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[Woman and beggar]

Who'll have the specie

Jenny Dean's interview with the queen / printed in oil colours by G. Baxter (patentee) from a painting by Mrs. Seyffarth.

Executive mercy/Marcy and the Bambers

Sub treasurers meeting in England

Trip to Epsom

Battle monument, Baltimore / W.H. Bartlett ; H. Griffiths.

North-country mails at the Peacock, Islington / painted by James Pollard ; engraved by T. Sutherland.

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Grand day and evening fete, next Tuesday, August 7, 1838. Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, combined with the evening entertainments

[Apparatus used to convert electrical energy into mechanical rotation, the basis of dynamos, using bar magnet, beaker of mercury, and current carrying wire] / A.A., del. ; J.B. Taylor, sc.

Night ascent. Royal Standard Tavern, pleasure grounds & tea gardens ... H. Brading, Proprietor ... has, at the solicitation of several scientific gentlemen, prevailed on Mr. Gypson, who will ... make an experimental trip, in the Royal Standard balloon, on Monday next, June 3, at ten o'clock at night! ...

The loss of the Pennsylvania New York packet ship; the Lockwoods emigrant ship; the Saint Andrew packet ship; and the Victoria from Charleston, near Liverpool, during the hurricane [...] Jany. 7th & 8th, 1839 / painted by Samuel Walters ; drawn on stone by T. Fairland.

Banque, Bourse et palais du Lord Maire, Londres The bank, the exchange, Mansion House, London / / Tuonra [Arnout spelled backwards] ; dessiné et lith. par Jules Arnout ; imp. par Lemercier à Paris.

New England Convention, Sepr. 10th, 1840 / W.J. Rund, s[culpsi]t.

[Revolutionary War battle between civilians and British soldiers]

A row in a city kitchen / JL.

The author of Vanity Fair

Cooke's Circus, York Hotel, Nicolson St.

Marion's brigade crossing the Pedee River, S.C.. 1778. On their way to attack the British force under Tarleton

Exeter Hall, the great anti-slavery meeting, 1841 / T.H. Shepherd [delineator] ; H. Melville [printmaker].

Entry to the Strand from Charing Cross / T.S. Boys, del. et lith.

Guildhall / T.S. Boys, del. et lithog.

Piccadilly, looking towards the city / T.S. Boys, del. et lith.

Mansion House, Cheapside &c. / T. Shotter Boys, del. et lith.

The aerial steam carriage

[Ariel, the first carriage of the Aerial Transit Company] / W. Walton lith. ; Day & Haghe lithrs. to the Queen.

The explosion of the United States Steam Frigate Missouri, at Gibralter [sic], Aug. 26th, 1843 To Captn. Sir George Sartorius and the Officers of the H.M.S. Malabar--this print is respectfully dedicated by their obedient servant, Edmund Fry / / drawn by E. Duncan, from a sketch made on the spot by Lieut. G.P. Mands, T.G. Dutton lith.; Day & Haghe lithrs. to the Queen.



Genl. Israel Putnam: the iron son of "76" Effecting his escape from the British dragoons.

Combat dans la mer du nord, 2 Octobre 1706 / peint par Gudin ; gravé par Skelton.

A N.b.E. view of the fort on the western end of Sulivans Island with the disposition of His Majesty's fleet commanded by Commodore Sir Peter Parker Knt. &c &c &c during the attack on the 28th. of June 1776, which lasted 9 hours and 40 minutes

Combat dans la mer du nord, Juin 1696 / peint par Gudin ; gravé par Chavanne.

A N.W.b.N. view of Charles Town from on board the Bristol ... taken in Five Fathom Hole the day after the attack upon Fort Sulivan by the Commodore & his squadron, which action continued 9 hours & 40 minutes / engrav'd ... by Wm. Faden.

Land Marks, Liverpool Bay

The tree of liberty. The free population of the United States enjoying the refreshing shade of the tree of liberty

President's house after its destruction by the British

Lord Mayor's day. Bringing the Baron of Beef into Guildhall

Christmas tree at Windsor Castle / drawn by J.L. Williams.

