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United States Army, 1806, Officers Years of Service Newspaper Clipping

Articles of agreement, made and entered into this day of anno domini one thousand, eight hundred and between an officer in the United States army, on the one part, and of the county of and state of of the other part. ... [1814-15].

Major Genl. Brown U.S. Army / J. Wood pinx. ; Gimbrede sc.

[James Duncan, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

[John M. Washington, head-and-shoulders portrait, three-quarters to the left, in military uniform]

[Ichabod B. Crane, three-quarter length portrait, facing slightly right]

[Colonel William Gates, head-and-shoulders portrait, three-quarters to the right, in military uniform]

[Hugh Brady, half-length portrait, facing front, in civilian dress]

[Unidentified U.S. Army officer, head-and-shoulders portrait, slightly to the right, in military uniform]

[John Lane Gardner, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]

[James Duncan, three-quarters to the right, in military uniform]

The capture of General Vega (In the act of discharging a canon) by the gallant Capt. May, of the U.S. Army, during the engagement of the 9th May / / Lith. & pub. by Sarony & Major, 117 Fulton St. N.Y.

Seige of Vera Cruz March 1847: by the U.S. Army and Navy

Winfield Scott, Major Genl. of the U.S. Army

Mexicans evacuating Vera Cruz: and surrendering their arms to the U.S. Army, under Genl. Scott

Zachary Taylor. Major general U.S. Army / A. Hoffmann.

[David Emanuel Twiggs, half-length portrait, facing right]

[Winfield Scott, head-and-shoulders portrait, head three-quarters to the right, eyes front, in civilian dress]

The death cry. / S. Eastman, U.S. Army del. ; executed on stone by C. Schuesele [i.e. Schussele].

Indian sugar camp / Capt. S. Eastman, U.S. Army ; John C. McRae.

Majr. Genl. William T. Sherman: U.S. Army

Maj. Genl. Philip H. Sheridan: U.S. Army

Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott: General in Chief of the U.S. Army

Winfield Scott. Lieut. General, Commanding U.S. Army

Dr. Charles A. Leale (in U.S. Army uniform) attended Lincoln at death.

A United States Army supply train passing through Hagerstown, Maryland

The Albany contractors who have "influence" at Washington, and their victim

J.C. Frémont major general of U.S. army

[Sketch of U.S. Army Signal Corps observation and signal tower]

United States army!! The undersigned has been commissioned by the Secretary of war, to raise a regiment of riflemen! to act as sharp-shooters!!! ... B. C. Butler. Glen's Falls, Sept. 1st, 1861.

U.S. Army Headquarters, Vicksburg, Miss.

Gen. John N. Winder, C.S.A

[Francis B. Spinola, General in the U.S. Army, half-length portrait, facing right]

Brig. General Nathl. Lyon: Commanding United States Army in Missouri

[Albert J. Myer, U.S. Army Signal Corps officer, full-length portrait, facing front, standing under canopy in front of a tent, with one hand on ridge pole, with two men, one sitting on the left and the other sitting on the right]

Sergt. John Mills, 1st Regt. Inftry, Tenth U.S. Army, 1808

[Albert J. Myer, U.S. Army Signal Corps officer, full-length portrait, facing slightly left, holding sword, sitting under canopy in front of a tent with two men, one sitting on the left and the other standing, holding the ridge pole]

Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott. General in Chief of the U.S. Army

U.S. Army Calls

Chattanooga water works

[William Benjamin Brice, U.S. Army Paymaster General from 1864 to 1872]

Paine, J.E. (Paymaster - U.S. Army)

Holt, Judge Jos. General in U.S. Army

Memorial services in honor of the late Major General Geo. H. Thomas United States army, to be held in the Hall of the House of representatives of the United States on Tuesday evening, the 5th of April, A, D. 1870 ... [Washington, D. C. 1870].

Conquering the Indians / Chicago Eng. Co.

"Bill passed providing for two new military posts" by the generous Democratic house / Th. Nast.

The Nez Percés Campaign / from sketches by Vincent Colyer.

Our Indian policy - one at a time - next!

[Dead man lying on ground next to rifle--U.S. Army expeditions in Central Arizona]

First Artillery, U.S. Army, passing under 5th Ave. arch, Columbus Celebration, New York, U.S.A. El regimiento lo de Artilleria pasando bajo el arco de la 5ta Avenida, celebración Colombina, Neuva York, E.U.

[Diaorama of the Greely Expedition, at the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition, showing Lt. A.W. Greely, U.S. Army, welcoming Lt. Lockwood and Sgt. Brainard back to Ft. Conger]

U.S. Army and Transportation Trains at Quartermaster Depot, Santiago, Cuba

Recent promotions in the U.S. Army-newly appointed general officers of volunteers. Brigadier-General Samuel S. Sumner, late colonel 6th Cavalry

"Depot Quartermaster's" U.S. Army and transportation trains, Santiago, Cuba

Troops embarking at San Francisco /

Horse drawn wagons of Field Hospital train, U.S. Army

Horse drawn Gallop ambulance, U.S. Army

Church celebration on account of the enlistment of Macabebes into the United States Army, Macabebe, Philippine Islands

U.S. Army dirigible

Gen. Tasker Bliss and staff aboard U.S. Army transport "Kilpatrick"

Official records, United States Army and Navy Medal of Honor men.

U.S. Army dirigible no. 1, over field

Pack mule of U.S. Army Signal Corps, used for carrying storage batteries for the field wireless telegraph

U.S. Army enters Germany

U.S. Army observer

Col. J.T. Axton

U.S. Army transport warship, Burnside

Official records, United States Army and Navy Medal of Honor men.

Official records, United States Army and Navy Medal of Honor men.

Travois or Indian ambulance, U.S. Army

U.S. Army Doctor & wounded in France

Official records, United States Army and Navy Medal of Honor men.

U.S. Army truck train

Field ambulance, U.S. Army

U.S. Army plane, Mt. Clemens

Sham battle at the Pan-American Exposition /

Junk flotilla on the Peiho River - transporting U.S. Army stores from Tientsin to Peking, China

Auto telegraph car, no. 2

Major M.J. Connolly explosives officer, U.S. Army

U.S. Army Band

Scenes in San Francisco, [no. 2] /

[U.S. Army transport BUFORD, the "Soviet Ark," used to deport aliens to Russia, Dec. 21, 1919 - broadside view]

U.S. Army uniform, 1872-81, Ofc., enlisted men, cav., art., [...]

U.S. Army uniform, 1813-21, Artillery, [...] rifle, [...], cadets

U.S. Army uniforms, 1850-61, staff, line officer, enlisted men

U.S. Army uniform, 1858-61, Gen'l in Chief, Eng., artillery, cadets

1776-1779, U.S. Army uniform, Con[...] army

U.S. Army uniforms, 1774-75 Independent Company organization

U.S. Army uniform, 1877-83, Artillery

Recruiting for U.S. Army in Union Square, New York

1861-66, U.S. Army uniforms, Lt. Gen'l - Maj. Genl., Brig. Genl. Staff & [...]

Pioneer hotel of Phoenix, Ariz., patronized by U.S. Army officers in the early '80s / Lester Clement Barton.

U.S. Army uniform, 1852-51, Maj. Gen'l. staff, line ofc. Cadet

Ambulances - Gallop ambulance, U.S. Army

U.S. Army uniforms, 1844-50, Maj. Gen'l, staff, & line officer undress

U.S. Army, transportation of equipment & troops

U.S. Army or Nat. Guard

U.S. Army, 15th U.S. Cavalry

U.S. Army, transportation of equipment & troops

U.S. Army, Ft. Myer, Va.

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