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Veteran 1812

[The soldier returns to the hearth]

The veteran

Union veterans of trench and field before Petersburg Dec. 1864

[Unidentified man with gold mining equipment and wearing a U.S. beltplate]

William Hutchings

Lemuel Cook

Lemuel Cook, aged 105, one of the survivors of the Revolution

Alexander Millener, aged 104, one of the survivors of the Revolution

The last men of the Revolution

How Sherman's veterans took Atlanta. Air- Lanigan's ball. ... No. 300 North 20th Street, Philadelphia. [c. 1864]

Daniel Waldo

Alexander Millener

Samuel Downing

Adam Link, aged 102, one of the survivors of the Revolution

Daniel Waldo, aged 102, one of the survivors of the Revolution

Samuel Downing, aged 102, one of the survivors of the Revolution

William Hutchings, aged 100, one of the survivors of the Revolution

Band of 9th & 10th Veterans Reserve Corps, Wash. D.C. Apr. 1865

Major-General Manuel Doblado. The soldier's messenger corps. Concordia buildings, Baltimore, Maryland

Review of the returned veterans by Gov. Curtin--Gen. Meade and staff passing the grand stand, Penn. Square, Phila. / / sketched by our special artist [...] Offices of the People's Line of Steamboats, West Street, near Canal, New York

[Unidentified man with cane]

Military asylum, Washington, D.C. / / photographed by A. Gardner. The veteran

John Gray

[Nicholas G. Wilson, Soldier's National Cemetery superintendent, and others on East Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania]

[Nicholas G. Wilson, National Cemetery superintendent, and others with Civil War cannon at Soldier's National Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania]

[Nicholas G. Wilson, Civil War veteran, with Grand Army of the Republic medal]

The last muster / H.H.

Song of the veterans

[Indians representing various newspapers waving weapons of "abuse" and "misrepresentation" around tied up veteran with "soldier hating wigwam" in background]

Soldiers and sailors' reunion, at the State House, Topeka, Kansas, Sept. 15, 1881

An artist's rambles in Washington: the artist's arrival at the Capital [and] Washington ladies marketing: [small African American boys fighting to carry man's luggage and woman's market basket]; Open-air restaurant at centre market [African Americans at tables under large umbrellas, in rain]; The head of a military procession [small African American boys walking in front o fmilitary parade]; Reception of Mexican war veterans [carrying flags] by the President [Grover Cleveland]

[Large group of Union veterans of the Civil War. including William Tecumseh Sherman (front row, center), posed]

Obsequies of General Grant. Headquarters veterans division. General orders No. 7. The Major General commanding the veterans division, in the funeral column that followed the remains of the late General Grant to the tomb, at Riverside Park ... de

[Civil War veteran John Wilson]

The rival sandwich-men / Zimmerman.

[Civil War veteran John Wilson and Sarah Bowman Wilson]

Sod house near Sargent, Custer County, Nebraska.

[Horse-drawn catafalque, Civil War veterans in parade, and spectators at funeral of Pres. Ulysses S. Grant. NYC]

Veterans Tippecanoe Club and their cabin, Kansas City, Mo.

[Nicholas G. Wilson, Civil War veteran, with Grand Army of the Republic medal, Grand Army of the Republic Post #9 pin, and 6th Corps badge]

Wide awake 1860. Hartford Veterans 1892.

The new South - the triumph of free labor / Keppler.

Progress and poverty - a decoration day study / Dalrymple.

A solitary horseman -- G.P.R. James Novels (?)

In memory of the Grant monument dedication, April 27th, 1897 / C.J. Taylor.

Parade of marines, U.S. cruiser "Brooklyn" /

The pensioner's "widow"

[Civil War veterans' certificate]

Throwing light on the subject Uncle Sam (to old soldier) -- "I'm not after you; I'm after the rascals behind you" / / Victor Gillam.

Our national dime museum / Keppler.

Governor Roosevelt and staff /

Memorial Day, 1899 - three veterans under one flag / Keppler.

The dandy Fifth /

The cause of it / Dalrymple.

[Old veterans playing cribbage at Soldiers' Home, Washington, D.C., ca. 1900]

Pershing Veterans

N.H. Veterans' Association encampment buildings, Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H.

[Pershing Veterans]

Dining room in Soldiers' home, Hampton, Va.

[Statue erected in 1886 by 21st Illinois Regiment veterans, commemorating spot where Ulysses S. Grant was commissioned a general in 1861]

Pershing veterans

Group of veterans at Soldiers' home, Hampton, Va.

[The Veteran]

The 1st Regt. Sons of Veterans of Phila. Pa. making the wheel into 18th St. from Pa. Ave.

A full brass band composed of women, heading one of the posts from the Dept. of Pa.

Ransome Post of New York with white umbrellas

The G.A.R. dispensary where so many veterans were treated. Dr. C. H. Weaver, chairman of this committee

U. S. Grant Post of Brooklyn, N.Y.

A post from Trenton, N.J., with tattered battle flags

Rawlins Post of Minneapolis, Minn., which acted as escort to Gen. Ell. Torrance, Comdr.-in-chief. Dressed in light overcoats & fedora hats

A large post in the great parade

A post of mountain howitzers that saw war service

A G.A.R. post in the great parade

The Naval veterans passing the temporary White House on Jackson Place. The Prst. confined and unable to appear by reason of abcess on leg

Meade Post of Phila, Pa., with tattered battle flags

President Roosevelt addressing veterans at dedication of Jersey monument on the field of the bloody Battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1903

They were soldier boys together - Pres. Roosevelt greeting Spanish War veterans, Laramie, Wyoming

Funeral of Hiram Cronk /

Veterans of the late war / Keppler.

N.H. [i.e. New Hampshire] Veterans' Association grounds, Weirs, Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H.

Open-air Mass, Jas. Simcox, Mascot of Spanish War Veterans, Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York

Spanish War Veterans at Fort Myer

[Four disabled veterans working in reconstruction section, Walter Reed Hospital]

G.A.R. veterans

Col. Charles R. Forbes, Director, U.S. Veterans' Bureau

[Women putting checks in envelopes in the Veterans Bureau, Washington, D.C.

C.S.A. Veterans, Sgt. J.J. Dackett, Co. I. 3rd S.C.V., wearing hat with bullet holes received in the Battle of Chickamauga Sept. 20, 1863

Burial of Maine veterans

Burial of Maine veterans

Burial of Maine veterans

Group of women, men, and children assembled on lawn of the cemetery at Gibbon, Nebraska.

Celebration at Bull Run: Confederate and Federal veterans

Celebration at Bull Run: 2 Confederate veterans shaking hands

Celebration at Bull Run: Confederate veterans on wagon

Veterans in the making - Crew of the LAFAYETTE

[W.C. Round, Confederate veteran, half-length portrait, standing, facing slightly left, wearing badge during celebration at Bull Run]

[Curly, sole survivor of Custer massacre--scout for Custer, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

Negro G.A.R. veterans parading, New York City, May 30, 1912


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