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A new deceptio visus, or a guinea for a shilling. Being a curious medley, by way of letter

A funeral elegy by way of dialogue; between death, soul, body and Jesus Christ. Composed by Edmund Weld, formerly of Harvard College, who moving hence into Ireland, became a preacher of the gospel at Inniskean, there; who upon the meditation and

Proposals for re-printing by subscription, the venerable Mr. Stoddard, on the nature of conversion, and the way in which it is wrought. Also, four sermons by the same author ... Price about three shillings, well bound ... Subscriptions to be sen

New-York. July 25, 1774. Extract of a letter from London, by way of Philadelphia, to a gentleman in this City. "the unhappy disputes which at present subsist between Great Britain and America, fill our minds with melancholy reflections, as the m

To the publick. New-York, October 5, 1774. By Mr. Rivere, who left Boston on Friday last, and arrived here last night, in his way to the General Congress, we have certain intelligence that the carpenters and masons who had inadvertently undertak

The Committee of both houses on the letter this morning received by this Court from His Excellency General Washington relative to supplying the army with fire-arms, beg leave to report by way of resolve: [That a committee be appointed to collect

The way to wealth, and a plan by which every man may pay his taxes ... [Signed] Richard Saundrrs. Philadelphia: Printed by Daniel Humphreys, in Spruce-street, near the Drawbridge [1785].

The way to wealth, and a plan by which every man may pay his taxes ... [Signed] Richard Saundrrs. Philadelphia: Printed by Daniel Humphreys, in Spruce-street, near the Drawbridge [1785].

To the customers of Thomas's Massachusetts Spy. Kind patrons. The publisher of the Massachusetts Spy was early in life engaged, in the way of his profession, in the service of his country. Sixteen years have now elapsed ... Printing-Office, Worc

The way to keep him as perform'd at the Richmond Theatre &c. Act V

The way to keep him, or the female flagellants attacking the platonic hero at the Richmond Theatre / designed by Whim ; exectued by Satire.

[Two recipes for haddock from the first American edition of Richard Briggs' The New Art of Cookery (1792). "To dress Haddock the Spanish Way," prepared with the "love apple" or tomato, and "To dress Haddock the Jews Way" prepared with "sweet oil", "onion" and "parsley"]

Papa reads this way

[Four figures showing methods of transporting barrels: a. & b. - by use of small boats; c. - in horse-drawn wagon; d. - rigged behind horses, in a way that it will roll]

An analysis of country dancing: wherein are displayed all the figures ever used in country dances, in a way so easy and familiar, that persons of the meanest capacity may in a short time acquire (without the aid of a master) a complete knowledge of that rational and polite amusement. To which are added, instructions for dancing some entire new reels; together with the rules, regulations, and complete etiquette of the ball room.

The dimensions of the Testudo Coriacea, or Leather Tortoise, caught by Samuel Coon, one of the branch pilots of New-York on board the Young Pilot, by way of Sandy-Hook, on the 27th Sept. 1811, and purchased by John Scudder, proprietor of the Ame

To the "Natchez Volunteer Rifle Corps." Attention! ... Our late brave and beloved Chief the immortal Jackson, it is understood, is approaching near our city on his way to Tennessee, and it is confidently believed, that the "Natchez, Volunteer Ri

Mr Way's case. Doubts of the eligibility of this gentlemen, to the mayoralty, having been started, it was expected by every one who knew him, that he would immediately publish to his fellow citizens, under his proper signature, a plain unsophist

The question settled. Mr. Way is eligible for the mayoralty .... [Signed] Wm. Wirt. Washington June 3, 1822.

Washington's reception on the bridge at Trenton in 1789 on his way to be inaugurated 1st pres[iden]t of the U.S. / Engraved by T. Kelley.

On the way to Araby!

Pocket book lost!! The subscriber lost in the City of Alton, or on the road from thence by way of the River to Chippewa, on Saturday last, a dark blue morocco pocket book ... J. W. Call. Dec. 16, 1839. [Alton, 1839].

