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[Map showing battle lines in vicinity of Donauwörth, Germany].

Plan of Boston & vicinity.

[Plan of the country at and in the vicinity of Forts Lee and Independency, showing the position of the British Army.

[Fort Washington & vicinity.

[A chart of Boston Bay and vicinity.

[Philadelphia and vicinity. Military.

Plan of part of the city of Washington, in the vicinity of the upper Eastern Branch ferry, shewing the situation of the buildings & grave-yards belonging to the Widow Wheler.

[Map of Missouri River and vicinity from Saint Charles, Missouri, to Mandan villages of North Dakota : used by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their 1804 expedition up Missouri River].

An address, and the constitution, of the Bible and common prayer book society, established in the City of Albany and its vicinity, A.D. 1810. Albany. H. Packard, printer, [1810].

Plan of Forts Green, Laurence & Swift and lines of intrenchments constructed in the vicinity of Brooklyn for the defence of the city of New York.

A plan of those parts of Boston, and the towns in its vicinity, with the waters and flats adjacent, which are immediately or remotely connected with the contemplated design of erecting perpetual tide-mills.

Map exhibiting the property of the U.S. in the vicinity of the Capitol : colored red, with the manner in which it is proposed to lay off the same in building lots, as described in the report to the Sup't of the city to which this is annexed /

Providence, October 20, 1815. Sir. The cotton manufacturers of this town and its vicinity have, at two several meetings, taken into consideration the present situation of the cotton manufacturing interest, and the difficulties arising from the c

Attention. The committee of arrangement is authorized to state to the citizens of Nashville and its vicinity, that General Jackson, will arrive at Nashville, on Monday next .... The citizens of the town and neighborhood, are all respectfully inv

[Map of New Orleans and vicinity] /

Navy yard, Washington, February 26, 1819. The opinion which had been entertained, that such of the inhabitants of the District and its vicinity, as also such strangers who are now sojourning with us, as may be desirous of seeing the Launch of th

[Embossed map of Nantucket Island and vicinity].

To the friends of truth!! A brief notice of a handbill circulated in this vicinity by the Loco Foco leaders, pretending to give a history of the proceedings of the last Whig legislature. [s. l., 1839?].

Liberia and its vicinity.

[Map of New York Island and vicinity.

Notice. The undersigned, having chartered the steam-boat Eagle for the purpose of accommodating all the citizens of Alton and the vicinity, who may wish to see the murderers hung at St. Louis, on the 9th day of July next, would inform the publi

[Topographic map of West Point, Constitution Island, and vicinity, N.Y.] /

[Map depicting battle against Isidro Barradas in vicinity of Tampico, Mexico, in 1829] /

Horses for hire. Benjamin Bohrer, High, fronting West Street, Georgetown, D. C. would respectfully inform the citizens of Georgetown and its vicinity, that he keeps constantly for hire horses, buggies, and carriages ... Georgetown, D. C. F. W. D

Ho, for Cuba, [Cut of ship] Liberty for all. Grand meeting Huzzah for Lopes. The citizens of Washington and vicinity, are respectfully invited to attend a mass meeting, to be held in front of the Patent office, on Monday evening, Sep. 1, 1851. T

Map representing the route of the Philada. & Erie Rail Road its connections and the mineral lands in its vicinity.

Vicinity of Boston, from Bunker Hill monument, 1853 / engraved by James Smillie.

The citizens of Yonkers and vicinity opposed to the extension of slavery .... invited to attend a meeting at the Yonkers Lyceum, Getty House, on Saturday evening, June 21st, 1856.

Mr. George Boardley, respectfully informs his friends and the citizens of Boston and vicinity, that he will deliver a lecure! at Joy St. Church, Monday evening, Feb. 28, 1859 ... Boston, Feb. 1859.

[Five sketches along the Valley Pike in the vicinity of Fishers Hill, Strasburg, Cottontown, Mount Hope, Toms Brook, etc.].

[Map of Washington D.C. and vicinity].

Fort Monroe and vicinity showing entrance to Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Gosport Navy Yard &c.

Richmond & vicinity.

[Map of the vicinity of Strasburg, Virginia].

[Richmond, vicinity].

[Sketch of the Shenandoah Valley in the vicinity of Mt. Jackson].

[Map of part of Pennsylvania Avenue and the Washington Canal in the vicinity of the Center Market, N.W. Washington D.C.].

Memphis and vicinity /

[Topographic map of the vicinity of Fort Slocum, Washington D.C.].

Afternoon dancing school Joseph B. Brown. respectfully gives notice to the citizens of Boston and vicinity, that his afternoon winter term for young ladies, misses, and masters will commence on Wednesday, December 11th at 3 o'clock ... [Boston 1

Map of the vicinity of Washington, July, 1861 /

Dancing and physical exercise. Mr. Wm. N. Bell, returns his sincere thanks to the citizens of Boston and vicinity, for the very liberal patronage he has received during the present season, and respectfully announces that he will open a school at

Seat of war, Manassas and its vicinity

[Outline map of Hampton Roads, and the vicinity of Norfolk, Va.].

