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A plan of that part of the Rosalij Estate called Rosalij Valley, the property of His Excellcy. Charles O'Harra, The Honorable Leiut. Governor William Stuart, James Clarke and Robert & Phillip Browne, Esqrs., situate at Rosalij in the parish St. David, Dominica.

Plan of Genl Du Portail. Plan of the position of Valley Forge after Jany. 1778.

A view of the Pulpit Rocks, between Huntingdon & Bald Eagle Valley, state of Pennsylvania

A view of Fort Robertdeau, in Sinking-Spring Valley, state of Pennsylvania

The Latin Valley morn twilight / Jn. G. Chapman fect. Roma.

[Buildings nestled among trees in a mountain valley]

[Railroad Scene, Little Falls (Valley of the Mohawk)]

Fountain of Job Valley of Hinnom

Lower pool of Siloam Valley of Jehosophat

Valley of Tombs of Kings. Thebes

Pavilion fountain at Saratoga. This celebrated medicinal spring rises in a valley near the Pavilion Hotel ... Rules for drinking ... D. McLaren. Saratoga Springs, May 20, 1842.

Tomb of St. James, Valley of Jehosaphat/Jerusalem April 1839

Fountain of Siloam Valley of Jehosophat

Absaloms Pillar Valley of Jehoshaphat

Descent upon the Valley of Jordan

Approach to Petra an ancient watch tower commanding the Valley of El Ghor Feb. 5th 1839

Lower end of the valley showing the Acropolis Petra March 9th 1839 / David Roberts.

Map and profile of the Sunbury route Susqua. Rail Road from the terminus of York & Cumberland Railway to Williamsport Pennsa. showing its connection with the great southern anthracite coal fields; 1st by the Dauphin & Susqa. Rail Road, 2d by the Lykins Valley Rail Road, 3d by the Treverton Rail Road, 4th by the Shamokin Rail Road, surveyed by Geo. P. Worcester, Civ. Engr. and the Williamsport and Elmira Route surveyed under the directions of Maj. Hartman Bache Topog. Engr. U.S.A., by Geo. P. Worcester Civ. Engr. for Balto. & Susqua. R.R.

Map of Chicago & Rock Island, Peoria and Bureau Valley, and Mississippi & Missouri railroads; with their connections to New York.

The Powatan [i.e. Powhatan] Valley of the Powatan Virginia from the church yard of the church Philip Henry [sic] addressed the people in the Revolution, Richmond V.A.

Map showing the location of Sacramento Valley Railroad, Cal. Sacramento, Septr., 1854; T.D. Judah, Chief Engineer.

The valley of the shadow of death - caves in the Woronzoff Road behind the 21 gun battery / W. Simpson delt. ; J. Needham lith.

A conical hill 500 ft. high standing in the valley of Laguna, Colorado

From the valley of Green River to the Great Salt Lake.

From the valley of the Mud Lakes to the Pacific Ocean.

Birds eye view of the pass of the interoceanic river aqueduct and valley of the Nerqua /

Incident in Cherry Valley - fate of Jane Wells / from the original picture by A. Chappel ... ; Thomas Phillibrown, engraver.

Map of the Catawissa, Williamsport & Erie Rail Road; showing its connection with the north and west by the Williamsport and Elmira Rail Road, & its connection with Philada. & New York by the Reading & Lehigh Valley R. Rd.

Valley of Tombs of Kings. Thebes

[Design drawing for stained glass window of Valley Forge showing George Washington with horse, drawing in snow with saber]

Fox River Valley R.R. in Wisconsin with its connections.

View between the Similkameen & Fort Shepherd in the Nehoialpity Valley no. 1

Frightful accident on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, near Allentown, Pa., July 21

View in the Nehoialpity Valley British Columbia no. 2

Frightful accident on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, near Allentown, Pa.

General map of the United States & their territory between the Mississippi & the Pacific Ocean. 1. Showing the different surveyed routes from the Mississippi valley to the coast of Pacific Ocean, 2. the new established & proposed Post Routes, 3. the recently discovered gold, silver, and copper region in Kansas, Nebraska and Arizona.

[Five sketches along the Valley Pike in the vicinity of Fishers Hill, Strasburg, Cottontown, Mount Hope, Toms Brook, etc.].

Valley Lauterbrunnen

[View of Jerusalem walls from the southwest. Valley of Hinnora and lower pool of Gihon] / P. Bergheim.

[Tombs of St. James and Zachariah in the Valley of Kedron] / P. Bergheim.

[Andermatt village in the Ursern Valley, Switzerland]

[Map of the Shenandoah Valley from Harrisonburg to Mt. Jackson, with topographical detail along the principal roads from Thornton's Gap to Swift Run Gap and along several valley roads in northwestern Virginia].

