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The gig / Wells del.

To the right honble. Lord Rodney admiral of the White, vice admiral of Great Britain, Commander in Chief of his majesties fleet in the West Indies, this view of the glorious & signal victory obtain'd over the French fleet ... is most respectfuly offered by his lordships most obedt. & very humble servant Thomas Walker Lieut. 2d Battn. 60th light Infantry / Thos. Walker delin. ; Jno. Wells sculp.

Small talk for the benefit of the Wells / designed by Shortskirts ; executed by Boys.

A view of the city of Quebec, the capital of Canada, taken from the rock on Point Levi, by Wm. Peachy Octr. 23d, 1784 / engraved by J. Wells.

St. James's volunteers firing at a target at Kilburn Wells

Extract from an article of agreement, dated the fifteenth day of March, 1810, between James S. Ewing & Gideon H. Wells ... [Note by Gideon H. Wells] Burlington County, August 24, 1811.

Yuki no ashita

A transfer / drawn by S. Prout ; R. Ackermann's lithogy.

T. Wells to Robert Armstrong, June 18, 1836

Andrew Jackson, Jr. to Thomas Wells

Attention!! Whigs! Democrats! and Conservatives!!! All who want to put their horses in a good English grass pasture, can be accommodated by applying to the subscriber in Upper Alton ... L. S. Wells. [Upper Alton, Ill] [1840?].

Wells of Moses wilderness of Tyn February 12th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Wells, Miller, and Provost's Compound Extract of Blackberry

Traveler greeting two women at a well

Circular to the trade. Now ready, the battles of the Crimea ... Published by G. S. Wells, 140 Nassau Street. N. Y. [n. d.].

Wells Andrews Hutchins

Incident in Cherry Valley - fate of Jane Wells / from the original picture by A. Chappel ... ; Thomas Phillibrown, engraver.

Wells, with ornamental ironwork, Hennebon (p. 187.)

Constantine. Maures / ND.

[Figure in front of spring house?]

$200 reward! The sum of two hundred dollars will be paid for the arrest and return of William Wells, who escaped from the U. S. Penitentiary December 26, 1860 ... C. P. Sengstack, warden. [Washington, D. C. 1860].


Córdoba. Plaza del Triunfo y vista exterior de la Mezquita / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Toledo. Pozo árabe del convento de San Pedro mártir / J. Laurent. Madrid.

[Joab's Well] / P. Bergheim.


The first attack ; Pussy in the well

Hon. Erastus Wells of Mo.

[Captain Ebenezer T. Wells, Union officer, bust portrait, facing front]

Bv't Brig. Gen. H.H. Wells

Col. G.D. Wells, 34th Mass. Inf'y

Secesh Gun, Fort Welles [i.e., Wells], Hilton Head, S.C.

R. W. Wells to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 29, 1863 (Recommendation for George R. Smith)

J. Madison Wells to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, October 28, 1864 (Introduction)

Comrades will all remember how we made a rush for the old well to fill our canteens, when on the march. This is the way it was

Wells, Hon. Guildford Wiley of Miss.

Wells, Hon. Rep. Guilford Wiley of Miss. Private in 27th N.Y. Inf. Capt. in 19th N.Y. Cav.

E.L. Stanton, Robert Lincoln, Mr Wells [?]

Wells, Hon. J. Madison, Gov. of La.

Wells, Hon. J. Madison Gov. of La.

Wells, Fargo and Company's Ex. Office, San Francisco, corner Montgomery and California Streets

Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express Office, Carson St., Carson City

Pioneer Stage leaving Wells, Fargo & Co.'s. C Street, Virginia City

Shadoof[?] puits à roue en Egypte / Bonfils.

From the Pottsville Miners' Journal of Jan. 9, 1869. Commissioner Wells' revenue report.

Map of the Union Pacific Rail Road and surveys of 1864, 65, 66, 67, 1868 from Missouri River to Humboldt Wells, G.M. Dodge, Chief Engineer.

The Great fire at Chicago. Scene in Wells Street - the terrified populace in front of the Briggs House, which has just caught fire / from a sketch by our special artist.

[The wells of the tannery in Beykoz]

At the well, Guadalajara

[The wells and trellis for stout leather of the tannery in Beykoz]

Pump wheel at the salt wells, Mexico

"Old Yankee home"

Sherman's subdivision : [of part of Columbia Heights, Washington D.C.].

Mount Pleasant (S.P. Browns suburban subdivision) : [part of N.W. Washington D.C.].

Hart and Co. drilling a well on Cliff Table in Custer County, Nebraska

Family in front of the sod house of J.E. Evans, Sargent, Nebraska.

J.L. Cobb house, Jefferson, Custer County, Nebraska

"Nebraska Gothic," the John Curry sod house near West Union, Nebraska

Old William Marsh homestead near Genet Post Office, Custer County, Nebraska

Charles Chapman, Custer County, Nebraska.

Jean Marsh, West Union, Custer County, Nebraska.

Custer County, Nebraska.

Mort Burger, near Genet Post Office, Custer County, Nebraska.

Morrison Gandy sod house, west Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska.

"Taking a Break" East part of Custer County, Nebraska.

Deep well on the Pollard homestead near Merna, Custer County, Nebraska.

Mr. Moyer digging a well in east Custer County, Nebraska

Mat Freeman, West of the old Jefferson P.O., Custer County.

Len Bisco homestead near West Union, Custer County, Nebraska

G.W. Brotherton, Merna, Nebraska

Family in front of the Gustavison house at Sargent, Custer County, Nebraska.

Ira Watson and family of Sargent.

Oberne Hosick and Co. hard-water soap. Chicago, Ill.

East Custer County, Nebraska.

Pfrehm Family Home, North part of Custer County, Nebraska.

Jeff Williams and family in front of log house, West Union, Custer County, Nebraska,.

"Our Interests on the Prairie." A sod house in Custer County, Nebraska.

"A Day on the Farm." East Custer County, Nebraska.

Custer County, Nebraska.

A.H. Pernie, Custer County, near Lone Tree, Nebraska.

Sod house east of Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska.

Mr. Todd, one mile east of West Union, Custer County, Nebraska.

James Scott, near Westerville, Nebraska.

Mr. Geezman, Custer County, Nebraska.

"Bradhum alone on the Frontier." Sargent, Custer County, Nebraska.

Custer County, Nebraska.

Porter, northeast Custer County, Nebraska.

"The Latest and Greatest..." North Custer County, Nebraska.

Sam Wagoner, Douglas Grove, Custer County, Nebraska.

John Shafer, on the Middle Loup River, below Woods Park, Custer County, Nebraska.

Custer County, Nebraska.

The talking well

"With Our Crop." East Custer County, Nebraska.

Peter M. Barnes dugout, near Clear Creek, Custer County, Nebraska

Frank Moore, Sargent, north Custer County, Nebraska.

James Boggs, Boggs Table, Custer County, Nebraska.

"Another Long Hot Day" Northeast Custer County, Nebraska.

"All Having to Work Together" Custer County, Nebraska.

Custer County, Nebraska.

Custer County, Nebraska.