Les rois s'en vont-- bon voyage! / dessiné par Monta.

[Full page of The Illustrated London News, Christmas Supplement, 1848, showing 2 scenes: 1) The Christmas Holly Cart [street peddlar selling] 2) Fetching home the Christmas dinner [from bakery]

Defense of the California Bank

The landing in England / W. Roberts.

The fancy fair, Prince's Park, Liverpool, August, 1849 / John R. Isaac, draughtsman, lithographer & c.

Houses of Parliament / Pearson sc.

Birthplace of Allan Pinkerton, Muirhead Street and Ruglen Loan, Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland

Slavery as it exists in America. Slavery as it exists in England

The Constitution and Guerriere / drawn by G. White ; engd by J.C. McRae.

The nearest way in summer time

[Fig. 1 Grand promenade in Elysian Fields, Paris; fig. 2 Festival (religious) at St. Petersburg; fig. 3 Public meeting in England]

"Epurator" machine for cleaning cotton

[Interior view of the Crystal Palace during the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1851 showing statues on the sides, fountain at center with a large tree in the background, and crowds of spectators]

Crystal palace London Regent Street

Cotton machinery

Model house for families

[Insignia for various orders of France, Great Britain, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Ottoman Empire, etc., including medals and badges] / G. Heck, dirt. ; Schweissinger, sculp.

My New England home Words & music by L. Wade / / T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Cremorne Gardens ... Grand Victoria fete in honour of the Inauguration of the Exhibition of All Nations, by Her Majesty, on Thursday, May 1st, 1851 ...

View of west end of building

View of transept, looking south

Lathe for railway wheels

Agricultural implements

Locomotive engine

General view from transept, looking west

View of western nave

Glass fountain

The apotheosis

Agriclutural implements

Gen. Putnam's duel with the British officer

View of transept, looking north

View of eastern nave

Allegorical sculpture group of the City of Paris imploring heaven to take away the plague of cholera

[Picadilly omnibus boarding passengers to the exhibition at Hyde Park; coach in front of Pinchins & Co. bar and ale]

This drawing is by Major John Andre of the British Army, when a prisoner, & living in my Fathers family in Lancaster, during the War of the Revolution

[Sheet of sketches for the illustrated 1852 London edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin showing Simon Legree and some of the other central characters]

[St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England, viewed from across the river]

John Bull's fish monopoly

Dan the fisherman overhauled by British cruisers

[2 humorous sketches of daily life in London: "Going to the pantomime" (middle-class family about to enter carriage); "The Goose Club" drawn by Phiz (winning plucked geese in Christmas lottery?)]

A scene of scenes for the year 1853

Major Pipon, Royal Artillery

The interior of the Redan taken from its left face, looking towards the salient angle, looking south / / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Ismail Pacha & Mr. Thompson of the Commissariat

Captain Croker, 17th Regiment

Captain Bathurst, Grenadier Guards

Colonel Adye & Captain Whitmore

Lieutenant-colonel Shadforth at his hut & officers of the 57th Regiment

Captain Wilkinson, 9th Regiment

Embarkation of the sick at Balaklava / W. Simpson delt. ; E. Morin lith.

[Self portrait, standing]

Lieutenant Colonel Munro & officers of the 39th Regiment

A quiet day in the diamond battery - portrait of a Lancaster 68 pounder, 15th Decr. 1854 / W. Simpson del.

Captain George, 4th Light Dragoons & servant

Sergeant of British Light Infantry

The valley of the shadow of death - caves in the Woronzoff Road behind the 21 gun battery / W. Simpson delt. ; J. Needham lith.

[Kamara Heights in the distance, artillery waggons in the foreground]

Captain Heneage, Coldstream Guards

View of Balaklava from the top of Guard's Hill

View from the heights above Balaklava, looking towards Sebastopol, shewing the ground of the battles of the 25th Octr. and of the 5th Novr. 1854 and the line of our defences since the 25th Octr. / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham lith.

Major Tinley, & officers of the 39th regiment