / AD [monogram].

[Susanna and the elders]

[Resurrection] / AD [monogram].

Adoration of the Magi AD monogram

[St. Jerome in his study] / AD [monogram].

[Dancing peasant couple] / AD [monogram].

Venus and cupids / perugo da carpo.

[Title page with illustration showing the tree of knowledge]

[The desperate man]

St. Peter preaching the gospel

Ceiling with three angels / IV.R.,IVE.

[St. Christopher with infant Christ]

Imagines coeli meridionales

Sudarium held by one angel AD monogram

Fragmentary celestial globe gores

Fragmentary terrestrial globe gores

The Virgin in an oval


The virgin, child and St. John

Death and the Devil surprise two women DH monogram

[Madonna with the pear]

The sacrifice

[Architectural elements, floor plan, and elevation from handbook on classical architecture]

Saint Christopher facing left AD monogram

[Bird's-eye view of a large scale water supply system showing tunnels and covered aqueducts]

[St. Christopher, facing right] / AD [monogram].

A pariquadrata superficie humai corporis perdistincta eo naturali centro umbilici circulum excipere - et in eo quadratum minorem inscribere, fig. a

[Milan Cathedral, plan, elevation, and architectural elements from handbook on classical architecture]

Praeclara Ferdina[n]di Cortesii de noua maris oceani Hyspania narratio sacratissimo, ac inuictissimo Carolo Romanoru[m] Imperatori semper Augusto, Hyspaniaru[m] &c. Regi anno Domini M.D.XX. transmissa

Coat of arms of Hernando Cortes, granted him by Emperor Charles V - Drawing from 5th sheet of grant

[Design by Albrecht Dürer for 16th century fortification]


[Self-portrait, aged 28]

[Interior of a metallurgist's workshop with furnace and implements of his trade; on the hood over the furnace is a portrait of an unidentified man]

The philosopher Diogenes and the allegory of astronomy

Diana hunting the stag