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Whipping John of Islington

Flagellation / L'Agneau inv. ; June sc.

Mrs. General Washington, bestowing thirteen stripes on Britania

L'ignorance prouvée. Ou les evénements de la journée du 11 juillet 1784 au Luxembourg

La physique confond l'ignorance Dedié aux souscripteurs.

The way to keep him, or the female flagellants attacking the platonic hero at the Richmond Theatre / designed by Whim ; exectued by Satire.

[Sister Jane]

Married to the gunner's daughter DS monogram

Dees Nederlandsche Koe, altoos door Waereld-grooten ...

[Potter Jackson, a free black man who worked as a seaman, tied to riggings of ship and being whipped by the ship's captain and another man; and view of his back after beating]

The mode of flogging slaves

L'exécution de la punition de fouet ; Nègres ào tronco / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succrs. de Engelmann & Cie.

Ladies whipping girls

Common mode of whipping with the paddle

Scream of tartar. Use Patapsco baking powder. For sale everywhere

The Italian boys in New York - tortures of the training room / A. Gault.

[Gertie]. Then picking up the whip he dropped she lammed that driver till he flopped ...

[Gertie. Gertie stopping mistreatment of dray horse by threatening man with gun and whipping him]

[Gertie]. Cried Gertie, drop that whip you brute! : and sky your mitts before I shoot

[Gertie]. As Gertie strolled along Broadway she saw the driver of a dray plying his whip ...

Sensible Roosevelt--A whipping-post for wife-beaters

If you strike that negro one blow --

Waiting for the word

Waiting for the word

[Two prisoners in pillory with another tied to whipping post below and a man with whip, at New Castle County Courthouse in Delaware]

David Higgins' idyl of the Tennessee mountains, At Piney Ridge

By the grace of "Justice" / J.S. Pughe.

Will the white slave have a Lincoln? / Ehrhart.

The way of the transgressor is-- / J.S.P.

They have felt the lash of public sentiment

The political uncle tommers / Kep.

He stooped to pick up the scourge which his constable had refused to wield / Victor Perard.

The slackers finish, they preferred slavery to constription Norman Lindsay

The Lash

The Lash

L'Anglais corrigé comme un enfant

L'Anglais corrigé comme un enfant

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