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Britons! Your country needs you / Printed by Saunders & Cullingham, 2 & 3 Burgon Street, Carter Lane, London, E.C.

First call I need you in the Navy this minute! Our country will always be proudest of those who answered the first call.

Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Alfred Offner.

Martial motions or military manouevres - prudence

This device on hat or helmet means U.S. Marines / F.

Les revendications des débbés. Bureau des enfants. Croix-Rouge américaine

U.S. Marines - first to hoist Old Glory on foreign soil Join them for overseas duty / / Sidney H. Riesenberg 1913.

Your king & country need you to maintain the honour and glory of the British Empire / Lawson Wood '14 ; Dobson, Molle & Co. Ltd., Color Printers, Edinr. & London.

Kriegsanleihe zeichnen! / LO.

The trumpet calls / Norman Lindsay.

The scrap of paper - Prussia's perfidy - Britain's bond [...] Enlist to-day / Hanbury, Tomsett & Co., London, N.W.

Another call "More men and still more until the enemy is crushed" Lord Kitchener / Elk ; Printed by Hill, Siffken & Co. (L.P.A. Ltd.), Grafton Works, Holloway, London, N.

Rally round the flag. Every fit man wanted / H.T. & Co.

Enlistment in the regular army. Height now reduced to normal standard for infantry of the line.

Zeichnet Kriegsanleihe! Wiener Bank-Verein / Rauch.

The U.S. Marines want you

Join the U.S. Marine Corps Soldiers of the sea!

Do your duty - join the U.S. Marines Help them defend America on land and sea.

Emblemas de la libertad y de la humanidad La Cruz Roja, Madre de todas las naciones.

The Red Cross serves humanity Join now / / C.W. Anderson.

Emblemas de la libertad y de la humanidad La Cruz Roja, Madre de todas las naciones.

The American Red Cross wants clothes to send over-seas to Belgium and Northern France Phone the American Red Cross - Greeley 5650 (24 west 39th. St.) and they will tell you how / / Gordon Grant.

Symboles de la liberté et de l'huma[nité] La Croix Rouge, la mère de toutes les nations.

Weihnachten im Feld! 1914. Spendet Liebesgaben für unsere Krieger! / AM.

Ludendorff-Spende für Kriegsbeschädigte / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

His Majesty's Army ... vacancies exist

Cacciali via! / U. Finozzi.

A chance shot This is a chance photograph of a chance shot at a "sub" by a real chance taking American / / photographed by Lieut. Sellers, P.C., U.S.N.

Boys to the farm -- bring your chums and do your bit -- S.O.S. / E. Henderson.

Fish & vegetable meals will save wheat, meat & fats for our soldiers and allies

Forward! To victory with the 245 Overseas Canadian Grenadier Guards Battalion

Join the Canadian Grenadier Guards

Are you one of Kitchener's own?

We will uphold the priceless gem of liberty ... shall we help to crush tyranny?

Recruits wanted ... fall in boys!

Emblems of liberty and humanity The Red Cross, mother of all nations.

Unser Kaiser an sein Volk / E. Kaempster.

Enlist in the Navy follow the boys in blue for home and country / / G. Wright.

The first line of defense needs you - enlist in the Navy / H. Shirer.

He is getting our country's signal - are you? Join the Navy.

Zeitung der 10. Armee / A. Saulweber.

"Get into khaki"; we are doing our bit / H.M. Burton.

Men wanted for the army / Michael P. Whelan.

His Majesty's Coldstream Guards / Ernest Ibbetson, '14.

Men wanted for the army / Michael P. Whelan.

U.S. Marines - "Soldiers of the sea" Good pay - foreign travel - congenial employment.

U.S. Marines - "Soldiers of the sea" / Bruce Moore.

U.S. Marines - "Soldiers of the sea" / Bruce Moore.

Disposition concernant les étrangers

Help / D.H. Souter.

Les Alsacians et les Lorrains sont Français!

Das Geheimnis von Lüttich

The regular - ready! He was - he is - he will be Enlist for the infantry or in one of the other twelve branches / / Gordon Grant.

Chaque piéce d'or apporté á la banque avance d'une heure la victoire finale

This is the only American ambulance now saving lives in Russia The American ambulance in Russia / / B.

500 men wanted for the 237th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F.

Canada's egg opportunity

Join the Irish Canadian Rangers Overseas Battalion

Colonel Fowler is calling for men for the 104th. Are you going with him?

The thin khaki line keeps the fate of Belgium from your hearth and home. Get into khaki now!

S.O.S. Soldiers of the Soil - boys to the front

Extra - your country needs you in the U.S. Navy at once

I'm doing my duty are you? Your Navy needs you this minute / / Clinton Jordan.

Spende für bayerische Soldatenheime / Stuck.

The veteran's farewell. Enlist now! / Frank Dadd 1914 ; Printed by Petty & Sons (Leeds) Ltd., Leeds & London.

Offer your services now. Our brave soldiers at the front need your help / L.S. & Co.

Rally round the flag. Every fit man wanted / L.S. & Co.

Kriegsanleihe zeichnen! / LO.

Les Blessés au travail. Oeuvre pour les soldats convalescents ou réformés

Your king & country need you to maintain the honour and glory of the British Empire / Lawson Wood '14 ; Dobson, Molle & Co. Ltd., Color Printers, Edinr. & London.

Hier zeichnet man die Kriegsanleihe / Bernhard.

An das deutsche Volk! ... Hellflammende Entrüftung und heiliger Orn werden jedes deutschen Mannes und Weibes Kraft verdoppeln ... Wilhelm I.R. / Franz Stassen.

"England expects every man to do his duty" and join the army to-day / H.T. & Co.

Emblemas de la libertad y de la humanidad La Cruz Roja, Madre de todas las naciones.

Be up-to-date - be a U.S. Marine First to change the old campaign hat for the modern helmet / / W.A. Rogers.

U.S. Marines - active service - land, sea, air

Join me - the first to fight on land and sea - U.S. Marines

Debout! Nos morts pour la patrie . . . voici la France!

The Public Health Nurse She answers humanity's call : Your Red Cross membership makes her work possible / / Gordon Grant.

"All in the day's work" Enlist in the United States Marine Corps for interesting duty - land, sea, or sky / / Ch. Gatchell.

Stand by! A campaign of comradeship.

He did his duty - will you? U.S. Marines - join for active service land and sea / / PW.

Jump into your place in the Sportsman's Company of the Irish Canadian Rangers

Come now! With the 173rd Overseas Battalion, Canadian Highlanders

Canada's butter opportunity

Come into the garden Dad! / Sampson.

Young man ... join now, the 73rd Royal Highlanders of Canada

Help the boys to keep them running

Attention! ... Canadian Grenadier Guards now recruiting

Mothers, wives and sweethearts expect you to protect them. You may do so with the 73rd Royal Highlanders of Canada

Économisons le pétrole, l'essence / Marie Louise Jeanningros, 13 ans.

Soignons la basse-cour. Je suis une brave poule de guerre, je mange peu et produis beaucoup / G. Douanne, 16 ans.

The new armies. More men are needed at once. Complete the second half-million and ensure success abroad and safety at home. [...]

La petite guerre

Men wanted for the Army / I.B. Hazelton 1914.

Britain's strong arm, and yours, will carry us through. Enlist now / Printed by The Clerkenwell Press, Ltd., 76 & 78 Clerkenwell Rd., London, E.C.

To arms! / L. Ravenhill.

Fest steht und treu die Wacht am Rhein / Horst Schülze, 1914.

Men of the empire to arms! God save the king! / H.W. & V., Ld.

1914! Les Assassins!