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U.S.S. Chicago, one of the crew

Taft Parade, Admiral Coghlan in auto, New York

First call I need you in the Navy this minute! Our country will always be proudest of those who answered the first call.

Eine Cracke von S. Thome Wirdt...

[Ironclad vessel with rudder and paddlewheel]

Fresh intelligence. Monday. November 6, 1775. Williamsburg, (Virginia) Oct. 28. After Lord Dunmore, with his troops and the navy, had been for several weeks seizing the persons and property of his Majesty's peaceable subjects in this colony, on

Fresh intelligence. Monday. November 6, 1775. Williamsburg, (Virginia) Oct. 28. After Lord Dunmore, with his troops and the navy, had been for several weeks seizing the persons and property of his Majesty's peaceable subjects in this colony, on

A view of the harbour of Boston taken from Fort Hill

A front view of the lines taken from the advanced post near Browns house

Boston from Willis Creek / Wm. Pierre delin.

Commodore Hopkins, commander in chief of the American Fleet

[Views of the coastline of New York, Long Island, Staten Island, and the lighthouse on Sandy Hook, New Jersey]

New York, with the entrance of the North and East rivers

[Views from offshore of the New England coastline and islands at the entrance to Boston Harbor]

Robert Rogers - commandeur der Americaner

Commodore Hopkins - commandeur en chef der Amerj: flotte

[Egmont harbor - a distant view, Prince Edward Island]

A view of Boston

[Views from offshore of islands in the Bay of Fundy and the entrance to the Saint John River on the mainland]

Robert [i.e., Esek] Hopkins, Esqr., commodore of the American sea forces

The north point of Grandmanan Island in the Bay Fundy bearing E.N.E. distant two leagues

Light house S.W.b.S. 1 mile distant

View of Port George taken from the top of Binney Isle

Commodore Hopkins / R. Pollard sc.

A British sailor offering a sword to an unarmed Spanish officer to defend himself, at the attack of Fort Omoa, which was taken by escalade, on the 20 of Octr. 1779, under the command of Captn. Dalrymmple and Commodore Lutterell / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

Catherine "Kitty" Floyd, bust portrait miniature, facing slightly right

By George Clinton. Governor of the State of New York. General, and commander in chief of all the militia, and admiral of the Navy of the same. A proclamation. Whereas a proclamation of the President of the United States of America, dated the twe

The caneing in Conduit Street. Dedicated to the flag officers of the British Navy

His excellency George Washington lieut. genl. of the armies of the United States of America F. Bartoli pinx. ; J. Galland sculp

His excellency George Washington lieut. genl. of the armies of the United States of America F. Bartoli pinx. ; J. Galland sculp

In Senate of the United States, April 26th, 1802. The Committee to whom was referred the bill, entitled "An act making an appropriation for the support of the navy of the United States for the year one thousand eight hundred and two," having con

A perspective view of the loss of the U.S. frigate Philadelphia in which is represented her relative position to the Tripolitan gunboats ...

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Register, June 1807, USS Chesapeake

[Scene with windmill on right, Brooklyn Navy Yard to left]

James Lawrence Esqr. late of the United States Navy / Stuart pinxt ; Rollinson sct.

Commodore Rodgers, arrived! Boston Gazette-office. Monday morning 9 o'clock. More agreeable news. We have the pleasure of announcing that Com. Rodgers after a cruise of five months, has arrived at Newport, having taken, destroyed and ransomed 27

Tuesday, September 21st, (noon.) Most glorious news. Copy of a letter from Com. Perry to the Secretary of the Navy. U. S. Brig. Niagara, off the Western Sister, Head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813, 4 P. M. [Washington 1813].

United States & Macedonian

Cash in hand, occassioned by the capture of the British Packet Swallow. by Commodore Rodgers, with 260,000 dollars, in gold and silver on board. Boston printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Jun. Corner Theatre-Alley [1813].

[Cuts] A happy new-year to Commodore Rodgers, or, Huzza for the president and Congress. A song composed on the arrival of those frigates in Boston yesterday, (December 31, 1812,) with a good supply of the Ready Rhino [Boston] Printed by N. Cover

A complete list of the American navy. showing the name, number of guns, commander's name, and station of each vessel, to October, 1813- Including those on the lakes. [1813].

Ship United States

The troops disembarking to attack Fort Oswego, under the command of Genl. Drummond and Sir T. Yeo, Lake Ontario, May the 6th 1814 / / By Capt. Steele. 2d. Battn. Royal Marines

Capture of Washington [Cut] On Wednesday, August 24, there was a severe action at Bladensburgh, six miles from the Capitol. "Baltimore has acquired immortal honor by the brave resistance of Commodore Barney, his sailors and the bold volunteers."

Thomas MacDonough U.S.N.

This representation of the battle on Lake Erie is respectfully inscribed to Commodore Perry, his officers and gallant crews, by their humble servant James Webster - second view / drawn by Sully and Kearney ; etched by C. Tiebout ; & engraved by G. Murray ; printed by Rogers and Esler.

[Napoleon I boards the Bellerophon to surrender] / Baugean delt. & sculpt.

Constitution's escape from the British squadron after a chase of sixty hours / M. Cornè p. ; W. Hoogland sc.

