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Frank F. Gibson, 1305 Linden St. Western Union Telegraph Co. Messenger No. 7. 14 years of age. 1 year in service. Visits houses of prostitution. Guides soldiers to segregated district. Smokes. Still at school and works from 8:30 P.M. to 12:30 A.M. Investigator, Edward F. Brown. Location: Wilmington, Delaware / Photo by Louis [i.e. Lewis] W. Hine, May, 1910.


[Symbolic picture in alchemical text showing crowned man standing on sun and crowned woman standing on moon joining flowers with descending dove, which represents marriage and the union of two substances]

[Map showing coast of Argentina from 44⁰05ʹS to 49⁰52ʹS : Union Point to Port San Julián].

Union, activity and freedom, or division, supineness and slavery. My dear Fellw Citizens In my address to you last night, in which I represented the dangerous consequences that would result to the inhabitants of this distressed colony, if you su

To the freeholders and freemen, of the City and County of New-York. Gentlemen. From an earnest desire to avoid all occasion of heat and party spirit, at a time when so much depends on our Union and harmony ... But as Mr. Livingston, absolutely r

Thursday, September 20, 1770. At this juncture, when measures are pursuing to dissolve the Union of the Colonies, every subscriber to our non-importation agreement, who wishes well to the liberties of his Country and the reputation of this City,

The mechanicks in union, and their associates, are earnestly requested to attend the general committee of mechanicks in Union, at Mechanick Hall, on Monday evening next, to consult with them on business of importance. By order of the Committee.

New York, April 16, 1776. The Mechanics in union and their associates, beg leave to offer the under mentioned gentlemen to the public, as fit men to represent the city and county of New-York, in the next Provincial Congress; the electors reservi

Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the states of New Hampshire ...

- Once more- for the- liberties of the people of America. The present election is important- it may give peace or war to this State, and perhaps, to the union.- The sons of liberty (who are again called upon to contend with sheltered aliens and

[Three panel cartoon representing the change in condition of French peasants, union of the Three Orders (clergy, aristocracy, and people), and miserable plight of peasants]

... An act for the admission of the State of Vermont into this Union. [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1791.].

... An act declaring the consent of Congress that a new state be formed within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and admitted into this Union, by the name of the state of Kentucky. [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs and Joh

An Irish union / IC.

How shall soldiers vote? Soldiers of the Union Army! you who have been "to the front", and faced the shot and shell of the rebels arrayed against you! the time has come when you may ratify by your ballots the principles and the herpism which you

Is the war a failure? ... Published by the National Union Executive Committee, Astor House, New York.

The Union Club / Js. Gillray, invt. & fect.

The Union club

Union hymn. Greenwich:- Printed by John Howe, Price six cents, single. 1807.

Philomathean anniversary. Union college. December 14th, 1815.

The society called Shakers, in Logan County, Ky. continue their fulling mill in operation ... John McComb, Saml. G. Whyte, Agents. South Union Jasper Springs. Sept. 12th, 1815. Russellville. Printed at the office of the ‘Weekly Messenger' [1815]

The New Union Club

Proposition for forming "The Society of Constitutional Republicans to be held at in the County of to be called Number to preserve, maintain, and defend the constitutions of the Union, and of the State ... [182-?].

Order of the ceremony to be observed at the dedication of Union Hall Lodge-Room at the corner of Oliver and Henry Streets, on Tuesday evening the 29th April, Al L. 5823 ... New York, April 26, 5823.

Union District, South Carolina /

Union Cravat

Celebration of American independence by the Boston Sabbath School Union, at Park Street Church, July 4, 1831. Order of exercise.

To the voters of the fifth Congressional district of Indiana. Composed of the Counties of Fayette, Wayne, Union, Henry, Randolph, Delaware, Grant, Huntingdon, Allen and La Grange ... Jonathan M'Carty. Washington City, March 5th, 1835.

View of Worcester, Mass. taken from Union Hill / P. Anderson del. ; on stone by R. Cooke ; T. Moore's Lithography, Boston.

Anniversary of the Lowell Sabbath School Union, in the grove on Chapel Hill, July 4, 1838, 10 o'clock, A. M. Order of exercises.