Marion's brigade crossing the Pedee River, S.C.. 1778. On their way to attack the British force under Tarleton

The way they travel in the West

Col. Fremont's nondescript from California. This animal captured by Col. Fremont and his party, near the River Gila, New Mexico, after a chase of three days, has arrived in this city on its way to Europe, and is to be seen alive at 290 broadway,

Map of Central America including the states of Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, the territories of Belise & Mosquito, with parts of Mexico, Yucatan & New Granada : shewing the proposed routes between the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans by way of Tehuantepeque, Nicaragua & Panama /

The nearest way in summer time

Romanism as it is exhibited, in the life, death and salvation of Adam Horn who murdered two wives, on his way to heaven through purgatory .... [s.l., 185-].

Refreshments by the way

Map of the Philadelphia & Baltimore Rail Road as located by W. Strickland & B. H. Latrobe, Esqrs., civ. engineers. Showing also the present route by steamboat & the N. Castle R. Road, & that proposed to be constructed by way of Oxford & Port-Deposit.

Map of the Philadelphia & Baltimore Rail Road as located by W. Strickland & B. H. Latrobe, Esqrs., civ. engineers. Showing also the present route by steamboat & the N. Castle R. Road, & that proposed to be constructed by way of Oxford & Port-Deposit.

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Half-way house on road to San Juan ['American Hotel,' used as way station for travelers to Calif.]

Lt. Col. W.B. Way, 9th Mich. Cavalry

The steamship Marion, on her way to New York with the wives and children of the soldiers in Fort Sumter - manning the ramparts and cheering of the men as the steamer passes the fort the parting salute from Fort Sumpter / from a sketch by our special artist now in Charleston

The great expedition, [...] on the way to Port Royal Inlet / sketched at noon on 31st October, 1861, from the deck of the steamer "Matanzas." The bombardment of Forts Walker and Beauregard, Port Royal Inlet, South Carolina, November 7, 1861 / sketched by our special artist on board the "Mercury."

Way Confederates destroyed railroads

War views -- Army of the Potomac -- the way they cook dinner in camp

Southern Planter: "Pomp, you Rascal! do you see any of those cursed Yankee ships coming this way?" / J.M.[?]

To the forts. The steamer Argo! Capt. E.W. Davidson, leaves Foster's wharf daily, at 9 1-2 and 2 1-2 for Forts Independence and Warren ... Fare each way 25 cents. Boston. J. E. Farwell & Co. Steam Job Printers No. 32 Congress Street.

An Alabama regiment marching Capitol Square, Richmond, on their way to join the rebel forces under Beauregard

The Army of the Potomac - at and on the way to Fredericksburg

An U.S. baggage train on its way to the Army at Falmouth, Va.

The war in Virginia - farmers' families on their way to the Union commissaries for food

Map showing the route of the late expedition, commanded by Rear Admiral Porter, U.S.N., in attempting to get into the Yazoo River by the way of Steel's Bluff [i.e., Bayou] and Deer Creek.

Route of the late expedtion [sic] commanded by Act'g. Rear Admiral D. D. Porter U.S.N. attempting to get into the Yazoo River by the way of Steels Bayou and Deer Creek

Gettysburg, Pa. Nov. 19, 1863. Crowd and marching troops on way to cemetery

Comrades will all remember how we made a rush for the old well to fill our canteens, when on the march. This is the way it was

Carrying the powder down the covered way to the mine under fire

Way down in Pennsylvania. Words by Lieut John Egolf, 14th Regolf. 14th Reg't N. Y. S. M. Culpepper Court House, Va., February 1864.

[Andrew Johnson, half-length portrait, facing left] / A. Bogardus & Co., 872 B'way, cor. 18th St., N.Y.

[Five Forks, Virginia (vicinity).] Confederate prisoners on the way to the rear. Captured at Five Forks

These died, that our Nation might live. We were driven from this field (Wilderness) before we could gather our wounded or bury our dead. This is the way we found the field covered when we returned some months later

[Unidentified man] / Howell, 867 & 869 B'way.

