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[ Facsimile of first newspaper printing of The star spangled banner]

[ Facsimile of Keim manuscript]

First comes your duty to your flag

Yankee Doodle

General Hard Tack

Give my regards to Broadway

The waltz must change to a march, Marie

Sing allelluia forth

Tramp, tramp, tramp

Marching through Georgia

Young America

War song medley

Servia-- national air

The war in Snider' The war in Sniders grocery store

Die Wacht am Rhein

I' Im glad my wife's in Europe

It' Its a long, long way to Tipperary

Montenegro : National air

La Brabançonne

Tip-top Tipperary Mary

Stay down where you belong

Keep the home-fires burning till the boys come home

Deutsch-Oesterreichisches militär potpourri

Don' Dont bite the hand that's feeding you

There' Theres a long, long trail

For Dixie and Uncle Sam

Nu riservista d' Nu riservista dAmerica

Vorposten an der italienischen Grenze

Nach der einnahme von Warschau

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!

The Canadian guns

The greatest battle song of all

Wake up, America!

Roses of Picardy

Naar jeg kommer hjem

My sweetheart is somewhere in France

Goodbye Broadway, hello France

Where do we go from here?

Laddie boy

Over there

The ragtime volunteers are off to war

Dengang jeg drog af sted

I don' I dont know where I'm going, but I'm on my way

I' Id feel at home if they'd let me join the army

The laddies who fought and won

It' Its a long way to Berlin, but we'll get there!

Somewhere in France is the lily

Good-bye Broadway, hello France!

When the boys come home

Lafayette (we hear you calling)


France (we have not forgotten you)

The Americans come!

The Navy will bring them back

Il plauso di Diaz ai vincitori

Goodbye France

Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning

Don' love Dont let us sing anymore about war, just let us sing of love

When Uncle Joe steps into France

Dumka żolnierza

Freedom for all forever

The rose of no man' The rose of no mans land

Piosnka wojenna

Il primo sbarco delle truppe Italiani a Trieste

When Alexander takes his ragtime band to France

How ya gonna keep ' How ya gonna keep em down on the farm?

Dear old pal of mine

The boys who won' The boys who wont come home

There is no death

Rose of Washington Square

Christ in Flanders

Solvejg' Solvejgs cradle song

Hinky dinky parlay voo

Hinky dinky parlay voo

Cheer, boys, cheer or Morgan's war song

The battle of Santiago

Star spangled banner

The star spangled banner

Columbia the land of the brave

Our flag is there

Fremont's battle march

The Bell schottisch

Dixie's land

Dear land of the south

Warren guards quick step

Lincoln grand march

Prize banner polka

Secession March

Douglas schottisch

Jeff Davis march

Dixie war song

Jefferson Davis grand march

No surrender

Gen: McClellan's grand march

Southern Marseillaise

The Song of the contrabands

Genl. Beauregard's grand polka militaire

The Fortress Monroe polka

Song for the Union

All hail to the union