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George Washington commandant en chef des armées des Etats-unis de l'Amerique / N. Pruneau del. et sculp.

Georges Washington Eqer. général en chef de l'armée Anglo-Amériquaine, nom̄é dictateur par le congrès en Fevrier 1777 / Desrais del ; LeBeau sculp.

George Washington, Esq'r. - general and commander in chief of the Continental Army in America / done from an original, drawn from the life by Alex'r. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia ; Ioh. Martin Will excud. Aug. Vind.

George Washington, Esq'r. - Americanischer generalissimus

The glorious Washington and Gates

Gen'l. George Washington

Les Anglois molestes et chatiees

S.E. George Washington - général en chef de armées des etats unis de l'Amérique / Le B. pinx ; J.L. sculp.

General Washington

George Washington Eqer. général en chef de l'armée Anglo-Amériquaine, nommé dictateur par congrès en Fevrier 1777

His excellency George Washington Esq'r. captain general of all the American forces

G. Washington, generaal der Noord-Americaanen / Reinr Vinkeles, sculp. naar een origineel schildery, by den Wel Ed. Heer P. van Winter, Nic:z.

His excy. George Washington Esqr. captain general of all the American forces / J. Norman.

G. Washington / J. Trumbull pinx. ; Ta. le Roy sculp.

His excellency General Washington commander in chief of the united States of North America &c. / B.B.E.

Mrs. General Washington, bestowing thirteen stripes on Britania

The surrender of Earl Cornwallis (Lieutenant-General of the British Army in North America) to General Washington & Count DeRochambeau, on the 19th of Octr. 1781 - whereby the posts of York-Town & Gloucester in Virginia, were then given up to the combined forces of America & France / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

George Washington commander in chief of ye armies of ye United States of America / engraved by W. Sharp, from an original picture.

1. General Washington 2. General Gates 3. Dr. Franklin 4. Präsid Laurens 5. Paul Jones / D. Berger sculp. 1784.

Reddition de l'armée du Lord Cornwalis / dessiné par le Barbier peintre du roi ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Academie Imple. et Royale de Vienne &c.

[George Washington] / J. Norman sc.

Reddition de l'armée du Lord Cornwalis / dessiné par le Barbier peintre du roi ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Academie Imple. et Royale de Vienne &c.

Gen. Washington / Wm. Angus sc.

General Washington / J. Trenchard scpt.

[Silhouette of George Washington and bust portrait of Benjamin Franklin]


Appointment of Robert Todd as brigadier-general

[Medallion portraits of Washington and Lafayette, on plinth draped with flags]

[General Washington]

Twenty five dollars

Second Regiment, Hudson Brigade, First Division, Hudson County State Militia

The tomb of Washington / engraved by W. Woodruff Cunr. for the Ladies Repository.

G. Washington who departed this life Decr. 14, 1799 aged 68

Residence of the Washington family / Hays, sc.

Washington giving the laws to America

General Washington / painted by Gabriel Stuart 1797 ; engraved by James Heath Historical engraver to his Majesty, and to his Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, from the original picture in the collection of the Marquis of Lansdown.

Gen. Washington with some remarks on Jeffersonian Policy

The first great Western empire: or, the United States of America

General Washington

America guided by wisdom An allegorical representation of the United States depicting their independence and prosperity / / Drawn by John J. Barralett ; engraved by B. Tanner.

Passage of the Delaware, in Dec. 25th, 1776, by the American troops under the command of General Washington

Washington's reception on the bridge at Trenton in 1789 on his way to be inaugurated 1st pres[iden]t of the U.S. / Engraved by T. Kelley.

Convention at Philadelphia, 1787

Washington passing the Delaware, evening previous to the Battle of Trenton, Dec. 25th, 1776 / / painted by T. Sully ; etched by W. Humphrys ; engraved by G.S. Lang.

[Preliminary sketch, with grid, of the driveway in front of Mount Vernon]

[Interior wall with architectural ornaments of the U.S. Capitol building with portrait of George Washington at Dorchester Heights by Gilbert Stuart and unidentified portrait of a man, possibly John Adams, on display]

George Washington & family

Residence and tomb of Washington, Mount Vernon, on the Potomac / W.H. Brooke, F.S.A. ; A.L. Dick.