The old way--The new way

Getting under way

The Good old way

Map showing the economic minerals along the route of the Chesapeake & Ohio Rail Way to accompany the geological report of Thomas S. Ridgway.

The People Changing Front. Political cartoon about the way things should be - sovereigns (the public) directing their servants (politicians), and the way things are - servants leading sovereigns with rings in their noses

Way down upon the Swanee Ribber

In a strange land - asking the way

"Halt!" "This is not the way 'to repress corruption and to initiate the Negroes into the ways of honest and orderly government.'" / Th. Nast.

On the way to new diggings - halt in a roug[h] [p]ass of the Rocky Mountains / Meaton(?), sc. ; Frenzeny & Tavernier.

Hostile - but accommodating [Uncle Sam holding Army reduction bill, saying to Indian, with rifle at window, "Wait until Congress meets, and then I'll settle your account" - Indian replies, "Just send your army my way, and I'll reduce it without waiting for Congress"]

Clear the way!

The Great strike--the Sixth Maryland Regiment fighting its way through Baltimore / from a p[hotogr]aph by D. Bendann.

Jesus, all the way

North Carolina. The steamship "Metropolis," wrecked in a gale off Currituck Beach, on the night of January 31st, with the loss of one hundred railroad operatives, on their way to Brazil

America for the Red Man. The most practical way of solving the Indian question / / Th. Nast. Father Winter placing obstructions on the track / Bellew

Cotton bales on the way to market

The great American osculator -- Uncle Billy kissing his way to the Presidency

The Toils of the way

It was a long, long, long way home

Which way will you journey?

The covered way and watch towers

Two campaign hustlers from way back, Booze & Boodle

Inclined way and bomb proofs, Ft. Marion

A way out of President Arthur's dilemma / Gillam.

I am the way

A new way of "waking" the Democratic shaughraun / Gillam.

I am the way

[Seattle's first street car turning from Occidental Avenue to Yesler Way] / Theo. E. Peiser, photographer.

The Way of pleasantness

The opium-joint of the Republican "irreconcilables" -- a cheap way of being happy / Zimmerman.

New York - the unvailing [i.e., unveiling] of the Bartholdi Statue of Liberty, October 28th - President Cleveland passing through the fleet of assembled vessels in the launch Vixne, on his way to Bedlow's Island [4 sailors standing in foregrd.; Statue of Liberty in backgrd.]

A good start, like a fine race; but this is just the way with these tiresome donkies! always eating thistles!

The Volunteer, trial trip, under way

The crucifixion and the way of the holy cross

When there is a will there is a way

[Wood engraving from drawing by Howard Pyle which illustrated his article, "A Peculiar People", in Harper's New Monthly, Oct. 1889, pp. 776-785. Dunker religion in Pennsylvania: Interior of the Sisters' Kloster, Ephrata, showing the typical doorway, 5' 20", which represents the "narrow way that leads to everlasting life"]

[The way to the station, Jerusalem, Holy Land]

Along the River Way, Longwood

[On the way to the Small Pond, Riesengebirge, Germany]

Harvest hands on their way to the wheat fields of the Northwest

[Residence on Walton Way, Summerville, Augusta, Georgia]

[Please go 'way and let me sleep]

[On the way to the Pantenbrucke, with view on the Todi and Schreienbach, Glarus, Switzerland]

Homestead Steel Strike - 2 images: 1. The Mob Assailing the Pinkerton Men on Their Way ot the Temporary Prison (drawn by Charles Mente); 2. The Burning Barges

The famine in Russia [1892]: "famine stricken villagers who have left their homes on the way to St. Petersb."

A halt on the way to boat

Giving the butt the way the "regular" infantry tackles a mob / / Frederic Remington. One of Capt. Capron's battery-men / Frederic Remington. The Chicago strikes--United States Cavalry in the stock-yards

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