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Gone to meet John Kelly

An end to all disagreement / F. Opper.

Unwelcome passengers / J.A. Wales.

A way out of President Arthur's dilemma / Gillam.

Puck's perplexing position - between two evils / D.K.

The food of our youth / J.K.

An uncompleted task / J.A. Wales.

The hoaxer hoaxed / J.A. Wales.

More money wanted - O'Connor's charity craft / F. Opper.

Puck's own Yorktown celebration / J. Keppler.

Where Justice will have to look for jurors who have not formed an opinion in the Guiteau case / J. Keppler.

John Kelly galvanizes the corpse of Tammany / F. Graetz.

Justice's "jimmy" / Gillam.

Self-supporter Sammy / F. Opper.

The innocents / F. Opper.

Arthur's awkward "white elephant" / Gillam.

Hyenas at work / Gillam.

Too weak to fight - too old to run / F. Graetz.

"With thee to support me, I defy the whole world!" / J. Keppler.

Puck's pyrotechnics - Fourth-of-July fireworks free to all / Opper & Co.

Between two evils / Gillam [spelled backwards].

A sunday show - profit for pagan and preacher / F. Opper.

Democracy's opportunity / J. Keppler.

Forgotten on purpose / Gillam.

For sale again / F. Graetz.

The moths and the candle / F. Graetz.

Will he cast his sword into the balance? / Gillam.

The living president's tribute to the dead president / G.

Another restorer of antiquities à la Cesnola / Gillam.

The only Chinese bill that the president cannot veto

Jay Gould's private bowling alley / F. Opper.

The agony of the assessed - between two terrors / F. Graetz.

A sop to Cerberus / Gillam.

Getting hot enough for him / F. Graetz.

British benevolence / J. Keppler.

The mighty meeting of the Masons / J. Keppler.

The irrepressible log / Gillam.

Rotten to the core / J. Keppler.

Edson's fix / Gillam after Gehrts.

A tail they can't twist / Gillam.

The prodigal's return - a cold reception / F. Opper.

The protectors of our industries / Gillam ; Mayer Merkel & Ottmann lith., N.Y.

Hopelessly bound to the stake / Gillam.

Spoiling their slide / F. Opper.

A destructive worm / F. Graetz.

The feuds of the dudes / F. Opper.

The latest novelty / F. Opper.

Incorrigible / Gillam.

The rivals in Ohio / Gillam.

The old partners in the new navy job / Gillam.

The cave of despair / F. Opper.

The temptation / Gillam.

The Irish declaration of independence that we are all familiar with / F. Opper.

The result of the Star Route trials / F. Graetz.

Old-school etiquette / F. Graetz.

Going to the bicycle tournament / F. Opper.

The good monopoly missionaries and the wicked island / F. Opper.

Life's ups-and-downs -- Puck's improvement on Cole's "Voyage of Life" / J. Keppler.

Brooklyn's new champion - the old-timers "knocked out" by the prayer-cure "pounder" / F. Opper.

Driven to desperation / F. Opper.

Congressional contempt / F. Opper.

He missed the chair, but he has the floor / Gillam.

Bismarck's boost / F. Graetz.

Celestial wrath / F. Opper.

"Puck" is not going to be left - he has a horse-show of his own / Gillam.

What 's in it? / Gillam.

The two dromios / Gillam.

Coming to the wrong shop / F. Opper.

The harder he pumps, the dirtier his case gets / F. Opper.

Justice out of a job / F. Opper.

Our congressman / J. Keppler.

In a critical condition / F. Opper.

A trio that must go / F. Graetz.

The recruiting-sergeant and the tough subject / Gillam.

An apparatus by means of which suicides can get the better of the "penal code" / F. Graetz.

A played-out tenor - from star to street-singer / F. Opper.

In memory of our best citizen / J. K.

The whitwash is too thin / Gillam.

Set a -- to catch a -- / F. Graetz.

Bottled politics / J. Keppler.

The goose that lays the golden eggs / F. Opper.

Another one gone wrong / J. Keppler.

The death-watch - the execution postponed / F. Opper.

Anything for popularity! / J. Keppler.

Barkis is willin' / Gillam.

A weak combination suspension bridge / F. Graetz.

Dorsey, the American "informer" - he finds one willing ear / F. Opper.

The original political dude out-duded / F. Opper.

Bravo! Señor Clevelando!! / Gillam.

The same old boom / F. Graetz.

The only Democratic presidential candidate who stands a chance of election in 1884 / F. Opper.

An appalling attempt to muzzle the watch-dog of science / F. Graetz.

Puck's coaching parade, 1883 / F. Opper.

Kik - kik - cock-a-doodle doo! Mr. Kelly, how are you? / J. Keppler.

"April fool!" / F. Opper.

One thing he can not shake off / Gillam.

"Me and Jack" / Gillam after a popular print.

"What are the wild waves saying, sister?" / Gillam.

They can not stop the wheel / F. Opper.

Once the senatorial Apollo - now the court-jester / F. Opper.