[Map of Shenandoah Valley from Winchester to New Market, Virginia and from Millwood to Waverly P.O., including parts of Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Shenandoah, and Page counties, Virginia].

Valley of Trafoi

Silberhorn. Valley Lauterbrunnen

4 mile run valley

Staubach. Waterfall. Lauterbrunnen Valley. Near Interlaken

The Cumberland Valley Rail Road, near Scotland, destroyed by Rebels

[Map of the Shenandoah Valley from Mt. Jackson to Midway, including parts of Shenandoah, Page, Rockingham, and Augusta counties, Virginia].

[Granite piers in the Valley Temple of Mycerinus, Giza, Egypt]

Valley of Engelberg

[Map of the Shenandoah Valley, from Front Royal and Middletown to Staunton, etc.].

[Sketch of the Shenandoah Valley in the vicinity of Mt. Jackson].

The Domes, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

The Vernal and Nevada Fall, f[rom] Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

The Sentinel, 3270 feet, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

Game birds of America. California or Valley Quail (Laphortyx Californicus) / H.M. Clay 1861.

4-Mile Run Valley. Blankers [sic] div

North Dome, Royal Arches, and Washington Column, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

Yowiye, or the Nevada Fall, and Mt. Broderick, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

Yosemite Falls, from the Sentinel Dome, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa Co.

Cathedral Rock, 2000 feet, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

[Unidentified cavalry soldier in Confederate uniform and Valley Rangers, 10th Virginia Infantry Regiment hat, with double barrel shotgun]

Birds eye view of the Mississippi Valley from Cairo to the Gulf of Mexico

Pleasant Valley, Maryland. Group of Signal Corps detachment

[Map of the James River Valley from the vicinity of Richmond to Chesapeake Bay : including parts of Henrico, Chesterfield, Charles City, and James City counties, Va.].

[Map of the Shenandoah Valley].

Scene in Pleasant Valley, Maryland / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

The war in the Shenandoah Valley - burning the bridge near Mount Jackson, by order of the Rebel General / from a sketch by our special artist, Mr. Edwin Forbes.

The important strategic movements in Virginia. Scene of operations in front of Richmond, in the Valley and on the line of the upper Potomac-the threatened offensive movements of the rebels.

Gen McClellan's HQ Army of the Potomac, Pleasant Valley, Md.

The Army of the Cumberland - capture of Rebel rifle-pits in Lookout Valley by the thirty-Third Massachusetts and Seventy-Third ohio Volunteers

Black Valley railroad! Great central, broad gauge, fast route, from Sippington, through Tippleton and Topersville via Beggars-town, Demonland and Black Valley, to destruction! Accidents by collisions entirely avoided as no trains are run over th

Map of the lower [Shenandoah] Valley /

Topographical sketch of a portion of the North Mountain Range & the Valley of Virginia /

[Sketches of roads in the Shenandoah Valley between Winchester and Woodstock, Virginia].

The battle-field of Gettysburg. The valley of the shadow of death. Between Round Top and Little Round Top

Map of reconnaissance of the valley of Brandywine Creek : including the section from Smiths Bridge to the State Road /

Panorama of the Mississippi Valley : and its fortifications /

Freedmen and Union refugees' department of the Mississippi Valley Sanitary fair [1864].

[Sketch of the Rapidan River Valley, covering parts of Madison, Greene, Orange, Culpeper, Spotsylvania, and Stafford counties, Virginia].

[Map of the lower Shenandoah Valley, Virginia] /

[Map of the Shenandoah Valley Campaign, 1864].

[Map of the lower Shenandoah Valley of Virginia].

A message from the Army of the Valley of Virginia. Camp of Smith's Brigade, Feb. 10, 1865.

The war in America: Rendevous of Mosby's men in the pass of the Blue Ridge, Shenandoah Valley

View near the top of the Nevada Fall, looking towards the Little Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

Yank's Station - Valley of Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County

View in the Canyon below the Vernal Fall - Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

Mount Starr King, 5,600 feet high. Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

The South Dome from the little Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

Monk's Rock, Strawberry Valley - Yuba County

View down the Yosemite Valley - Cathedral Rocks in the distance - Mariposa County

View from Spring Valley Reservoir - Market St. looking East, San Francisco

Ophir Quartz Mill, Grass Valley, Nevada County

The Yosemite Fall, 2,634 feet high, near view, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

The Cap of Liberty, 4,000 feet Above Yo-Semite Valley, and Nevada Fall, 700 feet high, Mariposa County

View on the Merced River near the Bridal Veil, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

Mirror Lake and Reflections, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

Nick of the Woods, near Yank's Station, A Curious Cedar Knot, Valley of Lake Tahoe