Enterprise and Boxer

Struck with the gallantry, skill, and decision, displayed by Sir Philip Bowes Vere Broke, Baronet, K.C.B. Commander of his Majesty's ship, the Shannon, in the attack, boarding, and capture of the American frigate, the Chesapeake ... / manufactured by S. Hougham & Co. ; Henry Meyer execudit.

Triumphant return of the American squadron, under Com. Bainbridge from the Mediterranean, 1815

Navy yard, Washington, February 26, 1819. The opinion which had been entertained, that such of the inhabitants of the District and its vicinity, as also such strangers who are now sojourning with us, as may be desirous of seeing the Launch of th

Tribute to departed worth

Noctua, Corvus, Crater, Sextans Uraniæ, Hydra, Felis, Lupus, Centaurus, Antlia Pneumatica, Argo Navis, and Pyxis Nautica / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

The National barber

Capture of the Guerriere by the Constitution / T. Birch A.C.S.A. ; D. Kimberly sc.

William Bainbridge, U.S.N. / painted by J.W. Jarvis ; engd by G. Parker.

The debilitated situation of a monarchal government . . .

Navy Yard, Brooklyn - for the Ladies' Companion / drawn by Lundie.

Our country's flag! A new national song

Chart of the Potomac River and Eastern Branch from the Sister Islands to Geesboro Point and thence to the Navy Yard Bridge : with the topography of the adjacent country : made in pursuance of a resolution of the Corporation of the City of Washington, approved 26th May 1837 /

An exploring expedition on the Canal Street plan / The exploring expedition at the South Pole, waiting for stores

Map of the River Jordan & Dead Sea : and the route of the party under the command of Lieut. W.F. Lynch, U.S.N. under his superintendence constructed from the joint labours of Lieut. Dale & himself by Passd. Midn. R. Aulick U.S.N. /

Ship in dry dock, probably Navy Yard

Supreme court of the United States. Susan Decatur, Appellant vs J. K. Paulding, Secretary of the Navy. This is an appeal from the refusal of the Circuit court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington, to issue a Mandamus to the A

The great American steeple chase for 1844

[Levi Woodbury, half-length portrait, head three-quarters to the right]

[George Edmund Badger, half-length portrait, facing three-quarters to the left]

This sarcophagus was the repository of the remains of the Roman Emperor, Alexander Severus, procured at Beyroot, in Syria, by Commodore Jesse D. Elliott, who brought it to the United States in the year 1839 ... and presented it to the National I

A N.b.E. view of the fort on the western end of Sulivans Island with the disposition of His Majesty's fleet commanded by Commodore Sir Peter Parker Knt. &c &c &c during the attack on the 28th. of June 1776, which lasted 9 hours and 40 minutes

A N.W.b.N. view of Charles Town from on board the Bristol ... taken in Five Fathom Hole the day after the attack upon Fort Sulivan by the Commodore & his squadron, which action continued 9 hours & 40 minutes / engrav'd ... by Wm. Faden.

Polk's dream

Specimen of index to reports of committees & executive documents, from the first to the thirtieth Congress inclusive. Navy ... The above outline of my plan for an index to the Congressional documents contemplated and proposed in my memorial to b

Temperance poem. Dedicated to the noble crew of the United States receiving ship Franklin, at Charlestown Navy Yard and sung in the Boston Baptist Bethen, corner of Lewis and Commercial Streets, Friday evening September 7th, 1849, after the pres

Defense of the California Bank

The great naval blockade of Round Island. Showing the immense importance of having an efficient "right arm of the national defence"

The Leap for Life

To the citizens of Washington. Fellow Citizens:- I am informed that at the Navy yard, and in other parts of the city, General Weightman is represented as being opposed to the "ten hour system." ... Geo. M. Grouard. Washington, May 29, 1850.

The Constitution and Guerriere / drawn by G. White ; engd by J.C. McRae.

[Sherard Osborn, lieut., Royal Navy, three-quarter length wood-engraved portrait, seated, facing front]

The Old Constitution, the pride of our navy

Monument to the memory of the "Herveor of Tripoli." The birth of the American Navy, now at Naval Academy school, Annapolis, Md.

The great pictorial romance of the age, or, steam ship commodores & United States mail contractors

The Constitution, the gem of the ocean

[Md. - Annapolis - U.S. Naval Academy, 1853: view of the Battery from river]

[U.S.S. Susquehanna, Commodore Perry's flag ship, full starboard view]

[Port views of the U.S.S. Susquehanna and the U.S.S. Mississippi understeam]

Oliver Hazard Perry U.S.N. / engraved by J.B. Forrest from the original by J.W. Jarvis by the permission of the Corporation of New York ; Miller print.

[Commodore Matthew C. Perry, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing slightly left with left hand resting on sword]

Adm. D.D. Porter

Adm. D.D. Porter

Russian Adm. Adm. Lisovski

Adm. Milne and Wife

Levi Sweetzer, U.S.N.

Adm. John A. Dahlgren

Gen. Tom Thumb, Miss Lavinia Warren, Commodore Nutt and The Giant

Adm. Foote, U.S.N


Adm. D.D. Porter

Levi Sweetzer, U.S.N.

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