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Sub treasurers meeting in England

Trip to Epsom

North-country mails at the Peacock, Islington / painted by James Pollard ; engraved by T. Sutherland.

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Grand day and evening fete, next Tuesday, August 7, 1838. Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, combined with the evening entertainments

[Apparatus used to convert electrical energy into mechanical rotation, the basis of dynamos, using bar magnet, beaker of mercury, and current carrying wire] / A.A., del. ; J.B. Taylor, sc.

Night ascent. Royal Standard Tavern, pleasure grounds & tea gardens ... H. Brading, Proprietor ... has, at the solicitation of several scientific gentlemen, prevailed on Mr. Gypson, who will ... make an experimental trip, in the Royal Standard balloon, on Monday next, June 3, at ten o'clock at night! ...

The loss of the Pennsylvania New York packet ship; the Lockwoods emigrant ship; the Saint Andrew packet ship; and the Victoria from Charleston, near Liverpool, during the hurricane [...] Jany. 7th & 8th, 1839 / painted by Samuel Walters ; drawn on stone by T. Fairland.

Banque, Bourse et palais du Lord Maire, Londres The bank, the exchange, Mansion House, London / / Tuonra [Arnout spelled backwards] ; dessiné et lith. par Jules Arnout ; imp. par Lemercier à Paris.

New England Convention, Sepr. 10th, 1840 / W.J. Rund, s[culpsi]t.

Cooke's Circus, York Hotel, Nicolson St.

Exeter Hall, the great anti-slavery meeting, 1841 / T.H. Shepherd [delineator] ; H. Melville [printmaker].

Entry to the Strand from Charing Cross / T.S. Boys, del. et lith.

Guildhall / T.S. Boys, del. et lithog.

Piccadilly, looking towards the city / T.S. Boys, del. et lith.

Mansion House, Cheapside &c. / T. Shotter Boys, del. et lith.

The aerial steam carriage



Land Marks, Liverpool Bay

Christmas tree at Windsor Castle / drawn by J.L. Williams.

Les rois s'en vont-- bon voyage! / dessiné par Monta.

[Full page of The Illustrated London News, Christmas Supplement, 1848, showing 2 scenes: 1) The Christmas Holly Cart [street peddlar selling] 2) Fetching home the Christmas dinner [from bakery]

The landing in England / W. Roberts.

The fancy fair, Prince's Park, Liverpool, August, 1849 / John R. Isaac, draughtsman, lithographer & c.

Houses of Parliament / Pearson sc.

Slavery as it exists in America. Slavery as it exists in England

[Fig. 1 Grand promenade in Elysian Fields, Paris; fig. 2 Festival (religious) at St. Petersburg; fig. 3 Public meeting in England]

"Epurator" machine for cleaning cotton

[Interior view of the Crystal Palace during the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1851 showing statues on the sides, fountain at center with a large tree in the background, and crowds of spectators]

Crystal palace London Regent Street

Cotton machinery

Model house for families

My New England home Words & music by L. Wade / / T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Cremorne Gardens ... Grand Victoria fete in honour of the Inauguration of the Exhibition of All Nations, by Her Majesty, on Thursday, May 1st, 1851 ...

View of west end of building

View of transept, looking south

Lathe for railway wheels

Agricultural implements

Locomotive engine

General view from transept, looking west

View of western nave

Glass fountain

Agriclutural implements

View of transept, looking north

View of eastern nave

Allegorical sculpture group of the City of Paris imploring heaven to take away the plague of cholera

[Picadilly omnibus boarding passengers to the exhibition at Hyde Park; coach in front of Pinchins & Co. bar and ale]

This drawing is by Major John Andre of the British Army, when a prisoner, & living in my Fathers family in Lancaster, during the War of the Revolution

[Sheet of sketches for the illustrated 1852 London edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin showing Simon Legree and some of the other central characters]

[St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England, viewed from across the river]

[2 humorous sketches of daily life in London: "Going to the pantomime" (middle-class family about to enter carriage); "The Goose Club" drawn by Phiz (winning plucked geese in Christmas lottery?)]

A scene of scenes for the year 1853

Sir Frederick Bruce of England

Colonel Wood & Major Stuart Wortley on the staff of Sir Richard England

Lord Edward Clinton of England

Lord Edward Clinton of England

Royal Exchange / by the London Stereoscopic Company.

Lord Edward Clinton of England

[Design drawing for stained glass window for perpetuating Christianity with St. Augustine, King Arthur, Bishop Hobart, St. Francis, The Church of England, Pilgrims of Canterbury, Christopher Columbus, Spain, England, and France for All Saints Church in Detroit, Michigan]

Street scene in London--winter evening / Ts. Nast.

Reading-room of the British Museum

[Greenwich pensioner]

The cricket match played at Hoboken on October 3-6, 1859, between the All England Eleven and the United States Twenty-Two A baseball match at the Elysian Fields, Hoboken.

Baie de Weymouth (Constable) / Lalanne sc. d'ap. Constable.

Lord Brougham of England

Tom Sayers, champion of England born at Pimlico near Brighton, Sussex 1826, height 5 ft. 8 inches, lowest feichting weight 10 st. 10 lbs / / lith. by Cameron & Walsh, 32 & 34 John St., N.Y.

Jerusalem / Frank M. Good, Phot. ; London.

Queen Philippa interceding for the lives of the burgesses of Calais, 1347 / on steel by John Sartain, Phila. ; the original by H.C. Selous.

[ U.S. Signal Corp. barometer, made by L. Casella, London, England]

How "The Southern Commissioner" tried to mould [sic] public opinion in England

The International Exhibition of 1862 The foreign picture gallery.

The International Exhibition of 1862 The nave, from eastern dome.

Some specimens of "Secesh" industry - intended for the London Exhibition of 1862, but unfortunately intercepted by the "Paper Blockade"

Samuel Crompton, inventor of the spinning mule

A gentleman in a fix -- An unnatural parent

Brooklyn sanitary fair, 1864. New England kitchen / lith. of A. Brown & Co. 47 Nassau St. N.Y. for Henry McCloskey's Manual of 1864.

Westminster Hall / By Valentine Blanchard.

Piccadilly, looking east / By Valentine Blanchard.

The National Gallery / By Valentine Blanchard.

St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell / By Valentine Blanchard.

The Haymarket / By Valentine Blanchard.

Pall Mall, looking towards the National Gallery / By Valentine Blanchard.

The Houses of Parliament, from Lambeth Bridge / By Valentine Blanchard.

The Prince of Wales and family / photographed by Vernon Heath.

Pall Mall west / By Valentine Blanchard.

Houses of Parliament, from Lambeth Bridge / By Valentine Blanchard.

Aerial voyages over London Ashburnham Park, King's Road, Chelsea.

[Battersea Bridge] / S. Haden.

Igirisu rondon taikō

Two members of the Ku-Klux Klan in their disguises The riots at the election in Blackburn, England.

Coliseum - interior / John P. Soule, 199 Washington St., Boston.

Le ballon captif à vapeur de Mr. Henri Giffard, à Londres, mai 1869 / A. Tissandier.

Funeral of Mr. [George] Peabody in Westminster Abbey

Ripon - market place

Will. B. Dorman's original red cross bitters / New England Lith. Co., Boston.

Reid, Hon. Whitelaw, Minister to England

Salisbury - Poultry Cross

Lymm; old cross & stocks / F.F.& Co.

The Pictorial spirit of the Illustrated European Press

Reid, Whitelaw, Minister to England