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Miss V-gh-n [and] the American hero

To the Right Honorable Richard, Lord Viscount Howe, of the Kingdom of Ireland, and to his Excellency the Honorable William Howe, Esquire ... The humble representation and petition of the freeholders and inhabitants of Queen's County, on the Isla

General Howe, Esqr. of the Conecticut [i.e., Connecticut] and comander [sic] Army in America / I.M. Probst sc ; Ioh. Mich: Probst exc: AV.

By Richard Viscount Howe of the Kingdom of Ireland and William Howe, Esq; General of His Majesty's Forces in America, the King's Commissioners for restoring peace to His Majesty's Colonies and plantations in North-America, &c. &c. &c. Declaratio

The conference between the brothers how to get rich

A sketch of the operations of His Majesty's fleet and army under the command of Vice Admiral the Rt. Hble. Lord Viscount Howe and Genl. Sr. Wm. Howe, K.B., in 1776.

Admiral Keppel

The Hon[ora]ble S[i]r Wm. Howe, Knight of the Bath and commander in chief of his magesty's forces in America / Corbutt, delin; se bend chez J.M. Will, à Augsbourg.

General Howe

La folie des deux partis, où vue politique de l'etat et de la nation Anglaise, avec les senateurs en personnes

Hell in triumph or The devil has got his own / Peepo Mellico, scratchavit.

The birth-day ode* - as it was preformed before his M--, on the 4th of June, by the Royal Band

Richd. Lord Viscount Howe rear admiral of the White and commander in chief of the fleet in N. America

The sea fight between Keppel and d'Orvilliers

The Hon. Sir Willm. Howe Kt. of the Bath, commander in chief of all his majesty's forces in America

Admiral Keppel

Lord George Germaine

Lord Viscount Howe / Angus sculp.

The bull over-drove, or, The drivers in danger

The catch singers

The state cooks making peace-porridge

Wonders wonders wonders & wonders - dedicated to the wonderfull wonderfull wonderer

Paradice lost

A block for the wigs - or, the new state whirligig

Lord Hood - from a painting by West in the possession of Sir John Dick / Miller del. ; Birrell sculp.

General Howe / Dodd del. ; Goldar sculp.

Lord Keppel / Golder sculp.

The sour prospect before us, or The ins throwing up State --.

The Irish bull broke loose

An Irish union / IC.

A Cognocenti contemplating ye Beauties of ye Antique / Js. Gillray--invt--& fect.

Physical air,-or-Britannia recover'd from a trance;-also, the patriotic courage of Sherry Andrew; & a peep thro' the fog

Armed-heroes / Js. Gillray inv. & f.

Evacuation of Malta

Doctor Sangrado curing John Bull of repletion-with the kind offices of young Clysterpipe & Little Boney - a hint from Gil Blas / Js. Gillray invt. & fect.

A few small temples still retain their lines of classic beauty. With the recollection of Greece's ancient glory one may spend pleasant hours in the Acropolis The prime minister, Colonel Gonatas of the Revolutionary Government tells Mr. Carpenter what fun it is to boss generals about when only a colonel

Sketch of the surprise of the French troups under General Girard by Lt. Gen. Hill of the allied army near Arrojo de los Molinos, 28th Obr. 1811 /

The Right Hon. Henry Robert Stewart, Lord Viscount Castlereagh, M.R.I.A. & F.R.S. / from an original picture by T. Lawrence, Esq. R.A. ; drawn by W. Evans ; engraved by H. Meyer.

The modern Job! or John Bull and his comforts! / Marks del et sc.

The death of the property tax! Or 37 mortal wounds for ministers & the inquisitoral commissioners! / G. Cruikshank sculp.

State physicians bleeding John Bull to death!! / G. Cruikshank fect. ; Invd. by Yedis.

Sick of the property tax or ministerial influnza (sic)

Conspirators; or, delegates in council

The funeral procession of the rump / G. Cruikshank invt. et fect.

The blessing of new taxes!!! / Marks fect.

The battle at Bunker's Hill near Boston. June 17, 1775 / John Trumbull delt. ; Archer & Boilly sc.

[The battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17th 1775] / [painted by J. Trumbull ; on stone by A. Hoffy]

Lord Viscount Nelson Duke of Bronte, &c.&c. / engraved by A.L. Dick ; engraved in mezzotint by H.S. Sadd ; printed by J. Knight, A.R.A. ; printed by J. Neale.

Viscount Milton

Viscount Milton

Viscount Kirkwall, Captain 71st Highlanders

The tale of a tail / J. Keppler.

Viscount Sone[?]

[Edward Grey, Viscount Grey of Fallodon, half-length portrait, seated, resting head in hand]

Hands across the sea

Hands across the sea

Viscount Wrexham

"Let us have peace" / C.J. Taylor.

In the late afternoon shadows steal over the surfaces of ancient columns of the Acropolis softening their worn and ragged edges These columns standing for centuries despite the elements and are huge in size. Mr. Carpenter tries to encircle one with his arms.

Viscount Birkenhead

Viscount Cursom

Viscount Cave (wearing judge's robe)

Viscount Hayashi

Viscount Lascelles

Viscount Toshisada

Viscount Cave

Viscount Takahashi

Viscount & Lady Cecil

Anna Pavlova and Viscount Mishima & family

Lord Nelson in the cabin of the Victory

Viscount Lascelles & wife

Viscount Burnham

Viscount Brachet

Lord Nelson in the cabin of the Victory

Viscount Lascelles

Viscount Alex. Hitching -- Brooke and Mrs. F.M. Leggett

Viscount Lascelles

Viscount Motono

Viscount Kato

Viscount Kyoura

Viscount Lascelles

Viscount Astor

Viscount Wolmer




A few small temples still retain their lines of classic beauty. With the recollection of Greece's ancient glory one may spend pleasant hours in the Acropolis The prime minister, Colonel Gonatas of the Revolutionary Government tells Mr. Carpenter what fun it is to boss generals about when only a colonel.

Nelson Column, Trafalgar Square, London, England

Viscount Wolverhampton, formerly Sir H.H. Fowler, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, formerly Lord President of Council, 1908

[Viscount Alfred Charles William Northcliffe, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]

Viscount Kitchener

Viscount Kitchener

J.P. Morgan, Viscount Haldane and Sir K.M. McKenzie

McReynolds, McKenzie, Miss Haldane, Viscount Haldane

Viscount Haldane

J.P. Morgan, Viscount Haldane, and Sir K.M. McKenzie

Viscount Haldane

Viscount Haldane - West Point

Viscount Haldane

Viscount Haldane

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