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Shrine of the Annunciation Nazareth April 20th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

[Gutenberg Bible opened to the beginning of the Gospel of Luke]

[A dying man attended by Mary Magdalene and Saint Peter, angels, and the devil]

Civliano consuli ac patricio Priscianus salutem

[Blacksmith shoeing a horse while a man with large sword slays a snake in the background]

[A farmer plowing a field]

[Medieval depiction of earth as wheel encircled by ocean; and surrounding text]

[Earth, the sun, and moon carried on dragon's back below title in decorative border]

[Mobile tank-like fortress in the shape of a dragon]

[Mechanical device for scaling towers]

[Portable siege ladder]

[World map by Ptolemy]

[Half-human monsters called "wonder-people" and soulless animal monsters]

[Medieval universe, with heaven above, bands containing stars, and earth below]

[Trees with medicinal virtues, growing naturally and cultivated in pots]

[Plantain shown with snake and scorpion to indicate plant is antidote for their bites and stings; and surrounding text]

[Sigismund, emperor of Germany, on his death bed, 1437]

[Four illustrations of 15th c. daily live from the text of Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae. Dutch and Latin. Ghent, Arend de Kaysere, 3 May 1485]

[Four illustrations of 15th c. daily live from the text of Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae. Dutch and Latin. Ghent, Arend de Kaysere, 3 May 1485]

[Four illustrations of 15th c. daily live from the text of Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae. Dutch and Latin. Ghent, Arend de Kaysere, 3 May 1485]

Des Humeurs et qualites

[Four illustrations of 15th c. daily live from the text of Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae. Dutch and Latin. Ghent, Arend de Kaysere, 3 May 1485]

[Life stages from infancy to old age with various accoutrements]

[Farmers harvesting crops]

Du Temps

[Knights, some on horseback, in hand-to-hand combat]

[Illustrated arithmetic problem showing man stamping on fruit in rectangular tub and man standing in round tub, with mathematical equations and surrounding text]

[Cultivation and care of grapevines]

L'Aquatinta magnanimo duca

De insulis nuper in mari Indico repertis

[Medieval book collector sitting at desk, reading]

De insulis nuper in Mari Indico repertis [and] de insulis nuper inventis

[Earth-centered universe, with orbits of moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the firmament in concentric circles]

[Pietro da Montagnana, a Paduan medical teacher surrounded by Greek and Arabic medical books, and three patients waiting to have their urine examined]

[Remondino de Luzzi overseeing assistant in dissection of cadaver as students watch in an early fourteenth century anatomy class at Bologna]

[Illustrated page with vignette showing Aristotle? pointing to the stars in the sky]

[Crowned Greek astronomer Ptolemy and his Renaissance translator Regiomontanus, seated beneath an armillary sphere and surrounded by decorated border]

Acorus calamus

[Plague victim in bed pointing out to three physicians the swell or boil under his armpit]

Typus arithmeticae

Typus gramatic

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

De Terre motu

[Decorated initial with bearded man pointing up to the sun, moon, and stars and down to the earth; and surrounding text]

[Blood-letting guide, with phases of moon and points from which blood is to be let keyed to nude figure]

[Shepherd with bagpipes gazing at heavens, with sheepdogs, sheep and wolf]

[Title page of Pliny's Natural history, with decorative border of dolphins and illustration of St. Michael lancing dragon]

[Printing press of Joducus Badius with three workers in shop]

[Architectural elements, floor plan, and elevation from handbook on classical architecture]

[Bird's-eye view of a large scale water supply system showing tunnels and covered aqueducts]

[Milan Cathedral, plan, elevation, and architectural elements from handbook on classical architecture]

[Two illustrations showing a unicorn and several apes]

[Design by Albrecht Dürer for 16th century fortification]

[Four views of heads with proportions delineated in perspective grids, and surrounding text]

[Interior of a metallurgist's workshop with furnace and implements of his trade; on the hood over the furnace is a portrait of an unidentified man]

[Telescoping siege machine]

[Air mattress made from animal skins]

[Underwater breathing apparatus]

[Saint Benedict presenting his monastic regulations to r. padre frate Rogiero di Barletta, who is kneeling before him]

Haec est forma vivaque torqueti mago suis, et numeris, ...

[German cupeling furnace with a brick dome and a cupeling hearth with iron hood, both used to separate metals from ores]

[Cannons shooting fire tubes to frighten charging cavalry troops who are shown retreating]

[Title page of Extra ordinem classium libri, with border illustrations showing medical scenes from life of Galen, physician to Marcus Aurelius]

Pictores operis, Heinricus Fullmaurer, Albertus Meyer, sculptor Vitus Rodolph Speckle

Cucumis sativus vulgaris, cucumern

[Crowd watching dissection of female cadaver with skeleton at its head]

[Solar system diagram with seven planets in circular orbits, the earth as number V, Telluris; and surrounding text]

[Page in Opera, quae Quidem extant, omnia; with mathematical diagram keyed to Greek text]

De figuere vander divisien der spheren ... / graphien van Pe. Apiano.

[Mathematician Girolamo Cardano, half-length portrait in oval, facing right, with text below]

[Architectural plan and elevation of a bridge showing piers, arches, and columns]

[Illustration of ballistics showing cannon with Tartaglia's gun quadrant to measure its angle of elevation; and surrounding text]

[A folding, pocket-sized sundial]

[Eagle with prominent claws; and surrounding text]

Exemplum balistæ quadrirotis

Expositio liburnæ

Expositio thoracomachi

[Method of raising sunken ship with five ropes and ships, diagram of curved pipe in water, and surrounding text]

[Group of men and a demon, Peru]

[Men chopping wood, damming stream, and washing ore demonstrate a sluicing method for obtaining stones from which tin is made]

[Plate from De re metallica showing three methods of ventilating mines]

[Title page of Dipnosophistarum, siue Coenae sapientum libri XV]

[Apology by author, la table desmerade d'Hermes Trimegiste, father of philosophy, and portrait in decorated initial L]

[Male and female mandrake roots]

[Atlas, dressed like an ancient king, holding earth centered universe on his shoulders]

[A horizontal sundial]

Calcearius, der schuhmacher

Aurifaber - der goltschmit

[Ornate title page illustration for I qvattro libri dell'architettvra by Andrea Palladio]

[Floor plan and elevation of a classical style house]

Planimetriam, hoc est, longitudinum mensuram per astrolabium experíri

[Geometric figure of earth, sun, and moon calculated by Aristarchus to approximate real scale of the solar system]

[Illustrations of 16th century knives, forks, and other utensils]

[Interior view of large, spacious kitchen with cooks preparing a meal]

[First chapter of Spiritalium liber; with decortated initial C. in which baby holds a staff and rope with weight at end, possibly engineering tools]

[A man operating a lathe with fixed cutting tool driven by the action of weights; here the machine is cutting screw threads in wood]

[Person with crossed eyes, head-and-shoulders view]