Lancasterian institute. Having succeeded, by a series of long-continued and personal experiments, in effecting an important improvement in education, I am anxious to extend its knowledge over the Union, that all teachers and parents may share it

A proclamation by Alexander G. McNutt, Governor of the state of Mississippi. Whereas, it is provided in the 9th section of the "Act supplementary to an act to incorporate the subscribers to the Mississippi Union Bank," approved Feb. 15, 1838, "T

Camp Wayne. Pennsylvania volunteer encampment on the Paoli battle ground Sept. 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd 1840 taken from nature on the spot by J. Queen ; P.S. Duval Lith. Philada

Democratic Hickory club. At a stated meeting of the Hickory club of the City and County of Philadelphia, held on the 3d September 1844, the following address was adopted and ordered to be published: To the Democrats of the Union. The importance

Christian union / T. Sinclair's lith., Phil.

Boston Flag of Our Union

Boston Flag of Our Union

Bulletin. By Telegraph from Richmond to "Union." Washington. 18th from Vera Cruz. Scott still at Puebla. Battle between Pierce and Mexicans at National Bridge -- 1,400 Mexicans, 2,500 Americans -- Mexicans defeated. Two commissioners appointed t

Bulletin by telegraph to "Union," Washington To the editor of the Union: New Orleans, Sept. 26, 1847. Sir: The J. L. Day arrived here last evening from Vera Cruz. The news by her is important. The details are meagre, and something uncertain. The

U. S. Patent office. November 12, 1849. Sir: A copy of the accompanying circular has been addressed to each of the governors of the states and territories of the Union, and I respectfully solicit your co-operation in furthering the objects sough

View of Union Park, New York, from the head of Broadway

Order of exercises for the anniversary of the Washington sabbath school union, January 21, 1849.

A bill to admit California into the Union of the United States of North America. [1850].

[Lieutenant Colonel Karl Friedrich Heinrich von Trebra, Union officer in the 32nd Indiana Regiment, half-length portrait, facing front] / Abtheilung für Portraits, Wilhelm Grundner.

Union with freemen -- No union with slaveholders. Anti-slavery meetings! Anti-slavery meetings will be held in this place, to commence on [blank] at [blank] in the [blank]. To be addressed by Agents of the Western anti-slavery society. Three mil

The true friends of our Union as a nation. The origin of James Robertson, being falsly accused, arrested and imprisoned, by the Senate of the United States, on the 6th of December, 1849 ... will be explained on Wednesday, the 24th of April, 1850

Song for the Union

The flag of our union, a national song

Thompson, the abolitionist. That infamous foreign scoundrel Thompson, will hold forth this afternoon, at the Liberator Office, No. 48 Washington Street. The present is a fair opportunity for the friends of the Union to snake Thompson out! ... A

The national union

Voyage of life - childhood The original painting distributed by the American Art Union in 1848 / / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by M. Enzing-Müller.

The flag of our union, a national song

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing eagle perched above shield with American flags with a banner stating "The Union and Consitution" above and a scroll frame]

Gen. Scott denounced! The anniversary of the "Battle of Chippewa" has been celebrated to-day by the publication, in the National Intelligencer, of the following bulletin against the Patriot who has fought for the Union, the Constitution, the law

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype depicting a wedding procession]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing eagle grasping scroll stating "Constitution and the Laws" within patriotic scroll frame]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing crossed cannons within patriotic frame]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing crossed cannons and muskets behind patriotic shield within scroll frame]

Circular. The Washington City Young men's Christian association is a union of the young men of all the Evangelical churches of the city, for the moral, mental, and religious improvement of themselves, and all who shall come within their influenc

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing a woman holding a laurel wreath between a ship and a train]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing the George Washington equestrian monument on the Virginia state capitol grounds by Thomas Crawford surrounded by seraphs, eagles and Union shields; back is design of seraphs, eagles, and shields only]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing monitor-class ship next to fort (front) and scroll motif (back)]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing eagle holding banner stating "Union Forever" in its beak and American flag in its talons]

"Mac": June 28th 1853 in a match with "Tacony" over the union course L.I. mile heats in harness, won the two first heats in 2:28-2:29

Union des deux ocʹeans Atlantique et Pacifique, par le transit ouvert à travers la rʹepublique De Nicaragua : carte dʹetaillʹee des cinq dʹepartements avec indication des principaux tracʹes du Canal Interocʹeanique ... /

Maj. Gen. T.C. Devin [?], U.S.A.