Washington crossing the Delaware

Odeon, Tremont Theatre, Athenæum, Washington Statue

[Blank certificate for donors to the Washington National Monument Society, Washington, D.C.] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co., Baltimore.

Grand match between the Kinderhook poney and the Ohio ploughman

High places in government like steep rocks only accessible to eagles and reptiles

[George Washington]

N.W. view of the mansion of George Washington. Mount Vernon / lith. by P. Haas, Washington City.

Washington (Georges), Président de la République des Etats-unis d'Amérique du Nord +1799 / Dessiné par Girardet ; tableau du temps gravé par Wolff.

Washington at prayer

Snake game rules

[Scene from the life of Washington?]

American bank note company, Philadelphia, office 125 S. 5th St.

G. Washington

The original silver medal presented by George Washington to Red Jacket

Washington crossing the Delaware / Painted by T. Sully; Engraved by J.N. Gimbrede.

Valley Forge, 1777. Gen. Washington and Lafayette visiting the suffering part of the army / painted and drawn by A. Gibert ; lith and publ. by P. Haas, Wash. City.

The American Marseillaise, or voice of the people

This certifies that [blank] is a member of the Native American Republican Association of Philadelphia / engraved & published by W.L. Germon, no. 80 1/2 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Gen. Washington (on the battle field at Trenton) / engraved by W. Warner from the original picture by Col. John Trumbull in possession of Yale College N. Haven.

Capitol of the United States at Washington / engraved & published by Alfred Jones No. 34 Liberty St. N. York.

Design of the Wasihngton [i.e. Washington] national monument to be erected in the city of Washington / design by Robt. Mills archt. ; lithd. by Chas. Fenderich, Wash.

Washington at Princeton, January 3rd, 1777 / Lith. & Pub. by N. Currier.

Zachary Taylor, the people's choice for 12th president

Head quarters of Washington at Newburgh N.Y.

George Washington and the spy Harvey Birch / designed by T.H. Matteson ; engraved by Charles Burt, N.Y.

[George Washington, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

Lives of the presidents of the United States. By Robert W. Lincoln

Grand, national, democratic banner - press onward - portraits from daguerreotype / lith. & pub. by N. Currier.

G. Washington / P.F. Rothermel pinx ; A.H. Ritchie sc.

Unveiling of the statue of George Washington by Thomas Crawford, in Richmond, Virginia, Feb. 22, 1852 [i.e. 1858]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing the George Washington equestrian monument on the Virginia state capitol grounds by Thomas Crawford surrounded by seraphs, eagles and Union shields; back is design of seraphs, eagles, and shields only]

G. Washington / P.F. Rothermel pinx ; A.H. Ritchie sc.

The Washington National Monument / [drawn by] H. Warren ; [engraved by] J. C. Armytage.

[Bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitol]

[Panel detail from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitol]

Washingtons Head Quarters - Brandywine / / Fr'ric Stevenson '56

Washington's head quarters near Newburgh

Washington at Monmouth / Darley ; G. R. Hall.

Washington National Monument proposed height in dotted lines, 485 ft. Completed, shown by dark lines, 174 ft. Stone terrace, 25 ft. high, diameter 200 ft.

Washington National Monument / drawn by Fred D. Stuart.

[Plaster copy of statue of George Washington]

Mt. Vernon

Entrance of the American Army into New York, Nov. 25th 1783 / Chapin ; P. Greatbach.

"Washington" by Houdon. Original in State-house at Richmond, Va.

George Washington and his family [around table]

Song of the Union by a Pennsylvanian . . .

[East Capitol Street as it was] / by W.M. Chase.

Edward Everett

Washington's retreat at Long Island / Wageman ; J.C. Armytage.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales at the tomb of Washington, October 1860

Geo. Washington / C.W. Peale ; J. Rogers.

[Biegmann portrait of Lincoln and his family.]

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