Vicinity of Winchester and Harper's Ferry, Va.

Falmouth, Virginia (vicinity). White Oak Church occupied by Christian Commission

Seat of war, Manassas and its vicinity

Map of Chattanooga and vicinity, Tenn.

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Hospital camp. Kendall Green

Aiken's Landing, Virginia (vicinity). Negro group at Aiken's farm

Seat of war, Manassas and vicinity to the Potomac /

Chattanooga, Tenn. (vicinity) Nashville & Chattanooga railroad at foot of Lookout Mountain

Camp Garnett and vicinity, Rich Mountain, Randolph Co., Va. /

Battery Rodgers, (interior), vicinity, Alexandria, Va.

New York City and vicinity

Map of Mount Vernon, Virginia and vicinity : shewing [sic] Union picket lines, March 186[1].

Drewry's Bluff, Va. (vicinity). Obstructions in James River

Map of Falls Church and vicinity of Lewinsville, Virginia : shewing [sic] Union picket lines October 30th 1862.

Surveys & reconnaissances in the vicinity of Budd's Ferry, Charles Co., Md. /

Map of n. eastern Virginia and vicinity of Washington

Map of n. eastern Virginia and vicinity of Washington /

Surveys of the military defences, vicinity of Washington, D.C. /

[Petersburg, Virginia (vicinity)]. Fortifications

Bull Run, Virginia (vicinity). Col. Alfred Duffie, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Northeast view of Federal Battery No. 1 at Farenhold house, York River. Mounting one 200 pdr. And five 100 pdr. Rifled guns

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Brigade officers of the Horse Artillery commanded by Lt. Col. William Hays

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Battery No. 4, mounting 13-inch mortars. East north end

[Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity)]. Servants at Prince de Joinville's quarters

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. George Stoneman and staff

[Sketch of the vicinity of McDowell, Va.].

City Point, Virginia (vicinity). View on James river below City Point

[Map of the James River Valley from the vicinity of Richmond to Chesapeake Bay : including parts of Henrico, Chesterfield, Charles City, and James City counties, Va.].

Alexandria, Virginia (vicinity). 200 pdr. Parrott rifle gun in Battery Rodgers

Illustrative map of battle-grounds of August 28th, 29th & 30th, 1862, in the vicinity of Groveton, Prince William Co., Va. : of counsel for the government, chiefly from the survey made under the authority of the Hon. G.W. McCrary, Secretary of War.

Map of n. eastern Virginia and vicinity of Washington /

[Sketch of the vicinity of Kernstown, Va.].

E. & G. W. Blunt's map of Charleston and vicinity.

Manassas, Virginia (vicinity). Camp of General Irvin McDowell's body guard

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Headquarters of General McClellan at Camp Winfield Scott

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Great Falls, Potomac River

Sulphur Springs, Virginia (vicinity). Bridge over the north fork of the Rappahannock River

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Federal Battery No. 1 two miles below Yorktown. Parrott guns in peach orchard

Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Virginia (vicinity). Ruins of hotel

Keedysville, Maryland (vicinity). Straw huts erected on Smith's farm used as a hospital after the battle of Antietam

Keedysville, Maryland (vicinity). Smith's barn, used as a hospital after the battle of Antietam

Original maps of Forts Henry & Donelson and vicinity.

Hare's map of the vicinity of Richmond, and Peninsular campaign in Virginia. Showing also the interesting localities along the James, Chickahominy and York Rivers

Map of n. eastern Virginia and vicinity of Washington /

Map shewing [sic] vicinity of Winchester, Virginia, Potomac, etc.

[Richmond, Va., vicinity. 1st New York Pettit's Battery, Artillery]

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Group of patients in front of ward B. Harewood hospital

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Brigade officers of the Horse Artillery commanded by Lt. Col. William Hays

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. John C. Caldwell and staff

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Headquarters of General George B. McClellan, Camp Winfield Scott

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. George Stoneman, U.S.A.

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Group at Camp Winfield Scott. T. Anderson, Esq. Lt. Col. Fletcher, Lt. Col. Neville, Major A.J. Pearson, Prince de Joinville, Comte de Paris, Gen. Stewart Van Vliet, G. Sheffield, S.L. Arny, Duc de Chartres

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Group. T. Anderson, Esq. Lt. Col. Fletcher, Lt. Col. Neville, Major A.J. Pearson, Prince de Joinville, Comte de Paris, Gen. Stewart Van Vliet, G. Sheffield, S.L. Arny, Duc de Chartres

Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Virginia (vicinity). Bridge across the Rappahannock River. North View

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Comte de Paris, Duc de Chartres, Prince de Joinville and friends at lunch. Camp Winfield Scott

Petersburg, Virginia (vicinity). Field and staff officer's quarters. Camp of 50th New York Engineers