[Maj. Gen Willam T. Sherman, officer of the federal army]

Maj. Gen. T.C. Devin [?], U.S.A.

Treasonable sentiments of the Buchaniers! Can you vote for the extension of slavery and the dissolution of the Union? Threats to dissolve the Union and seize upon the national treasury! Let every Freeman read and reflect before he votes for the

Monster Democratic Torch-Light Procession Passing Through Union Square, N.Y.C.

General map of the United States, showing the area and extent of the free & slave-holding states, and the territories of the Union : also the boundary of the seceding states /

A champion of the union

General map of the United States, showing the area and extent of the free & slave-holding states, and the territories of the Union /

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing 22 figures kneeling, praying to dove, with flame and light for Union Methodist Church in Springhill / New Orleans, Louisiana]

Frederick Henningsen

Anti-slavery fair! The Abington anti-slavery fair will commence on Monday evening, Nov. 9th, at Union Hall, North Abington ... Abington, Nov. 6, 1857. Abington. Standard Press, Vaughan's Building, Centre Avenue.

To the voters of Boston! Resolutions adopted at a meeting of the Peoples' Union, December 10. 1858 ... Per order of the Executive Committee.

Notice! to purchasers of carpets. The subscriber having determined to make a change in his business, has disposed of his entire stock to Messrs. Geo. W. Chipman & Co., Cor. Hanover & Union Sts. Boston ... Dudley Williams, 234 Washington Street.

Act of incorporation for the purchase of Mount Vernon. The following bill, amending the act incorporating the Mount Vernon ladies' association of the Union has unanimously passed both Houses of the General Assembly of Virginia ... [n. p. 1856].

Constitution and by-laws of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union ... [1858].

[Private Vernon Mosher of Co. F, 97th New York Infantry Regiment, in uniform, amputated hand visible] / Thos. D. Givin, photographer, No. 432 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Maj. Gen. G.A. Custer / From photographic negative in Brady's National Portrait Gallery.

The celebrated trotting Stallions "Ethan Allen" and "George M. Patchen": In the first quarter of their great match to Wagons for $2000-mile heats. Over the Union Course, L.I. October 28th 1858. Eathan Allen winning in the remarkable time of 2:28

[General John Buford of General Staff U.S. Volunteers Infantry Regiment in uniform] / From photographic negative in Brady's National Portrait Gallery.

State of County of Subscription list to solicit funds in every State in the Union. [Philadelphia, 1859].

Ethan Allen & Mate and Lantern & Mate: crossing the score "a dead heat" time 2:24 1/2 In their great match for $10,000 over the Union Course, L.I. May 18th 1859, mile heats best 3 in 5 to wagons.

George M. Patchen, Brown Dick and Millers Dansel: in their splendid trotting contest for a purse of $500 - over the Union Course L.I. July 7th 1859

Coopers Arty

Capture of a U.S. Cavalry

The olive branch. Peace and union. How shall we obtain them? ... [n. p. 186-].

Rhode Island camp ground

The cost of a rebel peace. Plain words for working-men ... New York. Printed for the Union Executive Congressional committee by John A. Gray & Green [186-?].

Sawyer. Renshaw

[Zachariah C. Deas, Brig. Gen. CSA]

[Zachariah C. Deas, Brig. Gen. CSA]

[L.T. Wigfall, Brig. Gen. CSA]

Union Cavalry leaders & raiders: Averill, Kilpatrick, Rauls, Gregg, Sheridan, Custer, Streight, Grierson, Wilson, Stoneman, Merritt, and Torbert

Union Cavalry leaders & raiders: Averill, Kilpatrick, Rauls, Gregg, Sheridan, Custer, Streight, Grierson, Wilson, Stoneman, Merritt, and Torbert

Union Cavalry leaders & raiders: Averill, Kilpatrick, Rauls, Gregg, Sheridan, Custer, Streight, Grierson, Wilson, Stoneman, Merritt, and Torbert